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  1. Just upgraded and tested UPnP with a few games but the list still isn't populating. I spoke to my friend who plays on PC and he's had the same; he had to manually forward port 3074 to get an open NAT on BO4 ๐Ÿ˜• please advise!
  2. Sure, it's simply a Huawei HG612 in bridge mode > R1 > PS4. Geofilter was in filtering mode, home location in the ocean, minimum radius, 35ms ping assist, strict mode off. I flushed the cloud and rebooted the R1 but nothing changed.
  3. lllRL

    Packet loss

    I'm hoping someone here on one of the Openreach-enabled ISPs in the UK has some advice for me because I'm at a bit of a loss... I've been running a thinkbroadband BQM for a while since switching from BT to TalkTalk a couple of months ago, and I only ever used to see packet loss on it if I used the net heavily with no QoS applied; at most that would be a one pixel mark on the graph while there was congestion. For the past week or so I've been noticing a lot of "idle" packet loss with bursts that appear continuously for up to two hours at a time (anywhere from 1-15% packet loss) and it mostly appears from 12pm to 12am, although there are a few spots in the early hours too. I took my faceplate off and plugged my modem directly into the test socket and all seemed well for several hours heading past midnight, but when I woke up today I checked it again and there were spikes of packet loss in the early hours. Fast forward to this evening and I've had basically non-stop packet loss for the past two and a half hours... I've never seen anything like this before, even on Virgin Media. I haven't touched the socket prior to this, haven't touched any cables, haven't turned my modem off (well it resynced after plugging into the test socket of course) or anything like that. I haven't had any random reboots, obvious line issues (ie with sync speed), haven't been interleaved or anything like that. There's also a question mark over this socket. When I moved from Virgin to BT in 2016 the guy installed a master socket with an NTE5C faceplate next to a double power socket for me to plug in my modem, but he ran a cable to that from another socket next to the front door. Judging by the logo on it, that socket is anywhere from 27 to 38 years old. Is this the actual master socket or was the new one a master socket that had just been moved to a more convenient location? I ask because trying the test socket seems redundant if it's not the first point in the house that the connection enters, meaning it doesn't bypass internal wiring for the purest connection at all. The old socket has just one slot on the front and I don't think I'd even be able to get the front off to check lol. Anyone got any suggestions? I read once that our very own Mr Bagsta had gaming and packet loss problems until he replaced his faceplate, but I don't think that'd help as mine isn't damaged, dusty, containing a bell wire that could encourage interference etc. Send help pls โ˜น๏ธ
  4. No, nothing makes anything appear on the page. UDP 9308 should appear as soon as you sign in, or at least run a connection test. I repeated this with my TP Link W9970 and UPnP worked flawlessly. I posted the screenshot of that here a while back after first reporting UPnP issues on DumaOS but I can't find it.
  5. Well that's interesting because I found many of those icons showing me hosts with anywhere from 50 up to 500ms ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ this is just one example: I guess it's another year of Treyarch Arabic Ops. Fun.
  6. What is the new geofilter icon supposed to show? I mean the usual triangles or squares or whatever but with the dotted ring around it? I've seen people across the world both having that around their icon, and people across the world without that additional ring. On pre-DumaOS it would 100% show a different icon for ping assist-discovered hosts or servers that was easily distinguishable from regular or blocked icons. Also that fluctuating one was just one example. It had the same icon as a flat 7ms host in a different location so I couldn't figure out exactly what was supposed to represent one found via ping assist.
  7. Huh, turns out the update rate info is only available through auto ping. Seems a bit strange... Not sure if the upstream update rate value is accurate because I just played a few games where it's supposed to be 100Hz and it was struggling to average 70Hz, but it doesn't really matter because these low ping games gave me weird 500ms hitmarkers anyway lmfao
  8. Apparently ping assist doesn't work either. I saw a new icon on the geofilter map (a triangle but with a ring of dashes around it), thinking it was a ping assist allowed host, but really they should all be since my home location is in the ocean. One of those new icons gave me 93ms to the US, while one gave me 30ms to Italy. My ping assist limit is 35ms. So I clicked on regular triangles and got one in the UK at 8ms, another in Saudi Arabia at 135ms and somehow another in the UK going from 7 to 250 to 470ms and back. What? Edit: not only that but update rates aren't even visible on the ping graph despite meaning mentioned in the key ๐Ÿคจ
  9. I've noticed that too. I also tried and but https://browserleaks.com/ip would still show my ISP DNS in use. MTU changes only seem to work after a reboot too, but that doesn't lock the manually entered DNS in place ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ if I change it on my ISP hub and leave the Netduma DNS on the auto setting it works so you might want to try that if possible.
