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  1. I think the VPN option will release when XR700 release.
  2. mohands

    Xr500 ping assist

    when will the custome VPN arrive? it is a long time to implement it
  3. why this problem arises? Uncaught ReferenceError: Chart is not defined I restarted it many times without any result https://i.imgur.com/LcqgZTk.png
  4. mohands

    OpenWRT on the XR500

    I'm wondering, if you want to buy a router with OpenWRT, then why you buy XR500?
  5. I've Xbox and playstation, but when I add the Playstation to the Traffic prioritization, it classify it as an xbox device. Why?
  6. No brother, we appreciate the effort paid to produce such a masterpiece of software, but we are hungry to get all features, that's all
  7. I'm wondering, after 2 years of coding and building the Duma OS and many features not included. why?
  8. How can I configure ping assistant in geo-filter like netduma r1
  9. So, I can't choose a server than another
  10. Hi, How can I get all FIFA FUT servers because I want to allow the lowest ping for me. Geo-filter shows only one server to connect.
  11. mohands

    Firmware released

    why I receive these messages
  12. mohands

    Firmware released

    Is custom VPN included?
  13. mohands


    Adguard is the best adblocker program I've ever seen, I hope that they can implement a router configuration such as a Vpn connection to protect the whole network.
  14. mohands

    Fifa 18 World Cup Servers

    Actually, the world cup FUT mode doesn't have dedicated servers, and yes Geo-filter shows peers not a server as the World Cup matches are P2P games
  15. mohands


    I think you can upgrade the antenna, but it is better if you bought an access point.