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  1. Good work guys, can't wait to get it on my R1 and have a play :) And for anyone thinking of responding to this with hate do please bore off in advance, tysm.
  2. TurboBaron

    Error message

    Hey Fraser, did you get the chance to take a look at this ? Thanks
  3. TurboBaron

    Error message

    OK, so when I export the profile it downloads as a .json file. If I open it with a text editor this is what I get, is this what you needed ? {"downcap":100,"dist":2500,"share_up":true,"hosts":[],"bandup":2500000,"hyper":[],"pingass":30,"bdist_up":[],"bleedingcloud":true,"upcap":100,"cgameserver":0,"cwhitelist":0,"system":false,"creator":"DomNewton","strict":false,"banddown":10000000,"homelat":48,"autocloud":true,"desc":"20170924Profile","ccalgo":"codel","homelng":-122,"name":"20170924Profile","cgeomap":0,"share_down":true,"geo_consel":[{"mac":"50:1A:C5:B0:0C:98","connections":[{"state":"NEW","pack1dir":"in","purpose":"g","dport":"1024:65535","proto":"udp"},{"state":"NEW","pack1dir":"in","sport":"1024:65535","purpose":"g","proto":"udp"},{"pack1dir":"either","purpose":"g","class":"0","proto":"udp","dport":"1024:65535"},{"pack1dir":"either","purpose":"g","class":"0","sport":"1024:65535","proto":"udp"}],"name":"Xbox live","id":1,"enabled":false}],"bdist_down":[],"personal":"E4:8D:8C:5F:24:92"}
  4. TurboBaron

    Error message

    I love your optimism pal
  5. TurboBaron

    Trouble with wireless

    OK so having tinkered with some of my settings and "forgotten" and then reconnected to the R1 from my devices I seem to have been able to get the wifi working again. Not sure what I did precisely but I'm up and running again so let's leave it at that !
  6. Hey guys I was trying to load a saved profile and got this error message, can anyone tell me what I need to do to sort it ? https://imgur.com/a/eamuF
  7. TurboBaron

    BT Sport app on iPhone

    Hey guys, anyone else on here with BT as their ISP and using the BT Sport app on iPhone ? As part of my subscription I get BT Sport and the app offers an option to stream to other devices but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm trying to stream to a Sky Q mini box and I can get the audio working but not the video ?
  8. TurboBaron

    Trouble with wireless

    That'd be good if you could buddy, I'll PM you my email address if you want to screenshot them.
  9. TurboBaron

    Trouble with wireless

    I had a faff with the different security protocols, and also with changing the channel. Don't think I tried wifi workaround but might have to give that a go.
  10. Hey guys, hope you're all having a great weekend So I've moved from Virgin Media to BT and I'm having some issues with my setup. I've been able to set up the R1 to work with the BT Smart Hub, I understand there's no way to set the S/H to work in modem only mode, so I've simply disabled the wireless and ensured that my powerline adaptors are running through the R1. Here's where things get odd though - none of my devices now seem to like connecting wirelessly to the R1 The R1 is broadcasting a wireless signal, but when I connect my laptop to it I see the error message in the attached screenshot. Any suggestions on why this could be happening ? For the time being I've got round this by connecting up my Apple Time Capsule to the R1 and using the wireless signal it broadcasts, is this an acceptable setup to get the best out of the R1 ? Cheers guys Dom
  11. TurboBaron

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    OK, so BT line is in and up and running with no issues. Early tests run via wireless were pretty good, so bearing in mind they said I should get up to 80 MB down and 20 MB up my first wireless test got me 75 down and 18 up. I've run a wireless test later in the evening (about half 9) and was only getting 25 down 8 up, so it'll be interesting to see how I get on over the coming 10 days as apparently they monitor and tinker with the line to get me the best speeds possible - like everything I'll believe it when I see it. I've been searching for instructions on how to put the BT Smart Hub into modem only mode, but if I've understood correctly you can't actually do this and have to just turn off the wireless, connect up the R1 and then get all your devices to draw from the R1, is this correct ? Many thanks in advance for your help forum ninjas
  12. TurboBaron

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    That sounds lousy buddy, sorry to hear you're having such a rubbish experience. My experience has been slightly different, the guys I've dealt with have been painfully nice, but I don't think there's an awful lot they can do about the problems we're having. My recommendation (if you haven't done it already) would be to sign up for the community forums and post about your issues there - some of the mods are pretty switched on characters and you don't have to do the whole talk to someone in broken english bullshit that you do if you ring up in the evening. Worth a shot if you haven't tried it.
  13. TurboBaron

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    We are less than 100 metres away from the local green cabinet so fingers crossed !
  14. TurboBaron

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    Yeah man, we got them to go through all that stuff at the point of order. Asked about what process they follow should they complete the install and the speeds not being up to what's been promised just to mark their card. We've been told we should get between 60 and 80 mb down, and between 15 and 20 up. Whilst we're supposed to get 200 down and 20 up at the moment the network connection is up and down more than a bride's knickers, and it's starting to get on my tits.