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  1. Hmm from what I could see my ping on the modems IP seemed fairly stable....but down the line there was occasional packet loss at one hop (4%) and some jitter. Although this would either be an error due to using ping plotter as it can report false loss sometimes or, just poor routing that I will never have control over
  2. I also want to note that sometimes the connection feels smooth, then I die instantly or for 3 kills it’s great then I’m insta killed again.
  3. So, I don’t have my Duma hooked up. Haven’t had it hooked up since I’ve moved to a place where I can’t directly control the internet (I’m gonna try getting my own though). But we have Comcast Xfinity here in Maine and for some reason, even with a 115 download and 5-6 upload connection and being hard wired with an open nat type in still seeing a ton of instant deaths. Like the ones where you see the guy and you’re dead before you even get to shoot. Or sometimes you don’t even get to see them and you die unexpectedly but in every kill cam they saw you the whole time. I’m guessing this is some sort of jitter or loss on my end. But do people with Comcast generally have a lot of lag issues? I have friends that have them and they dominate lobbies almost constantly (although I’m sure every Comcast market varies). Thoughts? Suggestions on my how I can improve this.
  4. bbursley

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    We aren't supposed to know what's going on? Okay seems how the netduma is a Community driven router based on our needs not some piece of crap mass produced "wanna be the next best thing" router that only Trump's it's predecessor in hardware and lacking much in firmware. I'm pretty sure the netduma was based on the idea of gamers. But especially if anyone who should know that most about The next OS is the ones who were the early adopters and who helped push netduma to become the bigger beast that it has now become and will continue to become in due time.
  5. bbursley

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    I don't see why it wouldn't be. Heck maybe that alone was a major reason for the delay to Begin with. Can't push out something that doesn't really work as it's supposed to. That and they needed patents and that probably takes time as well.
  6. bbursley

