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  1. Foedus Gratiae

    Maddening Inconsistencies

    Ha, not really. Maybe a bit of emotional support. A shoulder to cry on. I'm sure the duma helps some, but you can only polish a turd of a netcode so much.
  2. Foedus Gratiae

    Is it "safe" to upgrade again to new OS?

    Hmm... Not a lot of confidence there. I think I'll wait a bit longer.
  3. Foedus Gratiae

    Maddening Inconsistencies

    I know. I know. Still drives me crazy though... The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that this is deliberate on the part of Activision. They give all players the periodic god connection to keep them playing and having fun. Just enough carrot...
  4. Foedus Gratiae

    Maddening Inconsistencies

    This game drives me crazy. I can go 41-3 one match and the very next match 5-10, unable to kill a soul. From god mode to insta-death mode. Rant over...
  5. I had to downgrade due to not being able to get any games in Blops4. I'm on xbox. Has the issues been resolved? I remember seeing that PS4 had a cloud update, but that the xbox update was still in process. Are there any updates? Xbox users - are you getting onto servers on Blops4 using OS 1.3? Thanks!
  6. Foedus Gratiae

    Cod bo4 lag

    Game gets worse with each update. .
  7. Foedus Gratiae

    Patch 1.09

    Wow. This has just gotten worse for me. BAck on 1.08 I was getting into games on the dedicated servers as long as I used old OS (.j). Now, still running .j, I cannot get into games. I have even disabled xbox under host filtering and lobby is only getting 2-3 people and games won't start. What gives? Edit: modem restart worked
  8. It took me a while to download, but I finally played about two - three games tonight. Some of the worst lag, hit detection, instant death, wtf moments, etc. In my experience, this game continues to spiral downhill. It was really solid to start. I was enjoying it. I had to shut the xbox off and go over to PS4 to play some relaxing HZD.
  9. Foedus Gratiae

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    I'm right here with you! Gaming has gotten to stupid stressful. It's supposed to be for fun. lol.
  10. Foedus Gratiae

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    1. Xbox One X 2. TDM 3. R1 4. East Coast US, Philadelphia 5. On Duma OS 1.3 I could only get peer to peer. I downgraded to .j and have had no problem getting servers. Much smoother gameplay. P2P was horrendous. 6. Tried. No change. I tried a lot of things all suggested by Netduma staff. I'm going to just stick with .j for a while now. I'm tired of beta testing. Sorry... I just want to play a few games to relax... A bit more info: this game played beautifully for me for the entire first month or so. I am normally a 1.5 kd guy. It's been a lot higher. A lot less wtf deaths. Of course, there is still the guy I could never kill who always had a one up connection on me, but it wasn't terrible. Then about 2-3 weeks ago when Treyarch starting patching and Duma OS was released everything fell to pieces. The game has been a disaster. I can affirm though that it is better for me playing on the old Duma OS .j. Matches are still not as good as they were to begin with but they've been relatively solid. At first, this was the best COD I've ever experienced. Now with all the changes I'd say its comparable to BLOPs3. Good, but not great. Still very inconsistent.
  11. Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    Lol. That's a lot of effort you put out there. Beta testing hard core. I just want to play the game and if an old OS works. I'm good.
  12. Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    Thanks. But I think I'm going to wait. If it ain't broke...
  13. Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    Yeah, well I tried that and it most def did not work for me. Working like a gem with old OS so I'm going to stick with that since so many others are having issues as well. I don't need bells and whistles. I just want the game to work.
  14. Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    I downgraded back to .j and have had no problems. Back on servers without all the headache.