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  1. I couldn't reach my soundbar through my phone (Spotify connect), even though my soundbar was perfectly connected to the NetdumaR1 wifi, I tried to see if there was an update for my Soundbar, but when I tried to reach the server I got an error code (that a connection couldn't be established). I tried internet diagnostics on my soundbar and it directly said: Internet connection test passed. So I was connected and my soundbar thought the connection was fine when it obviously wasn't. I checked NetdumaR1 Device Manager and saw that my soundbar had multiple IP addresses, same for my upstairs tv. I rebooted my NetdumaR1 tv only had 1 IP after that, soundbar still got 2, I rebooted the NetdumaR1 one more time and tried to clear the soundbar from the device manager but I couldn't not even after a reboot. Later that day I tried to reboot the NetdumaR1 one more time and after that the soundbar immediately popped-up on my phone and it worked, I checked device manager and this time every device in my house only got one IP Adress. I don't know what is going on, but since I have my new NetdumaR1 I have experienced nothing but weird problems, I have had never experienced before! The second problem I had, one day I tried to change the CC but it wasn't available so I was, hu, why? I also wanted to use a device behind VPN, but I saw the VPN wasn't working either. I went over the VPN section to check if I was still connected, but to my disbelieve the entire VPN setting page was blank there was nothing there! I went over to the miscellaneous settings and all the settings where wrong! Super Turbo Mode enabled, now I can swear I never, ever enabled that, but also deep packet processing was enabled (never used that one either), plus all the setting I did tick were all most all unticked. I went over to the Host Filtering section for some reason my home pin changed on the world map my allow en deny list was wiped and the filter distance and Ping assist changed as well. I went over to Wifi my channel changed from 6 back to 1, etc, etc. All the devices in my house that you have to manually connect to the internet like a tv or soundbar, I lost the connection to the Netdumar1 and this is probably the eight time I have to re-connect every device to my NetdumaR1 and that is a pain to a freaking remote! I have nothing but experienced pain, recently with my Netduma. I suddenly lose connection on my PS4, laptop or Phone I check the Netduma and the Router page loads but extremely slow, with a warning I have to contact Netduma because the pages can't load correctly, I can browse it only take 5 minutes to load a page or it says that it can't load at all. I can't change any setting than either because the NetdumaR1 router page just won't finish loading after a Netduma reset everything works fine again. I also have the weird phenomenon, that everything loads super slow (trough wifi), my internet pages, or music that constantly stops, after a NetdumaR1 reset everything works fine again. And sometimes around 1.00 o clock at night when my misses comes from work and want to browse the internet for a bit we have no connection, no connection at all, she resets the Netduma nothing, she tried to put the LAN cable that runs from ISP modem to Netdumar1 in here own laptop and she directly has internet no problem. I now disabled bridge mode on my ISP modem I completely disconnected the Netdumar1 completely and I haven't had a single problem since then, everything always works, my NAS, my soundbar, my PS4 everything, now disconnects or weird settings glitches ever. Please help me because I am ready to completely drop the NetdumaR1 all together! I am happy to that I at least know when something works and when it is the Netdumar1 fault or the device itself, my girlfriend just texts me through the day, Soundbar doesn't work, wifi doesn't work she try a reset, still doesn't work. Tried to re-connect soundbar to the wifi, it worked but still no music, my god what a frustration. I also receive a lot o quest through Airbnb and the only thing they complain about is that they can't connect to the freaking internet and honestly I am starting to lose it a little bit. If I use my ISP Wireless modem (80euro's) I stay connected for months, I never, ever have to reset anything!
  2. fakkel

