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  1. Netduma Jack

    DumaOS & Party Chat Disconnect

    Sounds like it could be problems with a dynamic IP address. Give your Xbox a static IP with DHCP and set the lease time to as high as you can set it. You could also try manually port forwarding for BO4. Also make sure your friends IP addresses aren't changing all the time, since if they don't have static IP's if you 'Allow' one of them and their IP changes you'll just have to allow them again!
  2. Netduma Jack

    P2P on bo4

    The way BO4 is coded now is causing similar problems for others too. Since the game runs a vital network check at the start before you get into the game, it'll put you on a great lobby at first but then your situation could change. There are folks who reload the game every time to get a dedicated server easily at the start. CoD used to run that same network check every time you search for a game. No idea why they'd want to change that.
  3. Netduma Jack


    If you are on a PPPoE connection, enter your details in the settings section. If you have Internet access already though, you will NOT need to do this. You say the speeds you pay for are 50 down and 10 up. Please tell me: - What speeds do you get on a Wired PC on the XR500 with QoS disabled? - What is your ping to the game shown on the Geo-Filter? - Are you able to connect to games in Fifa? - What precisely is your problem?
  4. This is a strange one. I have a feeling the disconnects and not being able to delete it from the Device Manager could be related, since it's the only device affected in both cases. I'll pass this to a developer to look at in case we can get to the source of it!
  5. Netduma Jack

    Dashboard not loading

    Have you contacted Netgear support about this issue? If you're within your warranty and your router's been bricked by an update, you should be able to get a replacement router.
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum! That to me looks like it could be a browser issue - try a different browser or maybe a different device. If it doesn't load then, reboot the router
  7. Netduma Jack

    P2P on bo4

    It could be a placebo, aye. I believe there are parameters CoD uses to dictate who connects to who but it's a difficult thing to prove. Ultimately there's no reason why you should be getting less servers than anyone else. Every DumaOS user is on the same cloud version now and nobody else is reporting issues connecting to servers, but then not everyone is looking as closely as you were :L
  8. Netduma Jack

    selecting host

    Awesome welcome to the forum. We're always here if you need a hand, I'd recommend chatting to folks on here or taking a look on our knowledge base / blogs for great tips on using DumaOS!
  9. Console speed tests are renown for being inaccurate, but your testing conditions for full speeds are also probably not in place. To find out if you're receiving your full speeds you'd need to disable QoS or set Anti-Bufferbloat to 100 (with Always mode enabled) and run your test on a wired PC. Have you got your R1 in the DMZ of your Xfinity?
  10. You don't need to get too sweaty with it Dmaune! As a rule of thumb, if something ain't broken don't try to fix it - especially with your network. You can't just go into those settings and tweak them every now and again; if you needed to change anything in there, you'd know by now. PPPoE is only for specific modems. Setting static IP addresses (and using DHCP to assign IP addresses) is useful if a device loses Internet access and you've tried every other solution. UPnP is best left on, since it'll automatically forward ports you need for your game (rather than using Port Forwarding).
  11. Netduma Jack

    No full speeds on DumaOS

    That sounds promising! Lets not jinx it though if anything else happens just let us know.
  12. Netduma Jack


    Welcome to the forum! xlr8r has the right idea above - check out my previous post on the topic. Ping Assist should work well with Fifa
  13. Netduma Jack

    XR500 high ping on ping plotter

    Hi, welcome to the forum! So first off it's worth saying that Pingplotter results are very rarely affected by secondary routers themselves. It might at first appear that you're getting worse results because of the XR500, and some kind of fault with your router. The reality is, the XR500 is routing all traffic directly from your Modem, and it's far more likely that your Modem has a fault when communicating with the XR500. - Your Modem could have a Puma 6 chipset - Your target URL could have misbehaved on the test, so try Twitter.com instead - Your Ethernet cable could have a fault, so try another - Always disable QoS and stop downloading when running Pingplotter tests