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  1. Great suggestions, thanks for these. We'll never settle, since improvements can always be made. We're actually working on ways to deal with offline devices better, since we aren't too happy with how the current Device Manager handles it. All sorts of exciting stuff coming this year
  2. Netduma Jack


    Don't underestimate the power of Google marketing / the existing Google user base! It'll take off whether we like it or not imo, especially if the platform is free with full cost games... but I don't believe it'll kill off consoles / shake the industry in the way they're conceiving.
  3. Awesome, I'm glad you're having a great time now 1: Probably. It wouldn't really make a difference if you did, it might mean you get servers inside your radius though which might complicate the setup. Keep it simple imo. 2: You'll only connect to hosts / servers with a ping lower than the ping value you've chosen - that's the function of Ping Assist. 3: Anti-Bufferbloat doesn't work on a per-device basis; I'd just leave Anti-Bufferbloat on 80/80 on 'When High Priority Traffic Detected', then give your PS4 probably 40% of the bandwidth using Bandwidth Allocation. That'll be a good setup - it doesn't need anything more to get past local congestion. I'm pretty sure issues with connecting to friends are a Sony problem - they don't let you select ports on the console itself, so party issues can happen pretty easily with a router involved. What's your NAT type?
  4. Netduma Jack

    VPN configuration issue

    That's correct, but also extremely common. Even on a Nighthawk XR500 with a dual-core CPU you'd still get around 10mbps, and on an XR700 - the best router money can buy with a quad-core CPU, you'd get around 20mbps. With Hybrid VPN you can exclude devices from the VPN if you want to reach your max speeds on those; something no other router can do.
  5. Welcome to the forum this seems great, it's blocking everything outside the radius as expected. Those triangles are all players who you might've connected to without the Geo-Filter enabled. You'd only start getting dashed circles around some connections if you set Ping Assist to a reasonable number, maybe 50ms. It depends on what connections are available around your location though.
  6. Netduma Jack

    Xr500 with comcast

    Awesome advice. I'd agree that it's a Sony problem - I only see this issue happening persistently with PS4's.
  7. Netduma Jack

    Apex Legends LAG please help.

    This is true though generally we don't recommend pinging the game servers directly with Pingplotter. It depends on what you're trying to find out though. If you want to learn how good / bad a server is then that'd be a good way, but if you want to find out whether you have any upstream issues like Ping Spikes, pinging a game server won't give you accurate results. (Since it will display not only your spikes, but any spikes occurring further down the line with the game server - and you can't tell which is which.)
  8. Netduma Jack

    Packet Loss

    Looking at that snipped of the pingplotter test there's definitely something weird going on. Please do run the test for the full length so there's a clear picture of what's happening.
  9. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    xD thanks for letting us know!
  10. Netduma Jack

    Unable to unblock device

    Hm okay. If you've got a forum post / thread open with them it might be worth letting them know you missed the call. I'm sure they'll call again today though
  11. Netduma Jack

    Connecting directly to r1

    It's not so much an advantage, more a requirement for certain connection types. If you have Internet access but you haven't got PPPoE enabled, you don't need it.
  12. Netduma Jack

    Ok Netduma!

    Looking at this it might well be the case. You know what though, there's probably something we can do to stop it from happening. We've been working hard on coming up with new solutions for Apex Legends, maybe we can do the same for D2. I'll make sure the devs are aware of this.
  13. Alrighty; with a level 3 Netgear technician you'll be in the best hands. I reckon a beta firmware could be the solution here, but do let us know how it goes
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum! Which firmware version are you on? Have you set a static IP on those hardwired devices, and do your WiFi devices stay online? I'd recommend just making another post on the forum to get some more visibility for your issue
  15. Netduma Jack

    Unable to unblock device

    Thanks for letting us know. So just to clarify that, you're waiting for a call from Netgear tech support?
  16. Netduma Jack

    XR500 settings not saving

    Welcome to the forum! Interesting... Could be a cookies problem. If you've got plugins for adblocking or maybe an intensive security app, try disabling those and rebooting the router. I'd try another browser / device as well!
  17. Netduma Jack

    r1 has issues

    When you're on a wired PC connected to the R1, open command prompt and type 'ipconfig'. Press enter, then screenshot the results and post them here. You should also try a hard reset. Turn off the modem and the R1. Wait 5 minutes, then turn on the modem. Wait 2 minutes then turn on the R1. Finally after 2 minutes, turn on the PC connected to the R1. Are you online?
  18. Netduma Jack

    PS4 SDD broken?

    Yeh it'll probably be dust, I agree with Big Dog. It'll be outside of warranty anyway so you don't need to worry about voiding it when you open it up, just don't lose any screws!
  19. Netduma Jack

    Geo Filter ON= no tick rate?

    Hrm, weird! If it ever happens again let us know but I don't think it will.
  20. Netduma Jack

    Ok Netduma!

    It's odd that it found a game quickly - was it inside your radius or are you just using Ping Assist? Playing with a fireteam is often more laggy depending on where your team members are located. Definitely don't deny them lol, you'll never be able to play with them then!
  21. Netduma Jack

    General Question

    Big Dog is correct above. The in-game ping shown in Call of Duty is extremely unreliable - for some reason it doesn't test directly to the game servers, rather it pings to an exchange and then to the server. That means the in-game ping reading is always higher than it actually is. If you want to read your ping accurately use the Geo-Filter, since it pings the server directly. And aye, the bandwidth reading will rely on the in-game and console clients which will limit your speeds, but the game only uses <0.5mbps. It's just allocating the resources it needs.
  22. Netduma Jack

    Help with dialing in geo filter

    Nah just plug it back in and let us know what happens
  23. Netduma Jack

    Apex Legends LAG please help.

    I agree with Fraser - running one of these tests with the XR500 ruled out will be important for ascertaining the source of the problem. We both reckon it'll be upstream ISP problems, but even so it's worth proving it. If it turns out to be an upstream problem then the new 'drop' line instalment is probably to blame. ISP's will blame everything but themselves until you can absolutely prove it's their fault, so Pingplotter tests are usually a good route to getting them to take action!
  24. These are some great suggestions. I'd love to see diagnostics make a return, and there's a whole lot more diagnostic capabilities we could build when we do it. Built in speed test is also something we'd like! We'll see where future milestones take us; 2019 will be an exciting year for new features, so keep an eye out for 1.4!