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  1. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Aren't you on PS4 though? (the problem is on Xbox)
  2. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    I think @mike10522 is playing Blackout, rather than regular multiplayer, so there's lots of people popping up. I've no idea how Blackout fill lobbies but we've got to assume it's going to be all over the place to get 100(?) people in a lobby. I haven't done any testing with Blackout but I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to ever use the Geo filter for Blackout lobbies anyway.
  3. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    You can zoom your browser out if you're struggling to fit it all in. Should be able to zoom right out on the map to see the whole world by default too.
  4. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    You mean connected to a P2P host with 'Filtering' on, or a dedi with it on 'Spectate'? Before the game starts or while we're in a game?
  5. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Lobby Problems

    Sounds like it's all part of the same problem to me, if you read my last post in there.
  6. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Lobby Problems

    Put it in the thread they linked, no need for a separate thread.
  7. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    No success for me. Flushed cloud, gave it a good few minutes wait, rebooted R1. Tried flush cloud again too. Couldn't get any dedis when in 'Filtering' mode, all P2P. Dashboarded a few times and got 'Lobby Not Joinable' message. Doubled my Ping Assist, dashed game several more times, same result. Tried 'Spectate' mode but it was all P2P and a long wait. Dashboarded the game several times and managed to start getting dedis... So I put 'Filtering' back on and restarted the game but then I could only get P2P again. Went back to 'Spectate' mode, restarted the game but I was stuck on P2P. Dashboarded several more times and managed to get dedis again when in 'Spectate' mode. Seems the same as before to me. Geo settings: Radius covering all of UK and Ireland. Ping Assist at 12ms (my usual), increased to 20ms for the test. I get the UK dedis in 7-8ms, the rest of Western Europe dedis all come in under 20ms, so I should have been able to pick up any/all of them.
  8. ColonicBoom

    This is something I wasn't expecting.. Thoughts?!?!

    Not very Fonzie. Being part of a beta is supposed to be about helping find and solve issues.
  9. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    I had the same problem - If you remove (Delete) your Xbox from the Geo filter page, this will allow you to get back onto the dedis until the issue is resolved for Xbox. You won't be able to filter and you won't be able to see the stats on the server but you'll hit the dedis. This will disable QoS completely, if you just delete the device from the Geo filter then you don't have to disable the QoS.
  10. ColonicBoom

    Throttling finally works again

    Derp is all I have to say on this.
  11. He hasn't found a glitch in the matrix, he's found that the more you practise the better you get. If he'd found a 'fix', then it wouldn't keep changing drastically would it? It certainly wouldn't go from 99/99, to 99/1. Those numbers are opposite ends of the spectrum, that's basically saying "sometimes it's good to do one thing, other times you should do the exact opposite". And the changes between 99/99, 100/99, 99/98, are such small changes in bandwidth that they're irrelevant, your bandwidth will fluctuate by at least that much naturally at different times in the day anyway. The testing methods are flawed in every way, there's no 'control' test, there's no isolation or restriction applied to nearly all of the vast number of variables in any given match. Testing BO4 is a mess of never ending variables, it's untestable and the result is unprovable. We might as well be trying to eat water from a sieve with a fork.
  12. I'd recommend 70/70, lucky underpants, a prayer to Vondehaar (or some voodoo pins if you feel so inclined) and pray that you don't get a lobby full of laggers. I haven't changed my sliders from 70/70 and my KD has been steadily rising (rapidly actually), I just put that down to this strange phenomenon called 'improvement' due to this thing some people call 'practise'. It's very strange, the more I play the better I seem to get.
  13. This has got to be a wind-up.
  14. ColonicBoom

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    I've already reported that I downgraded to OG firmware 1.03.6 (because I had the P2P problem on DumaOS) and I had the same problem (all P2P) for several days on OG firmware too until I gave up testing a theory and went back to DumaOS. Now I'm back on DumaOS (and I haven't changed any settings at all) I can reliably get my local 7ms dedicated server. If it ever takes a long time to find a lobby, rather than sit and wait for the inevitable P2P, I dashboard the game and then I get the dedis again straight away. I use very strict Geo filter parameters too, I cover the UK (so I don't block my friends) and I use Ping Assist at 12ms, I've only gotten a handful of P2P games recently out of hundreds of matches. I don't know why, and I'm not disagreeing that something weird has been going lately, I'm just saying that this is not specifically a DumaOS issue. ^ just backing up your point.
  15. ColonicBoom

    Constant Peer to Peer

    OG firmware had the same issue, I downgraded to test it for a few days because I was having the same problem, if you want to put DumaOS back on you should find it's fine now. Honestly just needs a couple of dashboards if it's playing up.