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    Double Nat

    sorry for late responce my ISP does has IPV6 and again i have can get ipv6 through my comcast router , i also have tried the DMZ option and still get the double nat error .... trust me i have tried everything ....
  2. sevenproxi3s

    Double Nat

    so basically what i can see on the IPV6 is that it just doesnt work on the netduma .... netduma guys really need to take this option off bc its just a lie .... if it actually worked the xbox would pull a ipv6 adress when it was enabled on the router .....
  3. sevenproxi3s

    Double Nat

    just to add more information here , my comcast router supports IPV6 and it works when i connect straight to my comcast .... i have ALL ipv6 stuff checked and enable on the netduma but it will not issue a ipv6 address to my Xbox??/?? if this would work my problems would be sloved
  4. sevenproxi3s

    Double Nat

    @ netduma jack i have a PS4 connected to my netduma and it says : NAT type 2 which is good ... i also dont think my issue is the comcast router ( yes its a modem + router ) bc i can connect straight to it and boom i have open nat ... i have COMPLETLY disabled the firewall on my comcast router which in the past has worked with zero problems but now just out of the blue i have a double nat issue .
  5. sevenproxi3s

    Double Nat

    hey guy i have ahd my router for 1 year now , i have it hooked up to a comcast modem (newest cisco) and i have from the beginning had it setup on a DMZ with a static ip address and had no issues until a week ago and my xbox started telling me i have a double nat and i cant party chat . i have check all of my settings on my comcast router and also have done a factory reset on BOTH and started from scratch. i have even disable the ENTIRE firewall on my comcast router and when i hook up my xbox to my comcast router i get a open NAT , but as soon as i connect to my netduma its switchs to strict and double nat ???????