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Yay finally some positive news on Duma OS. Tbh I haven't used the router for much else besides the QoS part of things because most of the other features just don't offer me a huge enough benefit to mess with them. I can't wait for an automatic qos setting though that will be very beneficial to me. Other than that I can't wait to see what else is to come along with the update and hopefully some bigger improvement vs last os. Not to say it was all that bad at all, because compared to other routers it is alot simpler to use with better software. Only complaint I've ever felt about the netduma is the fact of it being on a bit of weak hardware compared to what's out there these days. That being said the Duma OS will still Trump over many other router manufacturer softwares period.
  7. Happened to me many times before too lol. Or sometimes it just feels like the qos isn't even working. The only thing you can do is just keep messing with and checking it to make sure it sticks. I also bandwidth test to verify that it's actually taking away that % accurately.
  8. Fact is, people will never stop complaining about why duma OS isn't out, or updates,it doesn't matter how nicely or not you ask for them to refrain from using negative comments about it, eventually it'll continue surfacing.
  9. How are you losing 10-15mbits just by moving cc to 99%? Lol that makes no sense, I have a 15mbit download and I get exactly the percentage of which it is set every single time. Never failed once. Half the time I'm still debating on if my speeds are even worth dropping it any lower than 100% lol. Your IP does not have anything to do with congestion control working or not. Those are completely different code. I almost can't tell if your trolling or actually being serious about your issues. No hate but honestly. As far as speed goes with it what are you setting your speeds at when it asks for them in the beginning? Because when I do mine it's always accurate I set 15 download and 1 upload and the percentage always come out about right or better which I don't think it should ever go over to be honest but sometimes it does and I can see maybe some error in that. It should never do that. Maybe your right and it is a bug. It just doesn't seem very likely. Also are you testing your speed wired to PC with literally no other device connected? I have very few devices so no matter if I'm wired or wireless it's typically the same since my router is literally a foot from me as I type this.
  10. What he means is how iffy it is trying to control the UI from a mobile phone. Sometimes things don't register or load right. I've used chrome for mobile and my preinstalled browser. I feel like an app for netduma would be a great fix for all that though it does take a bit of time and knowledge to develop one and as it is the focus is purely on the duma OS so that probably won't happen unless the netduma team are mostly completely on the new build and have time or they would have to hire someone to build the app for them, which I don't see happening because of cost perhaps? I could be wrong. But it would still be very neat nonetheless.
  11. I think if they wanted it closed they would of done so. I have no doubt in my mind about that.
  12. Eh well I guess if their connection is strong enough to be a candidate as a host then not so much. Heck even on my adsl2+ connection being host is still an advantage in ghosts and not so bad in bo2 or IW. I tend to find infinity Ward games are big on host advantage where as treyarch are not so much. I guess if this was the case they could then continue to add more states? What I don't understand is when I try to force a connection to a dedicated server with 30ms ping it's crap. However when I let the game connect me to that dedicated server itself the connection feels smoother for some reason. I'm not sure what the deal with that is, I mean sure it's smoother than being connected all the way over to west coast USA but still not as clean as a connection as it could feel. It's almost like the netduma isn't allowing a proper connection balance of players or something. Because I okay call of duty ghosts alot and I find that the game alone does a pretty good job at connections. Altering anything beyond its control sometimes ends up being more of a pain than good. This is both with strict off and on. Before I was getting the nice dedis and it was fairly smooth with no need for the strict but sometimes it just won't use them and I have to force that area. My other problem with being East coast is all the foreign players joining in... God that's miserable. The kids from Canada don't seem to be as big of an issue but the people from the UK connecting over seas it's awful no matter what cod it is, and also the peurto Rican and Mexicans connecting. Basically anyone who might be 2-3 bar in that lobby. That then makes them lag and insant kill me sometimes or knife me from what feels like so far away or they just eat bullets. There's this one guy from Australia I come across and man I swear the games so random when it comes to people connecting far away like that lol
  13. Awh I see, I was worried you might say that. It does seem like the easiest way for filtering exactly where you want though. Although it doesn't prove that it will be any better than the existing geofiltering method
  14. Not to be super negative, but I would give up on worrying about duma OS all together. We clearly didn't make the March beta like speculated ages ago nor did we make the mark for when it was supposed to be. Whenever and if it releases it will release. For all we know it could be bugs or patents (which can take forever for I'm sure) and if that's the case just give up on this thread and just check back. I'm sure when it's ready it will be posted. Until then we're sitting ducks and getting anxious about this more than we need to as none of us have any clue about the level of testing at besides the few in the closed beta. It is what it is so just crack open a cold one and relax. Anyhow, as a question to the netduma team though. Is there any way we can get a region or state filter vs a radius or is that just not a doable thing? I'm assuming it would not take much more as the netduma supposedly already knows a general area of where an IP is supposed to be located, but let's be honest, I live in Maine in the USA and I've been given IPS that are related to states as far away as Colorado before. In that case it seems like that would break geofilter if other people in a lobby given IPS to a state within that geo filter range but who are really not actually that close would not work correctly. I think that's another flaw i see in this
  15. Yeah that's true, now that you mention it I have noticed that makes things alot more consistent for some reason, I just never thought hard about it because I figured well if I selected to update the distribution then technically the whole thing should save what's been changed. But sometimes it just doesn't. I noticed I was lagging a bit when I noticed it was 70/70 cuz I was playing around with different things trying to keep my buffer bloat good. Why I had issues at 70/70 maybe just have been I didn't set my upload to higher on my Xbox one so after already reducing my 1mbit upload to 70% anything using upload eg my phone or other devices kinda screws me up. I'm pretty sure that saturation on the upload will inherently have an effect on download speeds as well. So the faster I can get my Xbox ones packets out not just via port prioritizing like the hyper lane but also by speed and making sure it's never altered at any point which makes for a consistent connection. I've played around before doing the bandwidth throttling etc during before or after matches and I have to say that usually it will only screw you up more than it does good. So I took that thought into mind when prioritizing the bandwidth. Usually nobody is using much but lately more devices have been added so I'm making sure that I get what I need first and foremost then share whatever I don't use