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  1. Yeah... I don't know. Rather hit or miss. This game was great for the first month (for me). Last two weeks have been complete garbage. Is it coincidental that Dumas OS came same time??? Don't know. I downgraded then reinstalled after the Ping Assist update. That's when no one could get on. I'm still having serious issues like most. I may try removing duma all together. See what happens. With Duma OS - when game isn't crashing on me, I am seeing constant rubber banding from other players. I am being one shot-insta killed. It's a mess. Complete 180 from two weeks ago.
  2. Foedus Gratiae

    Keeps Getting better.

    When the game is not doing that it's having me being one shot instant-killed, tons of people rubber banding all over the place, and the spawns... They continue to grow worse. This game was in a lot better place two weeks ago before they started patching everything.
  3. Foedus Gratiae

    Keeps Getting better.

    This game just keeps getting better with every patch. https://1drv.ms/v/s!At8MpiyvcUzRkBCX6_mvg-SPhPHp Seriously, Treyarch. What in the world are you doing?
  4. Foedus Gratiae

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    Yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty certain. I forgot to write it down, but it was something like jacquelineforever.com or something like that. It had Jacqueline in it and lots of lag, rubber banding, etc. Worse than usual. I'll try to keep a record next time. Found it because I blocked it. See pic below. Just played (or tried to play, game crashed yet again) on what appeared to be a dedi. Possibly dumb question: is there a legend for the GEO filter?
  5. Foedus Gratiae

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    All peer to peer last night. And nothing has changed this evening... Post patch, btw. Just a reminder: this is 2018. Unbelievable.
  6. Foedus Gratiae

    Officially Giving up on this router :/

    I was able to get into games only after I set GEO filter to spectate. OF course, that disables half the reason why we have the router, but that worked for me. If you really want to play.
  7. Foedus Gratiae

    Todays Patch

    Wow. So I just set GEO filter to spectate. Connected to game. Going okay. Care package. Gun ship. Decimating. MIGRATING HOST. Noooo. Game stalls then crashes. Just my dumb luck. This game is a freaking disaster. It was bad pre-patch. It's a complete unplayable disaster.
  8. Foedus Gratiae

    Todays Patch

    Same. East coast. Can't find anything and just get kicked to MP screen. "Lobby is not joinable and it is full."
  9. Foedus Gratiae

    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    Same problem for me. No reason behind it.
  10. Foedus Gratiae

    I am DONE!

    Just another day of call of duty. Sadly...
  11. Foedus Gratiae

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Yes, the speed in which the interface loads. I have a 2011 mac mini. 750 GB SSD, 16GB ram. It's not my computer. I use Chrome. The new OS takes a long time to load. I often receive errors when it's attempting to load. I have to restart far too often since I upgraded. Yes, I like the design and features of the new OS, but I've had more crashes, stalls, and hangs ups in the week with the new OS than my entire two years with the old OS. And in another post, someone mentioned the inconsistent NAT readings. with new OS I was OPEN on xbox but showing moderate in game. Someone said that doesn't matter, but it was taking me a long time to get into lobbies and even with a limited GEO filter the lobby was a mess. Downgraded and the NAT issue is resolved and I am in lobbies faster and they are still not as good as they were before Treyarch bumbled things with the latest update, but they are better than before. I also was constantly getting the unable to join message with new OS.
  12. I downgraded as well. It seems better, but still broken as poo.
  13. Treyarch broke something indeed. That's an understatement.
  14. Foedus Gratiae

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    I always though original R! OS was slow. After downgrading back to J I realize how much more stable and quicker it is than the new OS. Ugh...
  15. Foedus Gratiae

    bo4 crashing

    I don't know how it was for you before but a week ago it was perfect for me. It was by far the best launch of any COD I've experienced. And then all of a sudden... It's been a mess since then. Maybe I should give Zombies a shot. Blackout didn't seem as bad either. Or just go back to Horizon Forza 4. Way more relaxing. Gaming should be fun, enjoyable, relaxing. BLOPS4 is not at the moment. It still boggles my mind how much we have to do in order to have a decent game. Drop hundreds on a router, spend countless hours adjusting its settings, tinkering some more, spending time with chat support. Our gaming culture is a mess. Gone are the days when I just had fun playing Half-Life and SW: KOTOR.