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  1. i normally like doing my usual 70 over 70 or spice it up and do 90-90 but i just found a bug... i was like lets lower it to say 10-10 to see how slow it would go and the results show up the same on a speedtest my congestion controls not functioning at all speeds are still holding there normal values.. might be a easy fix but yeah annoying i do have my anti buffer bloat feature on and its tickd to allways my laptop isnt added as a device on the geo filter but my ps4 is soooo does thta mean my ps4 is getting the slower speed i want and my pc just by passes it because its not added to the geo filter
  2. MrBrutalFrosty

    Congestion Control Not Working

    yeah was so strange i dont know what happened but yeah no issues now running smoooth as butter thanks again
  3. MrBrutalFrosty

    Congestion Control Not Working

    welp i said f it did a factory reset and yeah works fine now hmm very strange thanks for your help eitherway and error codes now gone
  4. MrBrutalFrosty

    Congestion Control Not Working

    ok after trying to turn off traffic priortization it still made no diffrence i set it to 1% and i still get my max speed also i get this error in my traffic priortization RPC error 'ERROR_NOENT': Rule not found in chain
  5. MrBrutalFrosty

    Congestion Control Not Working

    yes there are mutiple devices that are not connected to my netduma for example in australia theres a device called telstra tv and cannot use the netduma on it has to run off the modem i have not tried it with traffic prioritation off will try all that but yes i have alot of devices not connected to it as they complain that they devices have poor speeds / wont load anything on wifi so most devices are connected to the modem rather than the netduma but i still do like being able to play with my bufferbloat havent been able to since on wifi to add my internet i use is 4G fixed wirless NBN wich basically runs throuh radio singnals not even my phones connected via cables all wirless would this be a factor?
  6. yeah no dramas lad keep up the good work!
  7. MrBrutalFrosty

    Congestion Control Not Working

    i have also done the same thing i removed it put it to never and put it to always and nothing changed my dlsr reports are aids because of this not being able to throttle my speeds down a litle bit hopefully a @Netduma Admin can come investigate this as its a big pain in the ass atm
  8. i want to touch in on this to i have the same issue sometimes its only resolved by a ull reset of my console it seems like you gte 3-5 games and then you have no choice but to turn it off sometimes it will not put me on a dedicated until i turn it off its a very strange behavior havet had a problem with connection but i have noticed i have issues similar to this bloke
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    DNS server

    you can use a program called DNS benchmark give that a run and see what preforms best youl have to manually add what big dog poste dbut yeahnbig dog is correct with the dns he has listed it competed head to head with my ISP running at times faster and at other times just slower slower give it a try
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    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    thats all good idm happy hows its running atm rather a crispy product then a buggy one do what ya gotta do lads its a free upgrade at the end of the day i would of payed $$ for it im just gratefull they are still looking out for us not long guys!
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    Looking for a gaming monitor

    i have 5 mates now that all use the benq RL series of monitors top notch quality monitor with crisp visuals
  12. MrBrutalFrosty

    bo2 on xbox one

    This might sound dumb but my ps3 doesnt connect online to the duma until after i reboot it then turn my ps3 try that but for xbox and see if it fixs the issue
  13. MrBrutalFrosty

    Is ping really king for COD?

    tbh if your talking WW2 im not shitting on the game but the skill level is VERY small so i notice for me atleast that regardless what connection im playing on the outcome is very lobby based ping will allways be king but maybe your finding easier lobbies changing location but tbh i wouldnt go off changing servers id play on whatever ping is best and go from there.
  14. MrBrutalFrosty

    4G HELP

    yeah man atleast the netduma makes it playable anyways im happy with the answers peace guys
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    4G HELP

    Well it turns out my network which is on Fixed Wirless NBN is actually 4G and i can say ive done everything to prevent my lag spikes but its unbearbale atm i average 90 ping and with a pingplotter test i can see i get 6 spikes a min its got to the point i cant even play is there any little tricks i can do to help with my 4 g connection ive done hyper traffic settings also to but man i tell ya its got to the point i cant even play. my speeds stay 20 down 4 up but the ping is insane will the new OS have a way to help automate my connection? ive tried dlsr reports i can get a A+ but my ping is still flucating to unplayable levels sad times for me haha
  16. MrBrutalFrosty

    4G HELP

    Thanks for the assistance lads and well im on the best provider i can get in australia which is Telstra as i dont get service from optus were i live the only option i have is to move house anyways thanks for trying guys.
  17. MrBrutalFrosty

    4G HELP

    Can tpost my twitter link but its currently 156 ping 3 down 0.3 up when it fluctuates is there ANY way of svaing me from the despair
  18. MrBrutalFrosty

    Krack WiFi Vulnerability Upgrade (1.03.6i)

    updated without any issues thanks netduma
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    A7Legit Passed Away :(

    Im going to miss him man he was a huge supporter of me and what i do thats how our friendship first started he allways wanted to help me i just wish i could only help him right now i wish you the best up there man the world misses you dearly not going to be the same everyday you would Dm me your gameplays or just to have a chat this hurts bro rest well buddy
  20. MrBrutalFrosty

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Locraptor watch A7s above video and then look at mine im PUBLIC when i use the XIM4 heres a gameplay of me useing it now before you say anything i want to say thanks to the duma team for working hard on the OS and take all the time you need for me living in australia you have done enough but anyways have a look at TRUE xim4 gameplay ( Keyboard and mouse ) a distinct diffrence between his and mine and id be surprized if you cant see the swipes i do and the jitteryness now before you say im shit hacks etc heres me and 100s of vids of me nuking on a controller i hope ive opened your mind a little and so you know its not all about connection i average a 60-70 ping on the Sydney server without the duma i have a D for my bufferbloat wich makes it jump in the 100+ area internet doesnt make the player devices dont make the player like i said i use xim4 ive used controller outcomes the same its knowledge time and practice if your only a 2kd player like monzo quoted of himself you have to look for flaws and work on them its easy to drag someone through the mud thats worked hard to achieve what he has but take that road by yourself and learn not complain and get better just some words dont take it personal peace
  21. MrBrutalFrosty

    problems with DSL Reports

    mines been doing it to man its on and off aye
  22. MrBrutalFrosty

    Super Laggy But Nets Fine

    my home internets fine im getting my usual speeds of 20 down 5 up but the issue is when im playing cod been like this for 3 weeks its been reading 1000ping games!!! and im getting constant packet loss according to the game and im 1barring but im in my aussie lobbies whats wrong with the duma atm or is it the game? others in my party have no issue?
  23. MrBrutalFrosty

    Super Laggy But Nets Fine

    also thanks to everyone helping out if my home modem results that poor do you recommend buying a new one or getting telstra to resend in a newy
  24. MrBrutalFrosty

    Super Laggy But Nets Fine

    just retested duma on a diffrent IP this is my closest Melbourne victoria Australia if curious but yeah http://imgur.com/a/D0r5H this test was done on wifi as its 1am in the morning nearly but results seem very stable
  25. MrBrutalFrosty

    Super Laggy But Nets Fine

    this is on duma gaain on a diffrent IP like modbox said http://imgur.com/a/D0r5H