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  1. TODDzillaInLA

    DumaOS & Party Chat Disconnect

    when its moderate it takes for ever to find a game. waiting in a lobby search for over 30 min and then when it finds one the game will drop me back to the main menu and friends cant join me when im moderate. when its open and i hit allow i can connect quick and find games with in seconds unless i try to use the duma to find me the best connection lobbies then sometimes it will take 5 min maybe for it to fill up if i dont allow them they keep getting a error not able to join lobby and if they can join and i dont allow them as soon as we get in a lobby it will kick us back to the main screen
  2. TODDzillaInLA

    DumaOS & Party Chat Disconnect

    i put the port forwarding back and it seems to have fixed the party chat issue but getting people to join the game i have to hit the allow button on them even if they are already allowed. in game and xbox network settings stay open nat to i shut off my xbox for a while and turn it black on then xbox network settings is open nat but black ops 4 is moderate
  3. TODDzillaInLA

    DumaOS & Party Chat Disconnect

    its had a static ip since i had a xbox 360 lol. ill check the lease time when i get home think its set to 1hr by default i have tried both port forwarding and upnp. looks like upnp never disables tho since ports still show up in there i check there ip's all the time since this has been a on going issue just to see if anything changes on there side and it does not. i go to the exstent of actually removing there from the allowed list and re entering them as new and the id and ip still the same and my main team i pay with every night they all have static ip's
  4. So this is starting to happen more and more often. if i join a party or if i start my own party. today when i came home from work i got on. opened black ops4 it was set to moderate nat. i restarted the r1 restart bo4 then it was open nat. started a party chat everything was fine. invited a couple friends that was already on my allowed list then as soon as the first one joined my party chat crashed. i had to close it re allow them then restart the party for them to connect If i join someone's party it will show me in it then show me disconnected with that error message. i have to exit the party then re allow the people that is in that party then connect back i have to do this a couple times a night
  5. its looks like the same problems people are reporting are only going to be fixed by a firmware update. not a indifictual tweek or setting change
  6. i have already but i thought this was the correct section to point out bugs for beta testing of the dumaOS? if no more info is needed i would gladly convert back to the older firmware to a actual public release of the DumaOS is available
  7. This is what happens when it’s moderate or geo filter is on and I haven’t re allowed people I already have on my allowed list
  8. Can’t connect to party chats and can’t connect to Game lobbies when it’s on moderate
  9. no it reflects. so today i been playing with the geo filter off. had to go to the store shut my xbox off came back turned it on and it went right back to mod. restarted the r1 and actually turned the geo filter back on flush the cloud and it looks like its showing a lot more of my friends in the correct position after 3 to 5 games in the same lobby games turn so bad to where they are not even playable. i close the game turn geo filter off restart everything then pub stomp. but the geofilter on the first couple games are awesome
  10. i tried changing my home location a couple different places the first 1 or 2 games is awesome then the next games are extremely laggy that dubblin server i use to have my home screen set to. close to it is another server now and that was has a low ping but again after 2 or 4 games connection goes to crap with the geo filter
  11. yes but the ingame ping is the one i sent you a screen shot from its 80 to 100+ something definitely going on because its almost as good as the old firmware with the geo filter off
  12. so far i cant find a decent game with the geo filter on. been like this for some days now
  13. came home, had mod nat type rebooted r1 got open nat type set ping to auto flushed cloud and it looks like the server is in europe?
  14. so i came home tonight turned the xbox one checked the nat, it was mod like usual, rebooted the r1 got a open nat type but now that dubblin server that use to have a solid ping of 5 to 8 is 60plus and cant find a game anywhere with the geo filter on that had a ping under 80 every game 80+ to 300 so bad after the 5th or 6th try. re locating the home pin restarting the game i just put it into spectator mode and back into games with a 12 to 20 ping heres a pic of the long with geo filter on
  15. i will flush the cloud tonight and turn the geo filter back on. yesterday the bo4 update made the game a 100 times better, with geo filter off i was getting super low pings 20 and under