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  1. Dialatech

    XR500 Router + DumaOS

    I have changed the setting and it does seem to working. Do you think the improved detection for COD and battlefield will be check for the October release date?
  2. Dialatech

    XR500 Router + DumaOS

    Ok thanks Fraser for your reply, I will give this ago
  3. Dialatech

    XR500 Router + DumaOS

    I mainly play games like Fortnite,Call of Duty and Battlefield. These are my main games. If you can help setting up my router to accommodate these games that would be great Thanks
  4. Dialatech

    XR500 Router + DumaOS

    Exactly Turning off the Geo-Filtering..The whole selling point of this router and of the R1 is that you could control your games and the radius you would like to play in. So because im a PC gamer i cannot control the area i want to play in, i cannot switch on ping assist because there is no such feature with the XR500, i cannot ban servers and i cannot see where im connecting to. This router should have been marketed as a Console router. I paid all that money for the Netduma R1 hoping to get DumaOS..Nothing and now i have paid 250 pound for a router that basically a 50 pound router can do. Netgear and Netduma really need to pull there finger out and think about the PC gamers, Especially when there is more and more PC gamers.
  5. So i upgrade to the XR500 from the Netduma R1 router. It was a big upgrade from the Netduma R1 router for the hardware but DumaOS is massively lacking for PC Gamers. What is the actual point in owning a router like this one for the PC Gamer? Why does it go to Spectator mode? Will this router get new features for PC gamers? Thanks
  6. Dialatech

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I can understand the frustrating coming from customers who have bought the R1 router including myself, I can also understand that the DUMAOS firmware needs to be 100% working before offering this to customers. But i feel its just excuse after excuse now. I have had my router for over 2 Years now. below is the selling point of the Netduma R1. NETDUMA R1 ROUTER£149.99 The Netduma R1 is the only router in the world designed to crush lag and optimise your home’s Internet The Netduma R1 is compatible with all Internet connection types (e.g. dsl, adsl, Fibre etc), all Internet Service Providers and all modems. You will also be provided with the correct power cable for your country. Have any questions? See our Helpful FAQs **DumaOS will soon be launched as a free upgrade for all Netduma R1 users** That last line has been there for over a year now. At this moment in time you are misleading customers and advertising this product incorrectly. I feel we will never see the DUMAOS for the r1, I hope im wrong! My reasons behind this are the following DUMAOS is currently running on the Nighthawk XR500 which has a Dual Core 1.7GHZ CPU compare to the R1 Atheros 600Mhz CPU! - Will DumaOS be stable on the R1? NightHawk also has 256MB of Flash and 512MB of RAM compare to the R1's 128MB - Will the R1 run DumaOS Again? Even IF DumaOS did get released for the R1 i feel it may be slow and not very stable at all or it will be a cut down version of the Firmware. Please can us the paying customer have a update what is happening with this release please?
  7. Dialatech

    Gaming PC on budget suggestions.

    I would try to find a 1050ti. That card is in the middle of a 1050 and a 1060.
  8. Dialatech

    Netduma worth it ?

    Yeah its worth it but you need spend some time setting it up for your connection to get the perfect connection. Please don't buy it if you are excepting it to work straight away.
  9. I'm with Virgin Media. That's the only difference I would say the actually ISP
  10. Surely if everyone with a netduma would have this issue if it was a port issue. Fifa will use the same ports for everyone. I don't have any issues at all with getting home games
  11. Dialatech

    Port Forwarding and Ping

    I have now resolved this issue. Last night I decided to factory reset my Netduma and set it all up again and now its working fine. Very Weird but its working. Thank you for all your help RedBull2k
  12. Dialatech

    Port Forwarding and Ping

    on the canyouseeme link I see my static WAN IP. Which is the same one I'm trying to ping WAN:2340 and I have the port forwarding in on the netduma for both TCP and UDP.
  13. Dialatech

    Port Forwarding and Ping

    Just tried WAN:port on a different internet connection and says it cannot display the page
  14. Dialatech

    Port Forwarding and Ping

    ok I will give it ago when I get in from work and let you know Thanks for your help - Very Appreciated
  15. Dialatech

    Port Forwarding and Ping

    Netduma Ip is Virgin Media super hub in Modem is already