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  1. Netduma Jack

    My xbox can't find teredo ip

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Try disconnecting your Netgear and your R1. Then wait 5 minutes and plug in your Netgear. Wait another minute then plug in your R1. You should make sure UPnP and Port Forwarding are disabled on your Netgear router, and make sure only UPnP is enabled on your R1. Check to see if you have an open NAT, and if you don't you should put your Netduma into the Netgear's DMZ. You should also try this: - Go to Xbox dashboard - Go to system settings - Go to network - Go to advanced settings - Go to alternate MAC address Clear - Your Xbox will then restart
  2. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Just replied see you there!
  3. Netduma Jack

    Ping spikes and infinite loading

    Hi Bill, thanks for making a thread on this. Can you access the Miscellaneous settings page? If that page ever loads please factory reset the router from there. If you use another browser or device, does the interface load properly? If we can get the interface loaded properly then I'd say leave the R1 for now until you have DumaOS to download. Upgrading to DumaOS will definitely fix these issues as they're solely limited to that legacy firmware.
  4. Netduma Jack

    Trace to EA

    That test setup seems perfect. You don't necessarily need to test with the R1 connected - it's extremely rare for issues like spikes / packet loss to be caused by the router. Testing through the R1 might be a good way to test out another Ethernet cable though (since there'll be two cables in the setup) but that's about it. Keep us posted if you run another test
  5. Netduma Jack

    R1 DumaOS Initial Review

    Great video Sim - some great ideas in there as well. This is just the start for DumaOS - I can't wait to see a review in a years time!
  6. No worries! If there's anything else you need a hand with just let us know. Always happy to help
  7. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    That does sound like something weird is happening. Could you make a new thread about this issue? That'd be a much more effective way of getting support rather than doing it here. Thanks!
  8. I'm glad a reboot sorted this out. The screenshot you've provided will be given to our dev team to look at, and we'll try to reproduce this error and see what the cause could be. Thanks for letting us know!
  9. Netduma Jack

    Possible messed up my R1

    Thanks for letting us know - we're aware of the Middle East servers being either mis-located or behaving strangely so we're checking it out. Keep us posted!
  10. Netduma Jack

    Trace to EA

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Your line isn't ideal - you're getting quite a few spikes considering this is over a 10 minute period, though it looks like your target URL might not be too reliable. Try pinging Twitter.com instead - the host you're pinging is likely skewing these results negatively. You're also getting a bit of packet loss. The last hop (hope 9) is really all you need to pay attention to for packet loss - you're getting 1.2% loss there. Make sure you're testing using a wired PC and definitely change the target URL and see if that still occurs. Also make sure to set the Interval (at the top of Pingplotter) to 2.5 seconds. Your line isn't too unstable though - your base jitter isn't looking bad, so if we find out where those spikes are coming from you should have a good line to play on
  11. Netduma Jack

    DHCP Lease Help

    You can message me if you want, our PM's are secure. In my opinion though this is not a network issue. If you're getting issues even when you're just using your computer day-to-day, it's far, far more likely to be a performance issue. There's no way your connection can affect how your mouse cursor behaves, especially in day to day use.
  12. Woah, awesome. I don't know about the back-end stuff personally, but I do know that if this is working on one of the routers it'll soon work on all of them. Thanks for letting us know
  13. Netduma Jack

    glitching and rubberbanding

    I notice your circles are blue on the map, meaning this is the third device you've added to your Geo-Filter. I'd say the most likely cause is that you don't have that device 'Enabled' at the top. With Strict Mode enabled and the settings you have on, it shouldn't be possible to connect to anything really. Let us know if enabling your device works!
  14. Netduma Jack


    We're soon going to be releasing a new Hybrid VPN for DumaOS for this exact reason - the current DumaOS VPN isn't great. If you can hold out until Hybrid VPN then you could do that, or you could downgrade. It's up to you really - it depends how much you want to use your VPN at this time
  15. Netduma Jack

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    It probably seems like no progress is being made here, but every day a large amount of people are emailed the link. It's going faster than it probably seems. I'm sorry I can't release the figures, but it would only cause you guys more stress You aren't being singled out. A vast amount of people signed up on the very first day of the announcement. Since we're launching DumaOS in stages, the vast majority of those stages contain people who signed up on the very first day. With a bit of patience, DumaOS will soon be yours.