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  1. Your line looks perfect really, no complaints there. Your base ping is brilliant and you line seems stable and free of any issues. I'm unconvinced that this has any bearing on the router itself - it still seems weird to me that these issues would only happen after a PS4 update. I'm convinced that PS4 will probably release an update to fix these issues on their end - after all, if their update broke it, it's probably on them. We'll see if DumaOS resolves the issue though. How bad is your gameplay after the update? What's your ping to the game like?
  2. I'm not sure if this is possible. Why precisely did you want to do this? It seems like your best bet would just be to make sure every device in the Device Manager is correct and approve them that way. Why do you need to approve devices connected via LAN? Surely if you've got a particular device wired to the Nighthawk you'll know what it is and know that it's secure?
  3. It sounds like you're having plenty of issues that might not all be related. First, your settings seem to have wiped. Did you factory reset the router at any point, or did you unplug the router for a long time? Any of these things could wipe the settings on the router. I'd recommend factory resetting, then don't change any settings just yet. Does the interface load faster? Don't load a profile and don't set any Port Forwarding rules or add a device to Hyper traffic. Set everything other than these elements up as usual. Does the interface slow down at all? You might need to set a static IP address for the soundbar using DHCP lease on the R1 - it could be creating multiple entries in the device manager due to the IP changing. Make sure you have Cookies enabled at all times. I reckon the big solution to your issues will be DumaOS, which is a far more stable system. It's coming extremely soon now as you might've heard so we'll see if that resolves your issues.
  4. The odd ping spike is normal, though if they're frequent (more than once every 10 seconds or so) then you likely have a line issue. The best way to check is using Pingplotter - a free piece of software that can give you a clear reading of your line quality. As a general rule, ping spikes / jitter are caused by your upstream equipment. It could either be your cables, your Modem or your ISP line. Very rarely can a router cause these types of issues.
  5. Netduma Jack

    DMZ on Smart Hub

    So you're connected to the Duma WiFi... Can you connect wired as well? Have you tried a rebooting your smart hub, or a hard reset? (Switch off the Modem and Netduma. Wait 5 minutes then turn on the smart hub. Wait another minute then turn on the Netduma.) How precisely is everything set up at this point? I have a feeling this will require persistence - when the correct IP is in the smart hub DMZ you should hopefully be able to access the interface.
  6. This seems like a really strange issue. Have you tried a hard reset since the update? (Turn off your Console, Netduma and Modem. Wait 5 minutes then turn on your Modem. Wait a minute then turn on your Netduma. Wait another minute before turning on your console). I'm just glad DumaOS is so soon to be released - hopefully that new R1 upgrade will resolve this issue. This seems like it must be something to do with the back-end of the R1 firmware. DumaOS is a complete overhaul, so I'm hopeful that this issue will die with DumaOS!
  7. Yup just to clarify this - it's our main priority to get it ready before BO4 launches no matter what. I believe it'll be ready much sooner, but again I'm not part of the testing / development side at this time so I can't give you a definitive answer!
  8. Netduma Jack

    Destiny 2

    That's awesome to hear! I play D2 as well and have to agree. It feels like a lot of booting / disconnections are just caused by the game itself, which is unsurprising given how much is going on behind the scenes with Destiny networking. Thanks for sharing your experience, good to know!
  9. The Netgear routers have plenty of hardware advantages. Hardware Acceleration means the router interface runs more smoothly and the QoS features can run at gigabit speeds. Not to mention that the Netgear routers can handle gigabit speeds in the first place. They've also got a few WiFi range / noise reduction advantages, and can also make use of both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands. These are the types of reasons why people choose the Nighthawk routers over the R1 - pure power and performance. However, the R1 has its own advantages. It's cheaper, still works perfectly for speeds of less than 300mbps, has great WiFi performance and overall great specs for a router of that price-point. The downside really is it looks like a white brick rather than a Lamborghini, but that's not a drawback for most people. Ultimately I'd say grab the R1 if you're still weighing this up. At half the cost you'll still get the best game connection possible - the Nighthawk routers don't have any gameplay advantages over the R1 - their advantages are purely to do with running your home network at a higher standard.
  10. Netduma Jack

