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  1. zProdiigy-

    "LAN cable not connected" (PS4)

    I seen a post saying they had success defeating the problem by switching to a cat5 cable.
  2. zProdiigy-

    alot of dos attacks lately

    Ok thankyou .
  3. can anyone please help me setup up a vpn. i have been the target of an insane emount of dos lately. thankyou
  4. zProdiigy-

    Lan port not working

    Sent an email
  5. zProdiigy-

    Lan port not working

    I will have to try and find thatg information. Thankyou
  6. zProdiigy-

    Lan port not working

    I get no internet through that port what so ever. Can not do anything with it.
  7. Hi the fourth man port on my netduma is not working. Any suggestions? Thankyou