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  1. upnp issue milestone 1.3 not turnig off on 6j it does

  2. Netduma Jack

    Back to being shit... Sigh

    The advice above is great - if you try other CoD games and don't have any issues, hopefully it should clear things up for you. Treyarch are still fixing issues over time so it shouldn't be long before it's running normally for everyone. Most people had their issues fixed in the last few days since they released a patch.
  3. Netduma Jack

    New DumaOS Firmware Available: Milestone 1.3

    Hola: lo que recomendaría es eliminar el archivo DumaOS que ha descargado, registrarse en la versión Beta nuevamente a través de nuestro sitio web, luego volver a descargar el archivo e intentar instalarlo nuevamente. Asegúrese de guardar el archivo descargado de DumaOS en un lugar seguro, donde puede estar seguro de no confundirlo con ningún otro archivo. ________________________________________________ Hi - what I would recommend is to delete the DumaOS file you have downloaded, sign up to the Beta again through our website, then redownload the file and try to install it again. Ensure you save the DumaOS downloaded file somewhere secure, where you can be sure not to mistake it for any other file.
  4. Netduma Jack

    Platform Specific forums

    That's almost true but there's a few differences. Different devices (depending on whether the game in question features cross platform play) might have different server infrastructures, use different services or require different ports to be opened. I'm guessing the main benefit of subforums for each would just be to chat with fans of the same device though
  5. With Filtering Mode on, do you find a game? Are you able to connect? Tick 'Auto Ping Host' and see what your ping is using that. With Strict Mode on it won't be possible for the game to host you outside your radius. Is this ping reading shown on DumaOS itself?
  6. Netduma Jack

    Platform Specific forums

    That's an interesting idea. Our initial thoughts were that folks could go to the Gamertalk section to chat about consoles etc. Our off-topic forums don't get much traffic / posting, so we figured if we split it into subforums for each piece of hardware it could just feel lonely... There would no doubt be a Nintendo Switch subforum which is almost entirely empty most of the time! Maybe once we grow a bit more we'll consider splitting it up. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Netduma Jack


    The advice above is spot on. I hope it helps
  8. Yeh this happened to a couple of people. If you email [email protected] I'll hook you up with it!
  9. Netduma Jack

    internet dropping

    Raising a Netgear ticket was the right thing to do. Let us know how it goes with their support, I'm sure they'll be able to sort you out
  10. You should go to the Device Manager and click on your phone, then set it as a console. Doing this could allow you to use the Geo-Filter with it. (After doing this, remove your phone from the Geo-Filter then add it again). In Spectating Mode, no filtering is happening. It's possible you could get that 300ms+ server on Spectating Mode, you just got lucky with 40ms. PUBG is tricky to use the Geo-Filter with anyway, but try a radius of 2000km and Strict Mode on.
  11. Is this no better after the Treyarch hot-fix? This should have been sorted with that. If this happens even with your Geo-Filter set to 'Spectating Mode' then it's 99% an issue with the game itself.
  12. Could you email [email protected]? We'll take it from there and get it to you
  13. Netduma Jack

    1 secondi behind effect

    Keep your firewall turned on for extra protection. All those settings aim to get you an open NAT. Do you have an open NAT? (If you do, you should just leave your settings the way they are :D)
  14. Thanks for confirming. Players are still anonymous (i.e there's no way to tell which player is which on the map). As for dedicated servers showing as peers, we're looking into solving some of those cases in our next cloud update
  15. Netduma Jack not helping any insight?

    Awesome. That's great to hear. I reckon the Treyarch hot-fix sorted it just as much, you should have a much better experience from here on out. ID's are always welcome, thanks!