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  1. I have to say the NetdumaOS was really the update I was waiting for. My download speeds have been rock solid and stable and didn't need a single reset since it's release (months ago). Eventhough there is a glitch with your VPN credentials becoming invisible in the NetdumaOS (already picked up by admin they re-produced the problem themselves), the VPN always work. I remove one device from the VPN list and it switches to normal ip smoothly. I am really happy at the moment and I am proud of the Netduma Team! You never gave up! Thanks for everything.
  2. I use Google Chrome - Windows 10 64bit Pro - Settings are still not visible 24hours later and that is a little bit annoying I have to change just a small thing. By the way this started happening when adding a brand new IP, I don't want to mention the IP range here but maybe that can solve some issues, because when entering those specific IP ranges, the interface would say connecting, connected 30 seconds later fail and then wipe the entire config page including username and password.
  3. I have received a new IP from my VPN I changed my old ip for the new one in my config file and I clicked connect on the NetdumaR1, it then says connecting, connected and then 30 seconds later is says failed and all the settings disappeared! I seem to fix it to change the remote port from 443 to 80, only issue I am facing now, that even though the VPN works my settings in advance are invisible/disappeared. VPN works no input settings to be seen.
  4. I just installed NetdumaOS firmware 3 and set up the custom Hybrid VPN I connected me directly, but here it comes: With Hybrid VPN enabled, but without hiding any devices behind vpn (do not VPN these services for all devices) I am no longer able to browse to certain web pages through wifi! I can only access these specific webpages when I click on, only vpn these services for the specific device I am browsing on. But I don't want to hide behind VPN because it slows down my internet, but if I don't, I get this error message in my browser 404 Not Found And If I completely disable VPN or if I don't tick any of my devices to hind behind it, I download extremely slow (200kb). Then if I tick the device to hide behind hybrid VPN I start downloading with a normal VPN download Speed (5.0mbps), normally (before OS upgrade) I download with 11.0 mbps (wifi) what the hell is going on?!!
  5. What did you not like about the 1,3 firmware?
  6. I am still on 1.03.6j I saw that NetdumaOS and a new firmware got released, do I first need to do install the original NetdumaOS and after that the new firmware or can I directly download and install DumaOS and skipp
  7. I have a question though, do I first need to install the NetdumaOS separately and after that, I can install the 1.3 firmware or is it a total package?
  8. Hi. Can you share any decent config for D2? Im playing it on PC, with the new DLC the PvE is great and fun but sadly the PvP is still shit to me. I love the weapons system and the TTK changes but i always have issues with lag and situations like losing every single 1v1 gunfughts or dying behind a wall by a enemy curving bullet. I think nobody play this game on PC in this forum thats why im getting no help. 

  9. Wauw thanks guys for already all these responses! I got the HIDUSBF Software to work and increased my controller's polling rate, the weird thing is that I can feel it is way more responsive but with the old weird lag underneath it. So the stuff that wasn't laggy before (aiming to the left with the RIGHT Stick goes smoother) goes smoother, everything besides aiming up and to the right (with the right stick). Those last 2 go smoother but you can still feel it is different from the rest. I am now 100% positive that sitting close to my monitor, probably away from Modem and Router makes my controller lag like only 30% of the 100% if I sit 3 meters backwards! I did disable all other Bluetooth devices, but not all infrared/wifi devices that is the next step! Thank for posting that thread, I already read at least 30 different threads, but let's hope this one has the right answer to help me solve my individual problem. The difference between lag and no lag. I soon will have a video up where I start to lag and a video where I have no lag at all. It is basically you can either turn 180 and headshot someone, or you have trouble aligning a shot on someone that completely stand still and is just a meter away, that is how bad it becomes from time to time. I keep you guys updated and thanks again for all this input!
  10. If found working software of the what you said, but I don't understand how to use it, can you maybe set my controller up through something like Teamviewer?
