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  1. Foedus Gratiae

    black ops 4 beta now available on ps4

    Ping spikes ranging from 20ms to 180ms. Both in game and in duma os. And Blops 3 is saying open NAT while Blops4 is moderate...
  2. Foedus Gratiae

    black ops 4 beta now available on ps4

    Well... My two cents: this game plays a lot worse than black ops 3. Even with the high health I am insta-dying all the time. I die faster in this game then I do in blops3. What gives?
  3. Foedus Gratiae

    Black Ops 4 High MS Ping?

    I can confirm. It is typical COD hit or miss nonsense. Some matches work. Other matches are the exact opposite. I never understand... For me, it jumps from 120 to 50 ms ping. I drop super quick, but takes me forever to take anyone out. Same old COD... And the spawns... Good grief.
  4. I really don't understand this, but when I have moderate NAT my "play" is so much better. I don't even know what happened to give me moderate NAT. I just had two solid games on Blops3 and it wasn't normal. My normal experience using this router has been mediocre at best. That's with open nat. For some reason last night NAT was moderate. I was seeing people, shooting first and killing them first. My normal experience is quite the opposite. So many 1 shot kills, wtf kills, etc. Anyone have any explanation for this?
  5. Foedus Gratiae

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Was the last communication all the way back in April? Is there any update as to when these "few weeks" will come to an end? Just curious...
  6. There really should be some sort of discount offered to those who have the R1. I completely agree, but am rather doubtful it will ever happen. It would be a way to amend...
  7. This drives me crazy. I've had only 1 or 2 games where I would say they were good and I always get kicked mid way through when it feels like I am doing good and the game is working as it should. What is going on with this game?!?
  8. Foedus Gratiae

    Ww2 cod Xbox 1

    The game is in really bad shape - from my perspective. It gets worse after every new patch. Every gun is like a one shot kill and it takes about 5-6 hitmarkers to even have the possibility of a kill. And of course, by that time it is too late. Super disappointed because if this game ran as it should it would be fun. In my opinion. But it doesn't. And it just isn't worth playing. I really am starting to hate online MP games.
  9. Foedus Gratiae

    Starting spawn times in WW2 slow for me

    How are you "forcing the game to allow you to host"?
  10. Foedus Gratiae

    Starting spawn times in WW2 slow for me

    Unrelated to my original post, but did you upgrade xbox or PS4? If xbox, how's it working? Are there noticeable speed increases with the SSD? What instructions did you follow for cloning, etc? I am considering doing this but heard SSD upgrades on og xbox are not that much of an improvement... Thanks.
  11. Foedus Gratiae

    help ww2

    And connect ALL devices through the Duma.
  12. Foedus Gratiae

    help ww2

    This may not be a modem issue at all. I don't know who your service provider is, but I have Verizon and had a significant problem with them for 6 months. During the evening my 100/100 was dropping down to an average of 1.5/1.5. Their system was not capable of handling the external (out of my home) network congestion. They finally upgraded their network which brought my speeds back up to their advertised specs consistently. It was entirely the fault of the ISP. Make sure you are checking your actual speeds (speedtest.net) while getting those 2 bars.
  13. Foedus Gratiae

    Latest WW2 Patch made things worse for me

    That's brilliant! I am always amazed (not in a good way) how we need to spend an additional $200 in hopes of making our gaming experience better. Sometimes I just regret online gaming at all. My favorite gaming experiences all revolve around single player. Dating myself but Half Life (yeah, the first one), Star Wars Jedi Knight Series, and it reached the climax with Knights of the Old Republic. Gaming has been downhill ever since...
  14. Foedus Gratiae

    Latest WW2 Patch made things worse for me

    Here's a one link of some gameplay. Weird for me because of the loading times: https://1drv.ms/v/s!At8MpiyvcUzRi1Ipa6N1ddfJnETXI did create a separate topic since this may be unrelated. I'll work on getting an actual gameplay video with ping captures. I honestly haven't played much recently...
  15. I don't know why but just about every game it takes anywhere from 15-30 seconds into the match for me to actually spawn in. Often the textures take forever loading. I don't know if it is directly a duma issue, a hard drive issue (xbox) or something else. I've never had this happen before. Here's a video of it in action: https://1drv.ms/v/s!At8MpiyvcUzRi1Ipa6N1ddfJnETX Anyone else see problems like this with this game in particular? Thanks.