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  1. Still love you guys, I honestly wish I was a bigger part of this than I am now. Before the R1s release, manufacturers didn't ever make that effort to make a "true" gaming router. Nor did they invest the time.
  2. I think DumaOS is nice and all, I kinda just hope the code gets looked over even though its not as simple as that sounds. I have such great success on the older firmware, didnt even have people skipping around like on DumaOS. I cant say its the firmware or not, just hope that things get looked into a little more in depth. Ive considered just upgrading and tossing the R1 (not literally). But im at a stand still with what I want to do, I just dont see many people having the same issues on the xr450 and up. Maybe its just a coincidence. But I would think that if the old firmware behaves as it should then so to should the new one.
  3. yeah, honestly I dont know why it shows that. I still to this day wonder why. Ive never found anyone who has an answer for it.
  4. I would just take the spectrum router out of the picture all together and go STRICTLY netduma into the router, nothing else. Then of course you wanna make sure the MTU is just set to auto or 1500, that can reduce your speeds if i remember correctly since really youre lowering the size of data passing through. Make sure you def have the true speeds set in the speed section or just 1000/1000 and maybe turn the QOS off or ensure it is. You should set things up and post exactly what it looks like both in the speed and QOS sections. I have spectrum as well and I have never had any speed related issues except on DSL reports, but to a normal speedtest.net server it was fine. I wouldnt get your hopes up about getting the full speeds to the xbox server anyways, its not always accurate. If you have those speeds you should have a ubee modem that has two telephone ports on the back for VOIP and a ethernet port and a coax connection. Is any other device connected as well during the speed tests that could be sucking up bandwidth? Are you positive youre connecting to a decent server to test on? Location will definitely affect that as well as using things like VPNs, but im assuming youre not using one anyhow.
  5. I think the MTU of the spectrum network is 1500. But xbox live always shows 1480, its not something you can fix even if your router has the MTU set for 1500 and the network is 1500.
  6. Im not trying to be mean about it, but I know youve seen many of my screenshots showing everything ive set. The DumaOS is fantastic for QOS and not so for the geofiltering. Idk if thats specific to the R1 or not because it seems as if its playing well with the others. I even removed the DNS from my console like you had suggested. I really dont know when I purchased it honestly. I know I had emailed you guys originally about it back on 4/27/16 but I have no idea if i used my own card or perhaps my moms at the time.
  7. Its definitely the DumaOS issue....went back to old firmware and BOOM. Strict mode over the area i wanted like i used to do worked flawlessly...to back it looks like garbage compare to the other...and i hate the QOS on this one . Cant we just have the old solid firmware updated and say the hell with the new one?
  8. With share excess this really doesn’t matter aside from having to see it under the flower really. Whatever bandwidth the devices aren’t using just get shared among the others if they call for it.
  9. I mean, I’m not really sure what dns would do to affect how the router connects since I use google dns and it’s really only used as a domain name lookup. It’s just weird how I set it and it didn’t work and then I reboot and it stops working right
  10. Just kidding...I rebooted the router to get my ports back to open...andddd its just throwing me back on Texas despite having the same geofilter settings.
  11. It is strange, but at least im finally getting the server I want. Ill keep testing it for consistency. Now another thing I notice sometimes are that players are skipping around or laggy even though I dont feel like im lagging. I thought that was always like a bandwidth issue, but I made sure I had a min of like idk 1.5 mb/s at least reserved since its unlikely anything on the download side would ever be an issue. my house doesnt get busy enough for that, although when turning QOS off, I dont seem to notice people skipping as much..not sure why. Ive set all the right speeds in the speed part, goodput is on, disable qos isnt checked. antiBB is set to always, sliders at 70/70 showing A+ BB rating when testing, only thing I can think of is I always get that C for quality but thats about all ive ever noticed being differnt than before. I noticed though when I test via DSL test I get all A's no problem.
  12. Now im getting all the kids with the god connections, like it feels like were on par but man im sweating just watching them jump shot me with burst ARs through the damn air.
  13. So I did similar to what you mentioned about the ocean..I got the EXACT dedicated server I wanted. Had to turn strict off though. I never used the ocean in the previous firmware so im not sure why this was the only way to make that happen...but, I guess if it works then i cant complain about that. keep me away form that dreaded Texas server 😧. My bullets felt pretty melty (so did theirs). But at the very least the overall experience was better an we will see how it goes. Now idk why just using a radius over that particular Dedi with strict on wouldnt find me any matches...typically in the past it worked like that for me
  14. I am actually, on the console only I think. What I dont get is why he has his in the ocean, but still has strict on. I just feel like if I have strict on over a larger portion of the USA with known servers and players then you would think that it would get me lobbies only in that area, even with P/A at zero. Like its obvious that my connection is qualifying for dedis, my only thought is that maybe the number of east coast players for that particular game is just low. I mean I am definitely gonna give the ocean idea a try. But what does that really do on the netduma side. just seems weird is all.
  15. I haven’t honestly tried that no. Well I know but I have never had EU servers before lol, it was super weird. Especially because I had strict mode on, which last I knew was only to allow any host in the radius. I normally only set the P/A to like 25-30. I only increased it because I waiting trying to find a game and nothing happened. 🤷🏻‍♂️