    VPN Users Required

    I use Torguard and VPN Hybrid is mandatory for me. Yes I use Hybrid VPN every day I use it for my tv's upstairs, downstairs, etc.
  3. Question: Does the NetdumaOS will have hybrid VPN from the start (and not like the XR500, still waiting for it) because it is pretty much mandatory for me. Keep up the great work guys.
  4. I tried everything, reset my ISP Modem, Factory Reset my ISP Modem, changed the cables between literally everything, reset the NetdumaR1, changed all the settings, nothing.... With my ISP Modem, I would download with 25/28 MB/S and with my first Netduma around 10 MB/S and with my new NetdumaR1 with only 6MB/S (slower than my Wifi speed) I couldn't handle it anymore! I mean even though true 6MB/S isn't even that slow, knowing you download with 28 MB/S by just using your ISP Modem was killing me. When I switched to my new NetdumaR1 I imported all the settings from the old one, and with that, I didn't completely start from fresh, right? So after trying literally everything I could only try one more thing, Factory resetting a brand new (but not untouched NetdumaR1), so I did. I waited and here comes the weird stuff: The NetdumaR1 (didn't make a beep, don't know if it has to on a factory reset), and even though the Wifi name changed Back to Netduma R1 all my devices automatically connected to it, it also still held all my other settings, from the Deny and Allow list to my VPN settings, etc. I checked how fast my download speed was and it was still around 6 MB/S and I was starting to lose it a little bit! Then suddenly (after 4/5 minutes) without any warning my internet disconnected and heard the NetdumaR1 Reset beep, I waited and this time I wasn't automatically connecting to it, so I connected only my phone to it and my pc through (Lan), I started downloading something once again and poeffff 25 MB/S, G ..... G! It finally worked! I am scared to load in my old setting in the fear to .... everything up again. So I now slowly re-add or block servers and players to the Deny and Allow list and I keep the standard setting mostly intact, changing only what I have to! I have to say I never changed anything out of the ordinary and I am pretty much aware how to set the thing up where you are still able to use CC and achieve maximum speeds at the same time.
  5. I have the same problem I can't seem to hit 350+ but I wait on the NetdumaOS! You can do it guys
  6. Jack I sent another email back with some question can you please reply to my mail, thank you!
  7. For 2 months now every few days I have to restart the NetdumR1 because my wifi speed drops to the point I can't even browse the internet. After a restart, the wifi directly works as intended. I need a fix and I need a fix fast my misses works a lot at home and therefore the internet needs to be stable, disconnects and slow wifi is not stable. I didn't change anything in my house and I haven't had a problem in the last two years I am trying to get a fix since May before my warranty ran out, and now when I no longer have warranty we getting to the point I need a replacement (really?) you would do that to me
  8. Please, I still have to reset my Netduma every few days because the wifi speed will drop to speeds I am not even able to load a webpage under 10 seconds! I never had a problem but for 2 Months now it is horrible!
  9. fakkel

