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  1. I believe spectating mode acts like unticking enable on the pre-DumaOS R1. It's recommended for games that already have a server browser so it would make sense; I don't think allow/deny would be in effect in that case.
  2. Yeah. I often do updates with my phone!
  3. It's being rolled out in stages bud. There was a ton of interest as you can imagine, so everyone will get their chance eventually
  4. Nah, the UPnP page has never populated. I've tried to use it with my PS4, XB1 and phone (for Remote Play) and it's always been empty, even though it worked fine pre-DumaOS. IPv6 is disabled on the R1 and my modem, and I haven't touched anything regarding VLANs. I seem to be having a lot of little issues that nobody else has seen. Maybe the installation went wrong. It'd be ironic considering DumaOS was the first firmware I installed properly over a wired connection. Every other update before that was done on my phone over WiFi lol
  5. No, definitely high prio. Background packet counts were in the hundreds of thousands or millions lol I used my XB1 for the first time on DumaOS today and it didn't happen when setting up and testing my network there. Both counts are still on zero with the classified games preset 👍 UPnP doesn't work there either for me though, I had to forward UDP 3074 for an open console NAT and UDP/TCP 3074-3076 for an open game NAT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Nice one. That was pretty useful when I needed to swap a modem or cable out to make sure my line hadn't gone to *beep* lmao Plus now I'm using the Huawei HG612 modem for its bridge mode, I can't access the GUI through the R1 as you can with a regular ISP hub because you need to plug into its second LAN port and change your laptop IP to access it - a bit of a kerfuffle if you just want to check something quickly. The Netduma Diagnostic test lets you easily check if you've been switched from fast path to interleaving on the go with your phone.
  7. Yes mate. I checked the classified games box before rebooting as I hadn't tried that before (only advanced/manual). I think it counted around 30000 high prio packets.
  8. Yeah I'd rebooted the router to lock in new settings so the high priority packets counter had reset back to zero. After the test they had increased by several thousand packets?
  9. Check your spam. I signed up the minute it was announced and it took me a while to realise the email was hiding in my spam box because I never look in there LOL
  10. My pleasure. Personally I was looking around for a "miscellaneous" tab for a while until I started clicking random stuff and noticed it was hidden up there haha
  11. Click the information button: And you'll be able to access the reset and reboot buttons here:
  12. lllRL

    Help with BThub

    Yeah that's my best advice mate. A cable can be easily damaged over time, so performance with it could even be worse than over WiFi. You plug the cable into the first port on the left hand side of the Hub (not the small DSL socket but the first ethernet socket) and connect that to the port farthest on the left on the R1 (marked PoE I think). Edit: sorry I misread that... coffee hasn't kicked in yet it seems LOL. How have you been connecting all of your devices with just the one cable? What device are you testing the speed on?
  13. lllRL

    Help with BThub

    I imagine there's an issue with the second cable connecting the Hub to the R1. Do you have a spare that you can try?
  14. Bit sad isn't it? You think these triple A developers with years of experience and three years to sort out a largely copied and pasted game would have learned how to avoid these launch issues by now. But what do I know... 🐸 Not surprised. All I ever saw in BO3 from the UK were Saudis.
  15. Could you downgrade to anything below 1.03.6j? I quite enjoyed 1.03.4 because you could use port forwarding and the geofilter simultaneously without GUI lag/freezing/WiFi dropping out. It didn't have the missing bandwidth if you moved device prio numbers around either. BO4 is player hosted every game? WTF? I guess that's not a bad thing as the geofilter comes into its own then, but that's brain-bending stuff lmao