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  1. I turned off the qos on my switch I also turned off flow control on my switch and broadcast filtering. Then I took some ports out on my XR 700 and restarted the game. No more issues.
  2. Hi recently I’ve gotten connection interrupted on every game I’ve played during the match. Like it shows up temporarily and goes away but by then I’m lagged into a death or a wall. It does it two to three times a game. Any reason why?
  3. Doughboy

    Xr700 kicking offline

    Actually it was fine with the settings before as far as the wireless channels it was on and the mtu being 1500. How in 24 hours with no bo4 patch did it not be a issue especially with the router constantly kicking me saying the lan cable isn’t connected? The game settings never changed and I only changed the port forwarding.
  4. Hi everyone I recently bought a xr700 netduma and for the first day and a half it worked. On the third day I changed some portfolio forwarding settings and saved them and then started up bo4. It not only wouldn’t let me stay in a party but kicked me offline saying lan cable not connected. And it showed a error message on the geo filter screen when I went online. Talked to netgear customer support and they changed my wireless channels to 11 on 2.4 and 161 on 5.0. Also they changed my mtu to (1492) after that it’s been ok. Please patch/install new firmware so this issue is fixed. Thanks.
  5. Doughboy

    WW2 Ping 2 bar

    I’ve had you change my settings twice for this router before. I’ve gotten in lobbies with ping as high as 217. Every other game is a two bar it’s really frustrating and I don’t know why.
  6. I have the same issues with the new xr500 where I play ww2 and every lobby or other lobby I’m on a two bar. My ping is between 80-130 for no reason. I’ll flush the cloud then it goes back to 17-23 ping. My distance ranges from 400-550. Still doesn’t help with the geo filter at 70% as well. Can someone offer some advice? I’ve had Fraser look at it twice and it’ll work for a min then go back to being problematic.