  10. I'm not sure if it's something you can just ask your ISP to look at tbh. Actually I read an article recently where someone warned a forum poster not to look too much into his ICMP pings for the same reason, and he said priority of UDP or gaming traffic would be in your ISP's control. I have heard that Plusnet prioritise gaming traffic though. Kinda pissed because I was trying to choose between them and TalkTalk a couple of months ago, and ultimately picked the latter because of their guaranteed 18 month contract with no price hike. Plusnet was only 50p a month more for the same 80/20 package. Ffs ๐Ÿ™„ All I've been doing this week is trying to find some kind of setting to help. Yesterday I got three games with those ridiculous perfect hitreg melts and the next game in the same lobby on the same server I'll get joked by a middle east player who can get away with no quickdraw, windmilling a slow killing gun. I also recorded some really funny stuff... I play on 20 sensitivity. Watch this clip, where I turn towards the direction I'm taking fire from. Then watch the killcam. Do they match up? https://youtu.be/pA-sjHePyLg If I'm on 7ms pings my killcams are about as accurate as they can get. If anything there's just half a frame of discrepancy since killcams are from server perspective (ie 0ms) with no lag compensation effects in place. Then watch this. Hitreg was great in this game except for this one guy who moved at the speed of light and had rough aim assist over him. When he runs out in front of me and I fire, look how fast he spins around: Load of absolute desync bollocks.
  11. lllRL

    Anyone found good settings to use BO4?

    That seems odd though. Ping assist worked in games with servers by allowing prelobby hosts before connecting to the server (hence not being able to find a game if you just set the ping assist value to what you get to your nearest server). If you just ping servers on the filter map now, isn't ping assist made redundant for 99% of players since we mostly connect to servers anyway?
  12. I get something similar with my filter on tbh. I get an error code that says lobby not joinable a second after entering prelobby to search for a game and get kicked, even in TDM on PS4 with my filter radius covering 6 local servers. If I turn the filter off, well... I have a wait just to find an American game ๐Ÿคจ
  13. lllRL

    Anyone found good settings to use BO4?

    Quick question for you or anyone else on the Netduma team that may see this first. I was obviously looking forward to the ping assist feature reintroduction as it was arguably the most important factor for matchmaking on the old firmware, but then I read this: By "no longer queries peers", does that mean BO4 no longer uses prelobby hosts before transferring to a server? In other words if you put your home marker in the ocean, set the ping assist to match the latency you get to your local server and search for a game, you won't struggle to find a game because of a prelobby host that you ping with a higher amount of latency than you get to the server so you'll connect straight to said server?
  14. I refuse to play BO4 atm until I've figured this out in IW, the game that's been closest (not very close but better than AW/BO3/WW2) to Ghosts in terms of connections for me. Ghosts was 99% buttery smooth, IW prior to its February 2017 patch was 30% good, and after that it's genuinely closer to good 1% of the time. That's no exaggeration. For the last few days on DumaOS I've been trying different settings, forcing one server only (my local, <50 miles away): Prior to trying new QoS and traffic prior settings two days ago, 99% of games on this server would give me one bar performance. This was backed up by Wireshark tests I did showing up to 2650ms UDP delays between packets while the geofilter showed 7ms at the same time to the UK server. The day before last I tried playing IW and saw the most solid games I've seen in a row since last summer, which honestly isn't saying much because I played 4 games. Yesterday I got back on again and it was great for 5 games. The sixth game had me dying to a fraud who'd supposedly turn faster than me after I jumped over his head and 180'd with max sensitivity, yet his killcams would show no more than 5 sens and me turning really slowly. There was another guy in the lobby who averaged 0.7 kills per life but he was red screening me the frame I saw him, even if I rushed corners where he was standing. On 7ms ping for me, with