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  1. Dex214


    Yeah ALL Devices are connected to the Netduma even W-Lan is turned off on the ISP Router. Yes My NAT Type is Open. On the Speed test it shows me an 22 MS Ping. PROBLEM SOLVED! In Call of Duty BOS3 I always connect to the UK Server cause thats the closest one to me. My Ping is always a stable 45MS I´m always under 50MS which works pretty damn good for me, although i wish they were some Dedicated Servers in Germany but UK still works! Since i have a lot bandwith and my Brother and my Mom use a lot of it, I just prioritized my Xbox One to 100% with share excess on! Time to game!
  2. Dex214


    Okay thanks bagsta69 I will give pingplotter a try and run it for a couple hours see what i come up with.
  3. Dex214


    Also did a DSL Speed/ Ping Test here is what i get congestion set to 70-70 Oh and i almost forgott i have my Xbox one set up in Hyper lane of course. and in Miscellaneous Settings i have ticket : Enable deep packet processing Allow auto feedback(no personal data ever) to help improve the R1. Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable cookies. So its still kinda strange that i´m sometimes lagging in BOS3 but i´m pretty sure i´m about to find out why.
  4. Dex214


    Hey DumaArmy, So i recently just got my Netduma and already have it set up. Now I´ve seen a lot of people posting screenshots about the Internet Diagnostics. Here is my result : My Based Ping : 25ms ISP DSL Speed : 6mb Down 2 mb Up ( I know a i have a slow internet but since its for gaming, i heard we don´t need high speed right ? ) My Geofilter Range : I have it set to Germany ( Since its where i live ) and range set to about 1000-1600km - Strict mode on - PA set to zero Console i play on : Xbox One / LAN Cat.6 ( Connected to the Duma ) My Question should i be good to go if i know set my congestion control to 70-70 since its what netduma recommends ? Do you guys think there is a way i can get an exceptional on my Ping ? All devices are connected to the netduma and the flower set to default. Any suggestions how i should set up my congestion control ? feel like i need little help there. I play a lot of BOS3 and most of the time i feel like i still shot first but die second. Would really help me out guys thanks! DumaOS incoming Hype is real!!!!
  5. Hey Netduma Support, Davy here, I just noticed that my netduma-router is on an older version then 1.03.5 and i would like to just update mine to the newest version. Can you guys help me ?