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    That's really not what have been said and he never talk like that !!! Your supposed friend didn't understood what was said and why it was said !!! I know because i was on this post just like on other posts !!! Now i know you guys are all tired of waiting...some of you also think that the R1 can't handle Duma Os... Ah Ah Ah Funny as fuck... now you guys don't understand how things working so i'll clarify... YES the R1 is strong enough to handle Duma Os !!! Yes they builded it on the R1 before testing it on other routers and if you guys followed everything around Duma Os you should know that the first way they wrote it was causing a bit of troubles so Iain rewrote it to even better performances and stability !!! Then they made the Netgear deal to let money in so they can afford the big money investment they made !!! Now since they had to rewrote the whole Duma Os they had to do the same for the R1 and test it so when we'll be able to get it we will be satisfied and will work as expected and even better !!! On the tweet your friend talked you about... Iain was doin a huge stress test on the R1 with the Duma Os on it and he was faking 250 devices running at the same time !!! So between me and you guys... don't ya all think that if a router can handle 250 devices at the same time simultaneously it definitly doin an awesome freakin job ?!? It's Duma Os on the R1 guys...not the XR !!! As i already said to some people complaining like hell madness... Yep they made mistakes... like everybody else...ya know why ??... cuz we all humans and we all learning each and every days of our lifes !!! Don't blame others especially if ya never made the same things or better things than them !!! Remember that we humans all have flaws and we ain't havin the same flaws as others and or at the same time so would ya like that everytime you weak or doin mistakes or wrong moves...that then everybody bein complaining about yaaa ??? Hell noooo !!! So stop complaining and wait !!! It changes nothin except you loosin energy on something that don't deserve it and at the extreme it becomes a huge shit load of stress and bad feelings for those who works for us... wich don't help the job getting done !!! So a couple days ago it was almost done completely so keep patience guys that's commin !!! And at worst...even if at the end you the negatives ones are right...what will happen then...ya'll only bein right about a sad thing and...nothin more...so just stay positive and optimistic guys it can only help and complaining ain't gonna change things soon or later !!! Take care ARMY... Peeeaace !!! You have no clue what you are talking about! 0 DO you really think he would just come up with so-called conversations? Of course not, if you want I ask him and he can sent you the pictures from all conversation or I post them here whatever. 1 you weren't present, all the conversations ran trough personal Twitter messages and Facebook Chat. 2 How the you know that the R1 is strong enough to run the OS, who the .... are you? 3 If I want somebody to explain me how you supposed to crawl in sombody's ...hole and will be sure to hit you up! 4 Yes we are all humas you got that right, but we are not all professionals! 5 Better things then them?! What did the made an OS that runs on 1 router an gives a lot of problems? I make medical equipment for the sick am I a better person then you because I make better things then you? 6. I will write, I will complain (stand up for myself) and I will switch brands whenever I want to, you got that?! 7 If you think this cost me any energy I don't know how weak you are?! Your still in college or are a millenium? Do you know what cost enery? That you have to reset your router every few days because it runs shit, or that you need to endlessly wait on stuff promised two years ago and then have to deal with parasites like you. Do only thing you are defending are the people that don't even take the time to communicate something back on there own, just complete radio silence for 10+ weeks and their excuse we don't want the same mistakes we stop giving eta's, to late! I don't want an ETA because here it means nothing more then thin air and false promises I want to be kept in the loop because the people here are the last people that can make Netduma a succes, because the people that do not visit an unprotected (no SSL certificate) webpage and it's forum to get a fix for their problems, will just send the machines back, GG!
  10. fakkel

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Yeah they also told me that it wasn't the XR500 and that the tests they run with it were a lot better than with the NetumaR1 and I don't understand that is possible, I tried 2 different XR500 and later one of a friend and I always had the same problems, I went back to the Netduma nothing, I then tried the Netgear Nighthawk x10 R9000 and the X6 R8000 and I didn't have a single problem. I even changed my Modem, I reset everything, disconnected every single device, I connected everything from fresh and the XR500 has giving me nothing then bufferbloat, bad ping and disconnects. I tried the last firmware that was given out here personally by Fraser to help with disconnects, still nothing. I have no time for this testing, but I had to! I just couldn't believe I was wrong and Netduma was right, but I see more and more people having problems with the XR500, very bad problems, so I can at least close this case.
  11. fakkel

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    It could also be 849, 839, 851 I forgot. I mean so many days have passed it is hard to keep track, but maybe lollipop can help me focus on the more important things than an exact date, oooh yeah the fact that we are waiting over 2+ years!
  12. fakkel

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I hope we will receive the new OS soon guys!
  13. fakkel

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    The Netduma OS 865 days delayed
  14. We knew that nobody would or could give us another ETA even a year ago I never demanded one, I just want to know what is going on, because I have people asking me question, because I roam the forums and they do not, because I keep their Netduma R1 and XR500 up and running if they ever run into a problem. I would also like to know what is going on because I can't endlessly keep defending something or someone when I am kept completely into the dark. In the dark to a point that the only possibility that's left is the one of false speculation and that never does any good, but I mean what do you want if you keep your lips sealed for more then 10 weeks!