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    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    Ignore the log file my dude! It's for developers to use - the language makes everything in there seem negative, but it's all standard router behaviour. If other routers showed off their logs you'd see the exact same thing, it's not craziness at all. I'm not sure why you're experiencing your connection loss issue. I haven't ever experienced anything like it so it's difficult to tell. Are you sure it's VPN related? Couldn't it be DHCP not renewing the IP's of your devices properly?
  2. Hi George - your logs have been passed on to a developer to have a look at; he's got a backlog of other stuff to take care of though (as usual!) so it might take some time. Still, the plus side is we're fully aware of this potential issue now so a fix could get pushed through. In the mean time it's probably worth setting static IP's on your devices rather than relying on DHCP, though I'm aware with the setup you've got that's probably not a good solution. We're looking into it George!
  3. Could I ask what your setup looks like in more depth? The solution, at least when it comes to a standard household, is to check out the Network Monitor, see which device is hogging the bandwidth (and break it down per application to see in further depth), then use the Device Manager to block the offending device. If you can't do this (i.e the offending device doesn't show up on the router) how do you have it set up? Are all the devices behind switches etc? R-apps are going to become a lot more extensive this year, so don't worry - if your XR700 doesn't have this capability yet, it likely will soon. DumaOS will be upgraded faster than any other router, and is already at the forefront of router innovation. I'll take note of this and see if it's something we can do!
  4. With auto-ping host enabled, what is your ping to the game? I feel like that server in America probably isn't the game host despite the fact that it's the largest icon there. It'd be very strange if it was, since by the looks of it you're only playing with people from Europe.
  5. I'm honestly not sure why it would only start happening now. Have you considered just upgrading to DumaOS? The software is far more capable and stable than the old firmware, so you might find your speeds improve when throttling using DumaOS.
  6. Netduma Jack


    ¿Cuánto ancho de banda tienes? Con Anti-Bufferbloat en 70/70 y configurado en "siempre", ¿sigue demorándose cuando comienza a descargar? Intente darle a su consola más ancho de banda utilizando la Asignación de ancho de banda también. __________________________________________ How much bandwidth have you got? With Anti-Bufferbloat on 70/70 and set to 'always', do you still lag out when you start downloading? Try giving your console more bandwidth using Bandwidth Allocation as well.
  7. No problem, please email [email protected] using the email address you used to sign up to DumaOS. I'll send you the firmware once I confirm your email address
  8. Yeh Red this is still on our radar. We've got loads of ideas for 2019 - ad-blocking on a router level would be super helpful, we agree!
  9. Netduma Jack

    Tor support

    One day we might get Tor on there. I won't ask what you'd be using it for, but I know there's utilities and reasons to use it. Some day
  10. Netduma Jack

    VPN Chaining

    2018 was like a warmup I feel. Hopefully this year we'll roll out features much faster, so maybe this'll make the cut!
  11. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Let us know how it goes. You just need to click on the PC in the Device Manager and change its type to a PS4. If you still get an error message, please screenshot the error message and send it to us here.
  12. Netduma Jack

    higher ping .. better?

    I'd just set my home location in the ocean with the Distance value really low, then set Ping Assist to 50ms or so. That way you're not worrying about the radius or where servers are located, you should just get servers with less than 50ms ping.
  13. Netduma Jack

    Geo filter

    Which game are you playing? Try setting Ping Assist to 50ms, and set your home location in the ocean with Distance set to the minimum value. That way you'll only find games with less than 50ms ping.
  14. Netduma Jack

    Network Prioritisation

    You're right, that's a good spot. It shouldn't be that way - all the settings have been designed by Netgear and ported to DumaOS so perhaps something is off here. Hopefully we can rework the Port Forwarding features at some point. Don't worry about Internal / External ports - just leave the tick box checked which says 'Use the same port range for Internal Port', then type whatever range you need into External Port.
  15. Netduma Jack

    Bandtwidth drop VPN

    Still, those speeds are normal - there aren't any VPN clients on a router that allow higher speeds than a VPN client on a PC. As far as I'm aware, it's only possible if the router CPU is equally or more powerful than the specs on your PC. I was half right, it's the XR700 that allows you to get around 100mbps on a VPN (since it's got a quad-core CPU). The XR500 is slower, maxing out at around 20mbps since it's dual-core. That's why we designed Hybrid VPN to allow you to choose which device and application the VPN applies to. You can use that to get full speeds on the devices that need it by excluding them from the VPN.
  16. Netduma Jack

