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  1. jnubbz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    We’ve lost the will to fight.
  2. jnubbz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Did we forget about this or give up? Or both?
  3. jnubbz

    Xr500 vs Original R1

    Can I do a 1 on 1 about why it’s been almost 3 months without a single peep about DumaOs on the R1?
  4. jnubbz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Welp. I’ve officially been blocked on their Facebook so that’s a good sign.
  5. jnubbz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Wow, they actually did edit the website delisting the R1. That gives me oodles of hope moving forawrd!
  6. Dumb question answered by an experiment. I am running newest firmware <3
  7. Jnubbz here, my body is ready for the upgrade and so is my router. Everything is clicked how it should be. I am curious how you know to access my router from a post on a forum? IP address I am assuming? I'm on version 1.03.3 Thanks for the help and a kick ass router!