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  1. so far i cant find a decent game with the geo filter on. been like this for some days now
  2. came home, had mod nat type rebooted r1 got open nat type set ping to auto flushed cloud and it looks like the server is in europe?
  3. so i came home tonight turned the xbox one checked the nat, it was mod like usual, rebooted the r1 got a open nat type but now that dubblin server that use to have a solid ping of 5 to 8 is 60plus and cant find a game anywhere with the geo filter on that had a ping under 80 every game 80+ to 300 so bad after the 5th or 6th try. re locating the home pin restarting the game i just put it into spectator mode and back into games with a 12 to 20 ping heres a pic of the long with geo filter on
  4. i will flush the cloud tonight and turn the geo filter back on. yesterday the bo4 update made the game a 100 times better, with geo filter off i was getting super low pings 20 and under
  5. i was going to roll back to a firmware before dumaOS but game play is ok with the geo filter on in spectator mode. and when ever i feel like getting those really good games its not to much trouble to get the geofilter to work for a couple games. but i did notice last night with it on, i could only got 2 or 3 game before the game would turn to complete crap, drop me from lobbies or kicked me back to the dashboard. spectator mode it never does any of that
  6. yes during game play. and auto ping was enabled. and again when i have my home pin over the dublin server in ireland the the connection to the game is super OP and i'm usually host with a in game of 12 to 17 ping tonight when i play will change auto ping to manuel during game play and try to figure out which icon is the actual host
  7. let me know if theres something you see that i don't, and a lot of those triangle icons are on my allowed list just haven't had a chance to click on them and re allow them again by the way my home pin where it is in so cal sucks the games are so bad my ping is always 60 plus but if i put it over the dublin server its 12-20 the majority of the time
  8. Yes even when zoomed in and scattered all over the globe, so last night every icon was a rectangle. I’m going to play I’m a little bit I’ll take a screenshot
  9. So you keep saying the large icon, they are all the same size and color and there’s a head sometimes a head with a circle a triangle and a square
  10. but how do you know which one its pinging? i cant seem to figure that out, i know it shows a ip but none of the icons on the map change and you cant click on any of them to see if its the same ip and if you change it from auto to manuel by the time it changes all the icons disappear
  11. Huge difference!!! but with auto ping i cant individually pick each icon that i want to add names to them and it changed 4 allowed names to the same after 2 or 3 hours of playing
  12. no but i will try it tonight. you told me not to do it to you recommend it
  13. didn't even know this was a option. i just been doing what ever popped up after the first install of the dumaos firmware update and for sure i though i was only using 192 168 88 1 so when i first started using dumaos i had to change to manual ping because you cant click on a icon and name each one individually. after getting my friends on and your suggestion i changed to auto ping and then like i mentioned in other post i have to keep we allowing people that is already on my allowed list else dumaos wont let them connect to me "lobby not joinable" and from going back and forth i feel its just a mess and i'm noticing new bugs. like auto ping renaming people on my allowed list to the same name so far from my experience with dumba os there is no happy medium. its one or 2 games of a awesome connection then just crap for the rest of the night. or crap the whole night. spectator mode is the only way to play with out the lobby dropping or the game kicking back to dashboard in the middle of a game. i feel downgrading back to the oder firmware before dumaos came out would be the best gaming experience to there's a new update for dumaos
  14. it's not different at all, its just encountering different issues now. i started off with manual ping then changed to auto ping after your suggestion then changed back after the problems i encountered. "http://dumaos or the LAN IP or using HTTPS?" i dont understand the question