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  1. Netduma Jack

    Network Prioritisation

    I empathise with that - we do say it a lot. It's always true - it's a constant for us. Hopefully we can get a sort of 'log' working on this forum at some point to keep a history of what each cloud update contained, I think that'd help you guys to see what actually goes into it etc. Our recent big one was for Apex, we'll try to keep everyone in the loop when another is released!
  2. Netduma Jack

    Nordvpn not supported?

    Nice one, thanks for that guide
  3. Netduma Jack

    Port Forwarding Not Working Correctly Xbox X

    Hm, seems positive - you've got an open NAT so your settings can stay as they are! Nice one
  4. Netduma Jack

    Duma OS Logs

    Ah okay. It sounds to me like the game is trying to connect you to a server that's being filtered out - all you need to do is change up your Geo-Filter strategy. I'd recommend giving this a go: set your home location in the ocean, with Distance set to the smallest value. Set Ping Assist to 60ms. That'll mean you only connect to games below 60ms - how do you find matchmaking with this setup?
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum! Try this: 1: Turn off all devices connected to the Netduma. Unplug the Netduma and turn off your Modem. 2: After 5 minutes, turn on the Modem. 3: After 2 more minutes, turn on the Netduma. 4: After 2 more minutes, connect a wired PC to the Netduma. With these steps complete, are you connected to the Netduma network? How long have you had your Netduma for?
  6. Netduma Jack

    Help with dialing in geo filter

    We don't expect users to find bugs with our software - we only end a beta test when we're certain that the version is as stable as it can be.
  7. It's a good question, I'm not certain on the answer. The Geo-Filter displays all data transfer between you and any external sources. Other hosts that have been blocked must just retain some communication with the game, maybe to improve search times for the next game you jump in to. I couldn't answer though - it'll be a niche of how Bungie have programmed it.
  8. Yeh we'll need to look into moving the reboot button, I'm not a fan of the 'i' button contents.
  9. Good stuff. Your setup seems great and I'm glad you have an open NAT
  10. Netduma Jack


    Glad to hear you're enjoying it
  11. Hi Azza - let me clarify this for you! So first off, QoS doesn't drop packets to throttle devices - rather, it limits the amount of bandwidth a device can take. Limiting using QoS in this way actually reduces the amount of packets -sent- as well, so there aren't an excess of packets. No packet loss will occur. Our Anti-Bufferbloat solution is pretty unique, since we built it from the ground up to prevent the packet loss and spikes throttling would usually cause. Secondly, you're assuming it's possible for gaming to saturate your network. It isn't - games use <0.5mbps bandwidth (usually a lot less). Giving them 50% of your home network bandwidth, even with a low speed connection, is usually overkill. It's far more likely that the packet loss symbols you're seeing are caused by other factors, or it just isn't happening. Plenty of ping spikes / packet loss indicators in games are inaccurate, especially when secondary routers and QoS get involved. You're far better off using Pingplotter to test for packet loss - if it isn't showing on software like that, it most certainly isn't happening in-game unless the game servers are the cause.
  12. Netduma Jack

    r1 has issues

    Yeh as Tray said, Super Turbo mode disables it in the old software
  13. Netduma Jack

    PS4 SDD broken?

    XD I'm glad you sorted that out Joe, that fan looks dire. Problem solved!
  14. Great suggestions, thanks for these. We'll never settle, since improvements can always be made. We're actually working on ways to deal with offline devices better, since we aren't too happy with how the current Device Manager handles it. All sorts of exciting stuff coming this year
  15. Netduma Jack


    Don't underestimate the power of Google marketing / the existing Google user base! It'll take off whether we like it or not imo, especially if the platform is free with full cost games... but I don't believe it'll kill off consoles / shake the industry in the way they're conceiving.