  11. Hi, Netduma forum I thought I had seen it all, but for the last few weeks, I am experiencing something that I can't seem to fix. A few weeks ago something really weird happened I was playing Destiny when suddenly my character/controller started to aim upwards by itself, I tried to align my aim to the normal position, but it felt extremely heavy like weights were placed on my right stick. That weird uncontrollably aiming happened only once more after that, but after the second time, playing on the PS4 has never felt the same! My right stick aiming now always feels really sluggish, like I am covered in mud, I tried a lot of things and I even had a friend coming over with his PS4 to see if it was maybe my PS4, but even playing on his PS4 gave me the same issues. The things I have already tried: I Tried a brand new PS4 controller and my friend's controller same sluggish aim. I tried 2 other monitors same sluggish aim. I tried different games, same sluggish aim and it is so bad now (got worse) that I start to get motion sickness for the first time ever I played video games because my character is not moving they what my head thinks! I tried another HDMI cable, nothing. I disabled every Bluetooth device in my house, Cell Phones, TV's through their hidden menu's and all other devices, it felt maybe a little better, but not perfect by a long shot. I tried Different Wifi Channels I tried to move my PS4 away from all Bluetooth devices (from my neighbours) and again it felt better, but far from perfect Disconnected my Wireless Creative PS4 headset including the soundcard, that connects through USB and Optic cable I tried someone else's PS4, but the same problem What I did discover, is that if I sit on my couch I can barely aim, so super muddy it is, but when I sit on the floor with my face in my monitor it feels 60% better but not perfect. Like there is some interference, but I haven't bought a new device or changed anything for that matter, I only got a brand new NetdumaR1 (got switched) but I think I experience these problems before I got one. It also doesn't matter if I sit directly in front of my PS4 or if I put my ps4 behind the couch it stays laggy, it is a weird phenomenon and it drives me and my family completely nuts. Things I can still try Disable the Wifi of my NetdumaR1 and see if the controller lag is still there My modem is in bridge mode so no Radio/Wifi Signal, but I could disconnect it and see if that fixes anything. I have a Wireless Subwoofer that is wirelessly connected to my soundbar I can still disconnect that one because even in standby mode it always tries to reach the soundbar, but I have used that thing for two years and I never experienced any problems. Try a wired controller or a V2 PS4 controller and put it in wired mode and see if that fixed the lag (if it is interference, it should) Atm, I almost completely stopped playing on my PS4, because 1 it is no fun if you can barely aim and 2 it causes motion sickness. There are a lot of posts all around the web, from people having the same or similar problems, but Sony never even tried to answer and some posts are more than 4 years old, also there hasn't been a fix from someone who said I fixed it, some said it was their router or a new Bluetooth adapter, that's it I got my monitor standing right next to my Samsung Smart Tv ( I disabled the Bluetooth permanently, I think), My soundbar is directly underneath my TV and my subwoofer is 2 meters to the right of my tv and my PS4 stands right next to my subwoofer. Around the corner, you have my ISP Mediabox and 2 power outlets where all the plugs are in, My netdumar1 Router and Modem. So my PS4 is 1 meter away from my router, I now put my router in the corner so it is 3 meters away, but still lag. I tried to move the modem away with the router and the same, Tonight I will try to move them away even further. All my devices are super close to each other true, but I never had a single problem, ever, before. I know channels can maybe change and cause interference, so I am trying to find out what causes it. Please help me out, if you have an idea, please tell me and if we fix this then this would mean the world to me, but especially to my children that use the device to learn English and to relax after school.
  12. The soundbar issue had to do with a weird Spotify Application glitch. After I removed the app, my soundbar was directly accessible through the Spotify connect list. Even though there was no update for the Spotify APP, this method of removing the app or the software worked on all the devices. It is possible that the application didn't understand or couldn't handle the double IP and therefore glitched out, from time to time. After my internet got sorted out, I also had to remove and reset the apps and devices and now everything works well. My ISP went through the dust, because in the end a friend of my working the same ISP as an Acces Engineer fixed it in an hour, by changing setting deep on their server, who passes through the protocols and settings to my modem, a server only reachable by engineers and therefore the helpdesk should have forwarded such a extreme and rare problem as mine to someone with full access and understanding of their servers! I have only one super weird issue that I can't figure out and it causes a lot of stress to me and my family because we can't seem to find out what is going on. I will make a new post just for that tonight and I hope you have time to read that as well Jack.
  13. A week ago I had problems with my ISP Modem who wasn't in full bridge mode even though it said full bridge! It said full bridge mode on my screen and on that from my ISP! But if all your Lan ports still work I mean, come on! In the end, it was a server glitch, where the settings (done correctly) wouldn't correctly load in onto my ISP modem and that would make a mess (here the bridge mode can only be enabled by your ISP). My Modem said full bridge mode, all Lan ports still worked! It said wifi turned off, Radio was still on. It said full bridge mode, but I got Nat issues! Once they finally fixed the problem where the settings wouldn't load in correctly my Modem was finally in full bridge mode I have to say it doesn't matter where you live and what your setup is, normally you call your ISP, they put the modem in bridge mode (5 minutes)and your setup will run for years without any problem, ever! I experienced perfect connections like that with at least 100 families and normally when a family is experiencing connection issues for longer then 2 weeks, we tell them to swap ISP (go to Ziggo) because it is the only one that allows easy full bridge and the cable and everything that comes with it always runs perfectly, at least 99% of the time! I was so unlucky and it was really a ink between events that made my connection issues into something the standard helpdesk employees had never seen before. I mean how could they right, if the problem could only be solved by changing a setting on a server they can't even reach even if the wanted 2. I am also extemely lucky that I found out that the problem lay at my ISP, because everything was pointed to all other devices in my house, instead of to my ISP modem or it's online settings. If you read my ISP log you wouldn't find a single error, and that the radio was still turned or, but wifi off was maybe a huge indication, but after they tried to reset it and put it back in bridge, it said WIFI and Radio off, but still I had the exact same issues, all LAN ports work, so clearly it wasn't in full bridge
  14. What is the model number of your Fritzbox to see how and if we can get bridge mode to work? I do honestly believe that if you line is fine and the NetdumaR1 give strange readings like that, it is probably the way how your ISP modem is connected to the NetdumaR1 (setting wise). The only thing that I blame on the NetdumaR1 is that if you ISP modem fucks up, the NetdumaR1 directly rolls over and dies with it, with all sorts of weird UI glitches, Connection issue glitches, etc. Those issues mostly sent us in the wrong direction and almost always point to the NetdumaR1 itself. I helped a lot of people who had small issues with their Netduma's and at least 20 people who had what you can call extreme internet problems. But 100% of the time it wasn't the Netduma, being faulty! Of course, a device can always be faulty, at least in my experience that probability is really slim.
  15. I didn't do anything, I haven't changed the DHCP or even touched it. Reboot doesn't work, it will add an extra IP address to it after a little while and then Spotify Connect stops working and then I first need to disconnect the Soundbar, then reboot the router, remove the device from the device list and set it up again.