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  1. RobReapz

    Problems logging into forum

    Nope still cant sign in without resetting my password every time. I cleared cache and cookies and i never have passwords saved anyway so not sure whats going on. This has only happened since the new forum update, every other website on my browser is working fine. 3rd party cookies are disabled in browser settings if thats got anything to do with it?
  2. Trying to sign in and out of the forum, when i try to sign in its says password incorrect so i have ended up resetting my password a dozen bloody times but it still happens. I thought i was going senile at first and just forgotten my password but there is definitely something weird going on? I want to stay logged in but every time i close the browser and re-open i have to sign in again then i am back to square 1 with resetting password lol. FYI I am on a PC with google chrome and not using twitter to log in. Can a mod delete my other post ( in off topic) i made about this as it is not in the relevant section.
  3. RobReapz


    Try setting your bandwidth low like 3mb down 1mb upload with 70/70 sliders and use abit of tweaking. this is a more stable way of throttling
  4. RobReapz


    Ive lost my shit at those pop up msgs b4 lol
  5. RobReapz


    Quick question rather than making a post, are we going to be able to downgrade to the current firmware on the R1 if we dont like DumaOS?
  6. RobReapz

    Game server ping survey

    I am curious to know peoples online gaming experiences mostly for call of duty games past and present. I would like to know when the game is playing well and the connection feels great and when the game play feels more consistent what are your pings to the game servers? The more people that reply to this the better. Which game and a rough ping is adequate, Thanks.
  7. RobReapz

    Why cant the connection always be like this??? #Bo3TDM

    Try it on nuketown domination, you can sometimes get to the enemy spawn flag before they capture it and you can mow the whole team down lol
  8. RobReapz

    Why cant the connection always be like this??? #Bo3TDM

    Nice game play mate. That ssd load time tho
  9. RobReapz

    Anyone seen this TP Link model before?

    Yes these coupled with the netduma or any other decent router are far better than the ISP provided shit lol.
  10. RobReapz

    Anyone seen this TP Link model before?

    Personally i would purchase a dedicated modem not an all in one. Cant go wrong with the BT openreach modems they are solid. If its Huawei you need get the HG612 (3B version), plenty on Ebay.
  11. RobReapz

    BO3 Shieva Nuke...

    Nice hacks man unlimited mini map in hardcore, damn lol
  12. RobReapz

    VPN recommendations...

    Just recently got NordVPN (2yrs for £60, big discount atm) you can also have 6 devices signed in at one time. Servers seem pretty good to.
  13. Yeh is possible just connect the netdumas WAN port (port1) to one of the asus's LAN ports. You will need to give the netduma a static ip in the Raptures DHCP settings. You may need to use DMZ as well however i dont use it and get no NAT issues, you need to enable upnp forwarding in the misc settings of the netduma though. (I have similar setup using asus router) You then need to prioritise the netdumas traffic in the raptures QOS settings. Also turn off the wifi on the netduma if your not using it. This is the best you can do with this setup but note you will not be utilising 100% of netdumas QOS features so its not going to be your ideal setup.
  14. RobReapz

    This is how cod have been lately

    Not sure why you removed the first part as in no way was it offensive, it was purely factual. In future i shall make use of the report button, who looks at these reports out of interest? please dont say yourself lol in which case i would like to speak to your supervisor . If everybody had a 'fair' experience then skill would become the overriding factor of how well someone does not how good their 'cod' connection is and as we all know for cod connection is the biggest weapon.
  15. RobReapz

    This is how cod have been lately

    I am not sure where you have got me trying to exploit the system from as i clearly said i am trying to seek fair gameplay and 'fair' in its entirety in this case means a 50/50 chance in a gunfight which is not an advantage for me. I really dont understand why you call this cheating as it is far from that. I think you're insinuating i am some sort of 1bar lag switching wizard by the sounds of it. Unfortunately skill is a big deciding factor in this instance. its effectively like a new guitar player not being able to tell their guitar is out of tune, i am not saying thats you, just a generalisation. I never outright called you unskilled i just insinuated it. Thats far nicer than being called a cheat and delusional "all in your head" I am sure we could go back and forth for days as we are both stubborn gits by the looks of it and i know you like a good barny but i think we can draw a line under this one unless you have any more to add in which case i will be happy to respond accordingly.