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  1. I'm having a similar experience. It's taking several minutes for the interface to appear after I've entered my login details. At the moment I'm trying to login to disable wifi on the R1 because it's interfering with the wifi broadcast by my BT hub. I know the idea is to funnel all traffic through the R1, but I'm finding that the wifi signal it broadcasts just doesn't seem to reach everywhere in my house. I live in a two up two down terrace and the R1 is in my living room. I regularly find that when I'm upstairs my iPhone will lose connectivity to the R1. Annoyingly when I first upgraded about a fortnight or so ago one of the first things I did was to disable wifi on the R1, but somehow it appears to have become available again because devices are picking it up as an available network.
  2. OK so I've tested out connecting two different laptops to port 3 on the R1 and nothing happens at all. Is it possible that port is faulty ?
  3. Tried it and it worked, cheers Fraser !
  4. Hi guys, I'm getting this error message appearing when I try to access the R1's network settings. Anyone else had this ? https://imgur.com/a/U9fBSKn
  5. Hi, I'll try two different devices on it and then report back.
  6. Hey guys, I mentioned earlier that port #3 on my R1 isn't working, would you be able to check it out and let me know what's up ? Cheers Dom
  7. Got it working - successfully updated to Thanks, I'll have a gander to get my head around the new features !
  8. I'll give it a try and report back shortly.
  9. Hiya Fraser, yeah the username and password seem to be working ok and it's trying to load the dashboard but just seems to be taking an age to do it. I was basically just sitting looking at the little loading animation.
  10. OK so I've been able to suss out the IP for the router (I think my browser was picking up something different which is odd). Anyway, using the IP address I've been able to get it to prompt me to plug in the user ID and password (which appear to have reset to what was in the email about the beta being available to download). So it's now trying to load the dashboard but just seems to be stuck on the swirling loading icon ?
  11. Thanks Fraser I'll give it a try. Re: the port - I was connecting my laptop up to the R1 with an ethernet cable and tried port 3 first, when I did the laptop was showing no connectivity.
  12. Hi guys, I followed the instructions up to step 7 and kicked off the upgrade. I've waited for around ten mins and nothing seems to be happening. If I try to access the R1 by typing it's IP into a new tab in my browser I get a "Site can't be reached error". So I'm a bit stuck, what should I do ? I still have internet connectivity on the laptop that's connected to the R1 (via ethernet cable into port 5). Also this is probably unrelated but I noticed today that port 3 on my R1 seems to be dead ?
  13. Good work guys, can't wait to get it on my R1 and have a play :) And for anyone thinking of responding to this with hate do please bore off in advance, tysm.
  14. TurboBaron

    Error message

    Hey Fraser, did you get the chance to take a look at this ? Thanks
  15. TurboBaron

    Error message

    OK, so when I export the profile it downloads as a .json file. If I open it with a text editor this is what I get, is this what you needed ? {"downcap":100,"dist":2500,"share_up":true,"hosts":[],"bandup":2500000,"hyper":[],"pingass":30,"bdist_up":[],"bleedingcloud":true,"upcap":100,"cgameserver":0,"cwhitelist":0,"system":false,"creator":"DomNewton","strict":false,"banddown":10000000,"homelat":48,"autocloud":true,"desc":"20170924Profile","ccalgo":"codel","homelng":-122,"name":"20170924Profile","cgeomap":0,"share_down":true,"geo_consel":[{"mac":"50:1A:C5:B0:0C:98","connections":[{"state":"NEW","pack1dir":"in","purpose":"g","dport":"1024:65535","proto":"udp"},{"state":"NEW","pack1dir":"in","sport":"1024:65535","purpose":"g","proto":"udp"},{"pack1dir":"either","purpose":"g","class":"0","proto":"udp","dport":"1024:65535"},{"pack1dir":"either","purpose":"g","class":"0","sport":"1024:65535","proto":"udp"}],"name":"Xbox live","id":1,"enabled":false}],"bdist_down":[],"personal":"E4:8D:8C:5F:24:92"}