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  1. Here is more detail about what I have been encountering. I apologize for not doing that before. When I go to set up a static IP address for the PS4 and go to test it, the PS4 finds the IP address but is unable to get an internet connection. I tested the IP address by pinging to it and it is not being used by anyone else because I get "Destination host unreachable" When I go to port forward in my AT&T modem I get "Please enter IP Address in LAN subnet" when I try to put in the original IP address of the PS4 that I want to apply all of the TCP and UDP ports for Dissidia. Port forwarding in the Netduma seems successful when I use the appropriate ports and the original IP address of the PS4 Even though I have a stable connection I always experience lag and disconnects in Dissidia along with lag in Street Fighter V. It seems to happen more in fighting games. I even give the PS4 priority in congestion control at 90 while giving any other device 10. Yeah, I have the Geo-Filter disabled and I figured that I would already have an open NAT but the problem that I can't figure out is the disconnecting from Dissidia.
  2. I am having issues with an unstable connection in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT where I disconnect. I wanted to try port forwarding on the Netduma and my AT&T Netgear along with doing a static IP address for the PS4 but have been running into problems.