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    R1 milestone 1.3 upnp

    Is that already set on your consoles then? Have you done it through DHCP lease as well? If you got an open NAT after the DMZ step, it's possible this is just miscommunication between your modem and the router. Try a hard reset (turn off the Modem and Router. Wait 5 minutes then turn on the Modem. Wait another minute then turn on the router.)
  2. Netduma Jack


    Fifa 19 runs on dedicated EA servers. Where is the closest server to you? Have you tried forcing the game to connect you to it? What game modes are you playing, and what is your ping usually as shown by DumaOS?
  3. Netduma Jack

    2 questions on ping assist

    Maybe some day we'll have a setting to just disable the distance radius altogether, like a toggle to switch between ping assist or distance. Not sure if that's more or less intuitive though. Either way, setting your distance in the ocean effectively disables filtering by distance and lets Ping Assist take over 100% of the job. That's why you can get some great results with it
  4. Netduma Jack

    Upnp problem

    Try out Tray's suggestion and let us know how you get on. You should be able to solve a moderate NAT using DumaOS anyway, shouldn't be any need to downgrade. Do you struggle to find a game / experience much worse gameplay on a moderate NAT? You should disable your Geo-Filter and see if you get an Open NAT.
  5. Netduma Jack

    Lag help

    Do you get Internet access through your Modem when this happens? Have you put your hub in Modem Mode? Try increasing the lease time for the R1 using DHCP lease.
  6. Netduma Jack

    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    You'll never be able to reach 1000mbps through the Netduma R1 - it's not physically possible due to the hardware. I've seen people reach 600 before, which is usually more than enough and excessive for any home. Games only use <0.5mbps bandwidth so speeds shouldn't be the priority I hope this helps!
  7. Probably some miscommunication between the modem and your R1. This can happen with any router. Are you using UPnP on your R1? Try factory resetting it, and reboot your modem. You could also try manual port forwarding on the Netduma. If you're struggling to use the Geo-Filter with Black Ops 4, you can always disable it. With it disabled, the R1 will act like any other router and shouldn't cause any in-game issues.
  8. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    If you set the Geo-Filter to spectating mode do you get games then? Do you have an open NAT? FPS isn't affected by your online connection - no router can improve FPS.
  9. Netduma Jack

    Original R1 ping values

    Big Dog is correct - in-game connection meters are always inaccurate, whereas the Ping graph on the R1 directly pings the game server. I don't know the complexities of why, but it's an incredibly accurate way to measure your ping
  10. Looks like you've got some great advice above. Just to clarify - is this issue happening on any other devices or just this one PC?
  11. Netduma Jack

    Honest Opinion/Answer? please

    In addition to what Big Dog said above, how are you testing your speeds? You need to be on a wired PC to get accurate results, and you'll need ALL devices connected to the Netduma R1. - If you're on a PPPoE connection, you might not be able to reach 100mbps - If you're using a VPN, your speeds will be drastically reduced due to the nature of VPN connections - If you're testing over wireless, you'll only be able to hit 70mbps over the 2.4GHz band the R1 offers I hope this helps!
  12. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I'd recommend making a new post about your issue, you'll get more effective support that way Did you set your PC to a console in the Device Manager?
  13. Netduma Jack

    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    No problem. See you around on the forum
  14. Netduma Jack

    Constant issues-XR500

    You know what Cypher this could be it. I need to make a note of that - I'm not sure if IPv6 is working correctly on some XR500's if I recall. I thought maybe that was patched out but maybe it wasn't. Keep us updated with this, I'll check the status on IPv6 with our developers and see if they know anything.
  15. Netduma Jack

