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  1. Netduma Jack

    DMZ on Smart Hub

    Hi - just checking to see if further resets etc has resolved this issue? Getting smart hubs to communicate with other routers can be temperamental, I'm sorry it's been such a hassle. Let us know if it's gone okay and we'll advise you further if not.
  2. Netduma Jack

    Question? Device Manager & VPN

    No problem - did this solve your issue? Let me know if there's anything else you need a hand with.
  3. Netduma Jack

    High Ping on COD Servers

    Best thing to use Pingplotter for is finding out your line quality - you shouldn't ping game servers using it. I usually recommend either Twitter.com or a local news site, they provide pretty accurate results. Let us know how it goes
  4. Netduma Jack

    High Ping on COD Servers

    What you really need to do is use Pingplotter at both times of day. This will prove whether the fault is with Movistar or with the game servers. I can't see why there would be such a drastic ping difference to the game servers, so you might find that your ISP line becomes worse at that time of day, which can happen if your area is oversubscribed or there are other complications.
  5. Netduma Jack

    Discrepancy in ping on PUBG

    PC games working when you've selected the Xbox service is normal, and it's actually recommended that you do use the Xbox service. The service you select just dictates which ports are being used by the Geo-Filter, and the Xbox service covers the most ports for almost all games. That's why it'll work on practically anything. For temp ban, are you using UPnP or are you using Port Forwarding? Try only using UPnP, make sure the correct device is enabled on the Geo-Filter and make sure you have Auto-Ping Host enabled (so you know for a fact you're temp-banning the correct server). The discrepancy between the ping shown by the game itself and your ping graph is likely down to processing delay. The in-game value doesn't matter anywhere near as much as what is shown on the Ping Graph, which is your true measure of response time to the game. I hope this helps!
  6. I agree with Killhippie above - you need to realise that if someone wants to break into your network, they will use much more sophisticated ways to do so. That being said, it is extremely rare and almost always targeted. Your network is secure from all the kinds of people who might break into random networks for whatever reason - you've got a firewall built into the router and password protection, as well as the ability to block their device via the Device Manager. Heck, I don't even think you can tap into Ethernet lines, but even if you could I don't think this is how an intruder would choose to access your network. I could be wrong though.
  7. Netduma Jack

    High Ping on COD Servers

    Definitely let us know what goes on. What ISP are you with out of curiosity? Might be able to recall if there's been any issues with them in the past. If you get any screenshots also feel free to drop them here
  8. Killhippie has the right idea above - Netgear publishes the firmware, we assist with bug fixing and work on new core features primarily. We're in contact with Netgear over these matters - my advice would be to see if Netgear support has any further advice and to stick with .22 for now. You should be no worse off on that firmware for the time being until a fixed version is released. I reckon the next firmware will fix it by default since the back-end is changing all the time but don't take my word for it!
  9. Your line looks perfect really, no complaints there. Your base ping is brilliant and you line seems stable and free of any issues. I'm unconvinced that this has any bearing on the router itself - it still seems weird to me that these issues would only happen after a PS4 update. I'm convinced that PS4 will probably release an update to fix these issues on their end - after all, if their update broke it, it's probably on them. We'll see if DumaOS resolves the issue though. How bad is your gameplay after the update? What's your ping to the game like?
  10. I'm not sure if this is possible. Why precisely did you want to do this? It seems like your best bet would just be to make sure every device in the Device Manager is correct and approve them that way. Why do you need to approve devices connected via LAN? Surely if you've got a particular device wired to the Nighthawk you'll know what it is and know that it's secure?
  11. It sounds like you're having plenty of issues that might not all be related. First, your settings seem to have wiped. Did you factory reset the router at any point, or did you unplug the router for a long time? Any of these things could wipe the settings on the router. I'd recommend factory resetting, then don't change any settings just yet. Does the interface load faster? Don't load a profile and don't set any Port Forwarding rules or add a device to Hyper traffic. Set everything other than these elements up as usual. Does the interface slow down at all? You might need to set a static IP address for the soundbar using DHCP lease on the R1 - it could be creating multiple entries in the device manager due to the IP changing. Make sure you have Cookies enabled at all times. I reckon the big solution to your issues will be DumaOS, which is a far more stable system. It's coming extremely soon now as you might've heard so we'll see if that resolves your issues.
  12. The odd ping spike is normal, though if they're frequent (more than once every 10 seconds or so) then you likely have a line issue. The best way to check is using Pingplotter - a free piece of software that can give you a clear reading of your line quality. As a general rule, ping spikes / jitter are caused by your upstream equipment. It could either be your cables, your Modem or your ISP line. Very rarely can a router cause these types of issues.
  13. Netduma Jack

    DMZ on Smart Hub

    So you're connected to the Duma WiFi... Can you connect wired as well? Have you tried a rebooting your smart hub, or a hard reset? (Switch off the Modem and Netduma. Wait 5 minutes then turn on the smart hub. Wait another minute then turn on the Netduma.) How precisely is everything set up at this point? I have a feeling this will require persistence - when the correct IP is in the smart hub DMZ you should hopefully be able to access the interface.
  14. This seems like a really strange issue. Have you tried a hard reset since the update? (Turn off your Console, Netduma and Modem. Wait 5 minutes then turn on your Modem. Wait a minute then turn on your Netduma. Wait another minute before turning on your console). I'm just glad DumaOS is so soon to be released - hopefully that new R1 upgrade will resolve this issue. This seems like it must be something to do with the back-end of the R1 firmware. DumaOS is a complete overhaul, so I'm hopeful that this issue will die with DumaOS!