a monitor that has just 1.6ms input lag at 60Hz (almost a tenth of the lag most monitors geared towards consoles have), that seems highly unlikely unless he was just lagging ahead of where I saw him. I persevered, stayed in the lobby, and next game on that same server I had the best connection I've seen in over a year. Super fast hit reg and tiny delays between consecutive rounds hitting, super smooth enemy movement, nobody suddenly appearing on my screen in a frame as if they'd apparated from a Harry Potter movie. It was just really unusually responsive and in sync. Next game same server gave me the WORST connection I've had for weeks, and that's saying something considering just how insultingly bad it was up until two days ago. No snapping and movement or accuracy could do anything for me, because I'd hit the chest of someone and just not get any hitmarkers. Swapped to a 20% faster firing weapon, still it was like a one bar. Every death involved me rounding a corner but apparently never getting around it lol. Up until that last game I was excited to try BO4 hoping it would actually be on good connections after all this time, but I guess not. Tl;dr - connection is highly variable on a low latency line even with <0.25ms average jitter. Actually I'm thinking about what you said here regarding Netduma ping vs the BO4 in game latency meter. I recently read that rather than basing theirs off ICMP, game devs use another method of determining latency based off UDP: "video game programmers often build their own latency detection into existing game packets (usually based on the UDP protocol) instead" This is likely why there's such a discrepancy. I used to believe that it was due to "processing delays" but the more likely explanation is that it's based off UDP, which is a far more accurate representation of your true latency since game packets aren't ICMP. Pings are largely irrelevant if your ISP is buffering gaming traffic because of priority placed on TCP/IP, because a low ping can mask lagging over UDP traffic, like this (check the delay between timestamps on the left from an IW game on 7ms ping): That's TWO AND A HALF SECONDS OF LAG BETWEEN TWO DOWNSTREAM PACKETS... on 7ms ICMP ping. It's probably safe to assume the in game meter is going to be far more useful for determining the true quality of a connection because unprioritised UDP will definitely fluctuate like that. Pings don't show gaming latency.
  15. My filter was already set up. I even went through this with a friend who was struggling to get local games on PC; he gets 80ms pretty much every game, apparently connecting to NJ from New Mexico in every mode. I copied the guide from here in BO4 support, had him close the game, check the server locations, set up his radius, enable filtering mode and then boot up the game. He cannot find a game in any mode with the geofilter on. That's after changing his gaming PC to a PS4 in the device manager too. With the geofilter off, he gets "server disconnected" after every game too.
  16. I tried BO4 for the first time a couple of days ago, and with the filter on (750 mile radius) I couldn't find a TDM. All I'd get was some weird error message that would kick me back to the menu, and after that happened a few times my game crashed. I had a feeling something was seriously wrong because after the first error my PS4 sounded like a Boeing 747 ready to take off through my window. I turned off my geofilter, restarted the game, connected to online services, re-enabled the filter and tried searching for both a merc playlist game and then a TDM. In total I was sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for about 15 minutes. It's funny you mention this is because after all of that, I get connected to the New Jersey server... from the UK ๐Ÿ™ƒ I was bored of waiting so I just spawned in and, surprise surprise, I encounter nothing but teleporters in a 1fps-looking flip book of a match LOL
  17. I tried BO4 for the first time tonight. First I got an error just searching for a game, then got it five times more, then my game crashed, then I looked for a game and it took me 10 minutes to find a TDM... just to spawn into people teleporting and shooting me around walls. Didn't lose a single gunfight and still manage to die 5 times in just half of a late join. Superb. 60Hz working out well I see. I'm regretting buying it already. My PS4 sounded like an aircraft waiting to takeoff in the menu, and after all that it gave me a cancerous lagfest anyway.
