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  1. can I update from the router itself
  2. thank you brother, but when since last update it has been more than 3 months since the last release
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Geo-filter as follow: 1- when I deny a peer or server, it doesn't actually block him, and I can still play with him, rested many time the router, and still the problem exists 2- still I can see servers and peers in location which are not supposed to be. I made some dns lookup for the hosts and it shows different locations 3- Geo-filter doesn't connect to all servers available in FIFA games, and alway always connect me to 1 or 2 servers at most despite I apply the geo-filter in a location that has a server in it. therefore, please please give us a cure for this Geo-filter. I've got frustrated from waiting hybrid VPN update that still hasn't come yet, and this Geo-filter Issues
  4. mohands

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    bro is there any news regarding XR500 upcoming update?
  5. still there is a problem with geofilter at XR500 it realy doesn't work correctly. here is an example of one peer as in the photo seems to be located in USA and he told me that he is from Saudi Arabia here are his details Type d'hôtePair IDc5a9dfaa46642126 Nom de domaineaa.64.26a9.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com https://imgur.com/a/JMV8wRE also when I block someone it really doesn't block him, is there any update?
  6. mohands

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    when do you expect the next update round for XR500?
  7. Is it possible to know all FIFA servers and check which one has the best ping for me and block the others?
  8. I tested many times, and finally, I can't connect to any near-peer while using XR500 and Geo-filter. I can connect only to European peers. I think Geo-filter needs an update and a deep look
  9. my line as I said Fiber to home and yes it's very stable 35ms to google.com ping
  10. Hi, I play FIFA 19 with Duma OS on XR500 and 50Mbps Fiber Internet I face many problems; 1- I can't get a connection with any FIFA 19 servers except 1 on North Irland 2- I suffer from delay because most of the time the ping is 140ms if anyone knows how to solve the issue or how to connect to a server not far like thay, please inform me. I'm also waiting for the support for Hybrid VPN to change the location
  11. mohands

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    when do you expect the next update release, and will it includ the Hypered VPN or not ?
  12. I can see now that XR700 has the hybrid VPN option, why untill now we can't see this option in XR500. why they delayed us ?
  13. yes for me also on FIFA it showes different people from an area I didn't select, it needs a fix. this happen after the latest update