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  1. mohands

    VPN Users Required

    Hi I HAVE XR500 I’m interested in participating in vpn test
  2. mohands

    fake Geo-locations

    yes surely I did that before, but please fix this Geo-filter ASAP
  3. mohands

    fake Geo-locations

    and how can I force the XR500 to be limited to the location I selected. I'm using XBOX One X
  4. mohands

    fake Geo-locations

    ID:c5a9dfaa46642126 ping: 66ms https://imgur.com/a/k7UDu3P
  5. mohands

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    https://imgur.com/a/k7UDu3P please repair this c5a9dfaa46642126 ping: 66ms
  6. Hello friends, I use the internet with 50 Mbps and I have XR500 in Qatar. I installed the router and the Geo-filter to be located in the USA, and I was able to connect "as per Geo-filters show" to players from the USA, but it is actually a fake location because I asked many players about their country while I was playing with them, they informed me that they are from a neighbor country like UAE or Saudi Arabia. also sometimes Geo-filter shows that I play to players in the ocean or their location coming in the ocean or the sea. I don't understand why this happens. please guide me to solve this issue
  7. so in the next update we will get it ?
  8. or at least provide us a replacement plan, so I can send XR500 and get XR700 and pay the difference
  9. and yes 10 months to implement this VPN feature. what is this? this is rediculous. if it won't release this month I will sell that XR500 and buy ASUS ROG. I didn't know that ASUS rog before.
  10. So there will no be hyprid VPN support on XR500. if it is like that we will not trust Netduma team any more
  11. I think the VPN option will release when XR700 release.
  12. mohands

    Xr500 ping assist

    when will the custome VPN arrive? it is a long time to implement it
  13. why this problem arises? Uncaught ReferenceError: Chart is not defined I restarted it many times without any result https://i.imgur.com/LcqgZTk.png
  14. mohands

    OpenWRT on the XR500

    I'm wondering, if you want to buy a router with OpenWRT, then why you buy XR500?
  15. I've Xbox and playstation, but when I add the Playstation to the Traffic prioritization, it classify it as an xbox device. Why?