    Hope this Helps

    Interesting stuff, thanks for the breakdown. Just to clarify what you're saying, where are you located? Are you in the US? It seems really weird that changing your default gateway would make any difference - personally without the proper lab testing setup I'd say this is a placebo effect. It's far more likely (logically speaking) for Black Ops 4 to have changed in some way while you were testing (or you just got unlucky with the server you connected to), resulting in your belief that changing the default gateway made a difference. A different default gateway causing a difference in ping doesn't seem possible from a networking perspective. It's an interesting theory though. If you wanted to test and prove this properly, you wouldn't be able to rely on the in-game ping graph since it's highly inaccurate. It's kinda' hard to prove it without any ping readings though. Do you feel like your gameplay is any different when you do it? Better or worse?
  16. Hi, welcome to the forum! You'll never be able to reach gigabit speeds through the R1, though I've seen people reach 600mbps or so. You should be able to get higher than that definitely. Are you on a PPPoE connection? If you are, that could be the cause. PPPoE limits speeds through secondary routers. Also if you're using a VPN on the R1 that can limit your speeds. You should ensure that A: ALL devices are connected to the Netduma R1. B: The Ethernet cable you're using to connect the R1 to your PC isn't faulty / can handle higher speeds. 😄 QoS is definitely disabled. Might be worth performing a factory reset to wipe your settings, then going into the Anti-Bufferbloat menu and typing your speeds in there before disabling QoS.
  17. I'll send you the email now, thanks for the support!
  18. My advice to you would be to ignore Flush Cloud for the time being. It's a kinda' niche option - it might seem like clicking that would help with connecting to Black Ops 4, but really that's rarely the case (and only if there's a new cloud version available, which there isn't at the minute). If you're desperate to get it working then you could downgrade (CAREFULLY!) and upgrade again, but I wouldn't advise it. Port Forwarding improving gameplay is a longshot - other players are reporting that it helps, but we believe it's a placebo effect. If you've got an open NAT there's no reason why it should help. What's your ping to the game server? Have you tried setting your Geo-Filter up in a different way? I'd recommend trying out Ping Assist - set your 'home' location in the ocean with your Distance slider at the minimum value, then set Ping Assist to around 40ms. That works brilliantly in BO4 - let us know how it goes!
  19. Netduma Jack

    Geo-Filter not working for PS4 BO4

    C'est le rĂȘve, peut-ĂȘtre qu'un jour nous travaillerons sur du nouveau matĂ©riel. Pour le moment, nous allons de l'avant avec le nouveau logiciel DumaOS! Merci pour votre aide _______________________________________________ That's the dream, maybe some day we'll work on new hardware. For now, we're going strong with new software for DumaOS! Thanks for your support
  20. Netduma Jack

    Browser loading problem

    What I'd recommend is downgrading (following the instructions provided in the Beta emails very carefully) and upgrading again. It's possible something went wrong in the upgrade process, so this step should hopefully resolve your issue. Please let me know if this is already something you've tried.
  21. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Awesome advice interesting that you'd choose to play in the Saudi region, but if the gameplay is better then that's all that matters. This advice is relevant to anyone who wants to force a server!
  22. Netduma Jack

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing this, hopefully someone can benefit from that set-up. We believe port forwarding improving gameplay is a placebo, but even if it is, it doesn't matter. If you're having a better time because of it, that's fantastic
  23. The server you're connected to is always the largest one on the map. Should hopefully be obvious, but if it isn't just enable 'auto ping'. This will display the ping panel for the host of the game automatically, and give you extra stats like server tick rates
  24. As Urge said above - this happened for everyone at the same time, at a time when we didn't change a single thing. We didn't even change our cloud database when all of a sudden, BO4 players across the world started saying they can't connect / were having massive issues. We're looking into ways in which we can assist from our end, but these issues are on the game side, not the Netduma. If you're struggling to use the Geo-Filter right now, try setting it to Spectating Mode until Treyarch sort it out. I imagine whether you use the Geo-Filter or not it's hard to find decent games. Stay strong, every CoD launch in history has had long-lasting network issues imo.
  25. Tray's advice is great. Another thing to bear in mind is that ESO will only be using <0.5mbps bandwidth. It's generally OK to reduce the bandwidth of your gaming devices with the flower as a result and give that bandwidth to streaming devices instead. (Unless you're downloading an update or something on the gaming device). As long as you make sure you have probably over 30mbps spare for Netflix your setup should work