    Bandwidth bottleneck with Netduma R1

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I believe I responded to an email you sent or something similar, so make sure to check that in case I say something different here! First off, what are your speeds? If your speeds aren't higher than 100mbps then this is very likely to be a configuration issue. The Netduma R1 can handle a max of 600mbps throughput, so if you have more than that you won't be able to reach your full speeds. Try out these settings and let me know how you get on: - If less than 50mbps, Pre-emptive Algorithm. If more, Reactive Algorithm - 70% anti-flood - Put your device in Hyper Traffic (in Congestion Control) - Share excess enabled - Reset device prioritisation & apply - Enable UPnP and remove any Port Forwarding rules - Disable deep packet in misc - Disable IPv6 in misc, LAN and WAN - Enable turbo mode if over 120mbps - Enable super turbo mode if over 300mbps - Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. - Do an Internet Diagnosis test
  11. Sure - there's just a couple more steps to take, but at this stage it's extremely minor stuff. DumaOS is running extremely well on the R1. It makes us feel proud of the Mikrotik hardware if anything; it's clear that it still packs a punch! Just to clarify, we aren't going to release a launch date or build expectations this time. After the last delay I hope you can understand why - instead, we plan on dropping DumaOS very soon unannounced. It'll be ridiculously easy to upgrade, just like installing any new R1 firmware. Looking forwards, once you all have DumaOS installed you should consider it to be the beginning. DumaOS is cross-platform; any feature released for the Netgear routers should make its way to the R1 as well unless there are exceptional circumstances. This means fan-favourites like Ping Assist or brand new features will be released for you guys long into the future. There could also be unique features on the R1 version of DumaOS, such as an entirely rebuilt settings suite. Please don't take my word as absolutely accurate, especially later on - I'm just telling you what I know personally. I wish I could tell you an estimate of when it could be launched but it'd be defeating the purpose at this point!
  12. Netduma Jack

    Bug Report

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I reckon this could be a configuration issue - if this was a bug with the XR500 we'd know since thousands of people are using it, and I doubt they'd put up with a bug like that! Lets try a couple of things and get to the bottom of it. - If you disable the Geo-Filter, does the issue still happen? - Have you added your friends to the allow list? - Are you always the host of the party? (You need to be) - Do you have an open NAT on your console and in-game? - Which firmware version are you on? Let me know the answers to the above and we'll advise you from there. Thanks!
  13. Netduma Jack

    Ring Doorbell Help

    So just to clarify (since I've never personally used one of these gadgets before) this doorbell only works over WiFi on the 2.4GHz band? If you move it closer to the router are you able to connect it at all? Definitely try to rule out range as a cause first since that's the first suggestion the chime interface is giving you - it seems like the most obvious cause. If it's not connecting, do you see it on the Device Manager? Make sure it's not automatically connected to your Modem or anything like that. If you do see it on the Device Manager then in theory it is getting Internet access, so there's potentially a deeper reason for the error. You say it only works with channel 6 - have you got that channel selected on the XR500? Another thing I'd check is whether the doorbell needs any specific ports opened - you might have to manually port forward those if UPnP hasn't detected it correctly.
  14. I'm sure it will be resolved soon Bimmer - and even if the source can't be stamped out, there will be a Table View mode soon enough which will make the problem much more bearable. Keep an eye out for these solutions in future firmware releases
  15. When the drop-out happens could you do an IPconfig? (To do this, open Command Prompt on a wired PC and type 'ipconfig'. Screenshot the results and drop them here ) Has anything changed with your ISP connection recently, and do these drop-outs happen with the Netduma disconnected? Also, have you tried a factory reset from Settings > Miscellaneous? I do reckon age could have something to do with this - if you do choose to disconnect the R1, definitely keep an eye out for the DumaOS update which will be out very soon. That could very well resolve this issue since it'll effectively overwrite the entire router firmware. Hopefully it should give your R1 a new lease of life!