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  1. Netduma Jack

    Bo4 geo problems

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend rebooting the router and flushing the cloud. Then disable the Geo-Filter until the game is fully loaded. Try to connect to UK servers after that step The Black Ops 4 are behaving weirdly due to the massive amount of players online - it should balance out soon enough.
  2. Netduma Jack

    Geo-Filter on stops me from finding a game.

    Well you have more than enough bandwidth to play the game on and your results are great, so I wouldn't worry. It's early days for Black Ops 4 as Fraser said - it's likely issues caused by other players with high pings joining your game. Since all the servers are crowded you'll find you're connecting to players who are much further away. It should all balance out soon enough Only other thing I can think of is general game performance - if it's just screen stuttering / rendering issues it could be that the game isn't well optimised for PS4 which I imagine would be fixed through later patches.
  3. Netduma Jack

    Slow speeds after upgrade

    I'm glad you get your full speeds with QoS disabled - that likely means this is something that can be fixed. Could you screenshot your QoS settings and send them over? I'd recommend making sure the speed-test device isn't being prioritised (just turn off Traffic Prioritisation) then re-run the test on a wired PC. Make sure Anti-Bufferbloat is set to 'Always' and 100% down and up. If you still aren't receiving near your full speeds, factory reset the router. After this, go to QoS and set Anti-Bufferbloat back to 'Always' and 100% down and up. Change nothing else and run a speedtest (make sure you're also using Speedtest.net).
  4. Is the same thing happening as before, or is this a different UPnP issue? Have you rebooted the router, and by 'reformat' do you mean having upgraded to DumaOS?
  5. Netduma Jack

    Keep getting "Cannot Connect to Router Error"

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Where are you receiving this error message (i.e what are you doing when the error happens?) By config file do you mean for the Hybrid VPN feature? Please give us as much information as possible about your setup, and if possible screenshot the error message. We'll take it from there. Thanks!
  6. Netduma Jack

    Duma OS Download

    If you sign up to the Beta using that forum, you'll receive the download link at some point in an email Everyone is welcome to the DumaOS beta, and it'll last effectively forever I believe. Once you have DumaOS, it's yours forever!
  7. Hi Kev - could you screenshot that error message for us? That's be really helpful; I could pass that on to our development team and they could see what's going on. After that the best fix would probably be a router reboot or a factory reset.
  8. Awesome I'm glad if you need anything else just let us know.
  9. Netduma Jack

    Black Ops 4 Support

    DumaOS might never even have a 'final' build - it's just going to keep expanding and expanding. I can't see that changing for a long time. I'd recommend upgrading at some point if you want new features On the original R1 firmware you have to click on a circle on the map. If you can use the 'Temp Ban' button on it then it's a dedicated server.
  10. Netduma Jack

    No server/p2p games in uk/Ireland

    Looks like that's probably the London server - just maybe a bit off on our Geo-Filter map. We're busy sorting a cloud update for Black Ops 4 so this will be fixed in future Where are you located? It's strange that you can't get servers in the UK, but the Black Ops 4 servers are playing up quite a bit due to the number of players.
  11. Netduma Jack

    BO4 playing bad

    Hi, welcome to the forum! This sounds like a few issues that could be solved by your router. First off, this is on the Netduma R1 right? Please let me know if it isn't, but I'll suggest a few things for the original R1 firmware for now. First, go to Settings > Misc and factory reset your Netduma. Once it's reset, go to Congestion Control and click on Set Bandwidth, then type in your speeds and allow the router to auto-configure for your speeds. Then, on a wired PC run a speed test. What speeds do you receive? Are you using a CAT 5e or higher Ethernet cable? If that 41mbps result was over WiFi then that's to be expected - the max the Netduma can handle over WiFi is around 50mbps, which is really expected from most routers. (WiFi is always a lot slower than you can achieve wired). With your NAT type, make sure you have UPnP enabled. Then, add your Netduma to the DMZ of your Modem. To do this, go to the Device Manager on the R1. Copy the WAN IP address found there. Then follow the link (at the top in the blue box) to your Modem interface. Go to Security / Firewall settings and you should see a DMZ setting. Paste your WAN IP address into there and apply it
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum! What precisely do you mean by 'lagging offline'? It sounds like your Internet on the Xbox is dropping out more than anything, so lets work on that first. Is your Xbox connected via Ethernet cable? It should be - try replacing the cable going to your Xbox. Have you tested other devices to make sure they're A: definitely connected to the Netduma network and B: still online when your Xbox goes offline? Turn off your Modem and the Netduma. Wait 5 minutes then turn on the Modem. Wait another minute then turn on the Netduma.
  13. Netduma Jack

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    It's been a frustrating time, we get that. Moving forwards we hope to communicate better with everyone and stop setting unrealistic deadlines and building up expectations only for it to backfire. That being said, this list could be exactly the same thing - if we start saying 'we've released X amount of upgrades, and you're here on the list!' but then an issue happens, that would just lead to disappointment again. If you've signed up to the beta it won't be long - we rolled out a ton more upgrades last night and more are on the way. The best advice I can give you is to read about DumaOS and keep an eye on your inbox. It'll soon be with you, and we really appreciate your patience as we get DumaOS to everyone.
  14. Netduma Jack

    Rough time on Black Ops 4

    I'm not surprised Tony - the game has just launched, every player is having a bad time at the moment. Since the servers are at capacity, lots of the players you're seeing in the game will be from other countries since the servers near them are full. All players are connecting more remotely, so the ping for other players is through the roof! Give it a few weeks or a month. Heck, maybe even until after Christmas if everyone starts jumping on Black Ops 4 around that time. It's a really popular game at this point, so just expect the worst and use the XR500 to mitigate issues as much as you can.
  15. In my experience, not really. Destiny 2 is an exceptionally complex game on the networking side. If you turn strict mode on it can block matchmaking, chat or NAT servers needed for the game to function. These kinds of background D2 servers are mostly in America and Europe. The thing is, the game doesn't account for a single thing being blocked unless you're playing Crucible (or potentially Gambit as well). If you're just running around in PVE and some background server gets blocked, that's an instant kick. I'd especially not run these kinds of risks in game modes like competitive or Trials where you can be penalised for leaving the game. Try it out in Gambit or Crucible though, not much can go wrong there