    Wifi keeps dropping

    Ah, none at all suggests that the device added to the Geo-Filter isn't correct. What I would do is delete the Xbox from the Geo-Filter, then go to the Geo-Filter and double check the IP of your Xbox versus the IP address shown on the Xbox network settings. That way you can be sure it's the correct device. Also make sure you've got the Device Type set to Xbox, and it's connected via an Ethernet cable. If all the above is correct then there's no reason why hosts won't be showing up. It's by far the most common solution, so let me know how it goes
  17. Fingers crossed, yeh. It's a case of solving problems until all the problems are gone, so lets find out if DMZ is the solution you need. If you have any problems after this step we'll cross that bridge when we get there
  18. Netduma Jack

    PPPoE issue

    Thank you so much for the previous post. This will be super helpful for our developers moving forwards. As I say, we plan to keep upgrading and upgrading DumaOS well into the future, and PPPoE is bound to get a lot of attention at some point. It's still a very new operating system, so there's a lot of places we can go with it. It's definitely unusual behaviour, so I'll pass this straight to the developers to have a look at. Adding the ability to change your service name seems like something we'll be able to do in the future
  19. Netduma Jack

    i got banned for using this router

    Interesting stuff! Maybe that's the future of matchmaking, who knows. There's always Spectating Mode if you prefer letting the game do its thing without restricting it - that way you can just keep an eye on what's going on, and block any server that's really bad
  20. Netduma Jack

    getting DDosed

    Wow, you are passionate about those logs! I get it, there's a principal behind what you're saying that holds true. Don't worry - I'm one of the UI designers here, and we're not looking to make the fisher price of routers, lmao. Quite the opposite. We've designed the worlds first router operating system, and it's not going to stop improving. With the R-apps we have planned for the future, you'll just keep getting more and more information to work with, and more tools to control your network. Logs will be accessible to folks like you who want them, and they'll be easy to access. They just won't be in your face like they are now. It'll be a better solution, since the people who like logs can just pin them and see them all the time, and the majority of people who misinterpret / are troubled by the logs will understand more clearly that it's back-end information and not for everyone. It's the same solution every operating system or UI eventually adopts.
  21. Netduma Jack

    PIA Hybrid VPN

    Hi Kohlzor! Not at all, you should be able to use PIA. The Advanced section in Hybrid VPN allows you to copy the config file and enter the details of any OpenVPN provider, including PIA. That's the magic of it I hope it works out, let us know if you need a hand with it.
  22. Hi, welcome to the forum! First off, packet loss usually originates upstream on your connection, and can be tested for before it reaches the game itself. The packet loss icon in-game may not be particularly accurate, so it's worth testing whether there's any on your line. I'd recommend grabbing Pingplotter and running tests using that. Prioritising a specific LAN port is actually the same difference as prioritising the device connected to that LAN port, which is why our developers saw a way to simplify the process using our QoS. Giving more bandwidth to that connected device and using Anti-Bufferbloat (at about 70/70) is a great way to prioritise that device. As for High Priority Traffic not properly detecting, I believe this only affects PC games. You may be able to use the workaround however, which is to set your PC to a console in the Device Manager. (The Device Type option changes how the router treats that device). See if that works for you
  23. That definitely doesn't sound like normal behaviour. I know that Netgear programmed that particular feature but I'll make sure our developers are aware of this. Could be worth seeking Netgear support on their own forum, since that's definitely a feature they deal with.
  24. Hi, welcome to the forum! Yep that's right, it's using Mac addresses. Sometimes it can categorise them incorrectly (so it might say a Laptop is a Desktop or somethin'). That's why we've let you change the device type manually.
  25. Ah this picture says a thousand words. Basically, all the servers for MCC are added. The circles around their icons indicate that they are 'whitelisted', which means they're vital for the game to function correctly. You won't be able to 'Deny' them, since if you did the game would just keep booting you out rather than connecting you. When you're connected to a game on MCC, could you screenshot what you see? I'm guessing this screenshot was taken when you'd just loaded up the game. I imagine a lot of these servers are background / authentication related, so the server in America you're seeing may not be the host of the game - rather, it could be a background server.