  18. It seems that regardless of what ports we set under source or destination, advanced traffic prioritisation will only cover upload traffic even if it's impossible for me to be uploading over those ports. I'll explain... Using Wireshark we can see which ports are in use during different activities on a console (such as matchmaking, playing in a multiplayer game, using a voice party etc), and we could in fact see this on the pre-DumaOS R1 while clicking on bandwidth bars in the network monitor - you would see an overview of all ports in use on every bandwidth "bar". The mainstay in Call of Duty is 3074 and this is a commonly known port. However, what is less commonly known is that 3074 only exists on the console end, as it needs multiple ports available to communicate to the server. In Infinite Warfare for example, these are between 30000 and 50000. Obviously under QoS we have the classified games section for plug and play gaming, but if you know what you're doing this is preferable so you don't accidentally prioritise an irrelevant port as far as in-game performance goes. Actually I've noticed that either the classified games preset doesn't seem to make a bit of difference at all, or it can actually downgrade connection quality on the same server at the same latency. I played three games today: 1. On 40ms with no traffic prio after discovering advanced prio wasn't activating; 2. On 40ms with the classified games prio preset, in the same lobby as before; 3. On 15ms with the classified games prio preset... The first gave me the most in-sync gameplay with faster hitmarkers than I've seen for months (I haven't touched this server since last year), the second was noticeably worse than the first despite now using traffic prio for ALL relevant ports, and the third game on the "best" latency while also using prio for arguably the most optimal setup gave me the most objectively laggy gameplay with delayed hitmarkers, assuming they were to pop up at all. I recorded hitmarker delays of up to 328ms(!) in that game, with many landed shots not registering. But I digress... Anyway, the first thing I wanted to try was setting destination to 3074 UDP and source to 30k-50k to see if I could prioritise downstream, because of how behind the action I've often been and how much UDP lag I see on the downstream on Wireshark (as high as 200ms UDP latency on 7ms ping, as proven by the Wireshark capture below (check the bottom two timestamps), which seems to be the cause of me getting kicked from countless games because CoD has a limit of 800ms: You'll also notice that downstream is all 40040 (server) > 3074 (my console), and that a search of that 45.63.x.x IP will indeed show up as a Choopa server in London, which is 40 miles away from me. I set this advanced prio up with src 30000-50000 and dest 3073 but noticed the "light" wasn't coming on to indicate prio was taking place, so I changed the destination to 1-65535 instead. It then lit up and showed it had kicked in, but only upload traffic was being prioritised for some reason in game, which is impossible because there's no port 3074 to upload to - it doesn't exist on the server end. At the same time there's no downstream traffic being prioritised or acknowledged: I thought maybe source and destination had been mixed up somehow during coding or as part of a strange bug, so I swapped them around: And as you can see, still only the upload traffic was being prioritised. The bottom setup actually makes sense, since you can upload from 3074 to the other port that's listening (somewhere between 30000-50000) on the server. However it's acting exactly the same either way: there's no download prioritisation taking place ๐Ÿ˜•
  19. Thanks. Glad to know I'm not alone, even if it sucks that someone else has to experience the same problem โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. That is a great clip. I feel like he's talking through the screen, directly to me LOL
  21. Lol funny enough I put IW on last night, forced the UK server and got six great games before the 500ms hitmarkers came back. One game I'm using an OSA crossmapping for fun, barely choking two nukes in the same TDM, and the next game in the same lobby on the same server (exact same IP according to the geofilter) I'm getting milked by a static NV4 player at super close range on Frontier who could shoot AHEAD of me and get hitmarkers while my 900rpm RPR and disgusting movement is shrugged off and I looked 15 frames behind with my actions and where I was facing on killcams. Tried to persevere through five or six spongefests until suddenly I'm melting and can't be touched again. I late joined a game in Precinct with an NV4 and nuked a 3KD using an NV4. I was so annoyed that I turned off, because I was getting streaked on by a far worse and far slower player - a guy I'd almost just nuked twice in the same game before I start lagging - using a joke class on a close range map. I'm definitely insane for continuing my attempt to make this work ๐Ÿ˜„ I went from averaging 27KD over the past five games stat at the beginning from my first game on, with nine Relentless medals (choked one off twice, two off twice, three off four times and three nukes, plus a game with a Relentless and two Ruthless medals in the same TDM) to under 3 in god lobbies struggling to get UAVs against 0.xKDs who supposedly had dirty snapper shots and were warming up for the next CoD champs after snorting Adderall. I want to play BO4 but I refuse to try it if it's just gonna be full of nonsensical lag like IW was despite being the best game I've played connections wise since Ghosts... sigh
  22. Are you on Xbox mate? I think when I loaded up my XB1 it said open NAT but moderate in game. PS4 says the normal type 2 NAT which is open but in a proper router setup, ie not just a modem straight to the PS4. I might need to plug in my XB1 to double check but I'm pretty sure it was open on the console test either way.
  23. I don't know about @Jlman3705 but I don't get open NAT in game with UPnP enabled; it only opens if I forward the necessary ports manually. On the pre-DumaOS R1 I got open NAT in every game with UPnP enabled and the list populated as expected.
  24. I've not heard of anyone else having this issue. The team sent me a different version of DumaOS to try and the same problem remains. Thanks for sharing your experience; hopefully more visibility will allow us to get to the bottom of this curious issue ๐Ÿค”