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    Its abit trash that you cant use your own modem router combination with them. It was the only reason why I ended up choosing BT over sky..
  2. Things I would like to see in the next firmware update or in the near future: 1. Dedi server ban 2. Ping Assist 3. Enable the router to perform a speed test without having to go through the whole setup process just to determine speeds as they can vary. 4. Be able to choose other VPN clients rather than forcing HMA on us 5. Peer ping, just for curiosity's sake Regards,
  3. I was ensuring that no one in my household would turn it off, but in the end fate got the better of me... lol. In a way im glad there was a power cut, i got g.inp out of it
  4. Had a power outage yday afternoon as the electrical board were repairing a faulty joint outside my house. Once the power was restored and modem switched on G.Inp was enabled and upstream bands seem to magically align. Its not perfect but its probably the best im gonna get
  5. Look at this unstable crap... cant believe I have such a noisy line on the upstream U1 Band... Its annoying that I cant do anything about it lol
  6. Yeah ive had an unlocked modem for a while now Been keeping a keen eye on them ever since I had a DLM Reset. G.inp hasnt been enabled yet, hopefully after the 9day period itll auto kick in providing the modems left turned on constantly.
  7. I think your right Just been doing some research and it does make sense.
  8. I thought as much, but atleast we got there in the end. Thanks for your help fella. Just one more quick question with regards to IGMP proxying. Do I need to tick the checkbox for BT or could I leave it disabled?? What are the ramifications of leaving it unchecked??
  9. Sweet ill try this now and see what happens.. Fingers crossed
  10. Wired speedtest results
  11. Considering I was getting no issues attaining my speeds with my previous provider, this leads me to believe that its an ISP specific issue. Whats the procedure of carrying out a full factory reset?? Do I just hold the reset button at the back for a certain amount of time?? This is the only thing which I haven't tried.
  12. As you can see from my modem stats, im syncing at full on the upstream...
  13. Just for peace of mind ive done one again..
  14. Yes it does, i've re-run it atleast 5 times out of frustration.