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  1. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    I was enjoying the game till tonight, signed in got a few games and tbh, It felt like I was a second behind everyone. with filter on and off. Spawn die for half an hour, HC core no difference. Damn shame as I was liking this offering. Oh well, another coffee coaster lol
  2. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Not sure about SBMM or do you have to play a certain amount of games before it kicks in. Im getting my ass handed to me by players who have already prestiged. Got open nat and local server but not sure if its the ttk that is so high or im lagging, it feels like lag as my opponents just melt me in a couple of shots at times after I have got a good few shots into them first from my perspective. Oh well ill keep trying it is fun and early days. Just tried HC TDM, bang first game 1.5 KDR. Just a shame not as many people play HC
  3. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    How is everyone finding the matchmaking?
  4. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Where is the HC mode ffs, I hope it has it but I cant find it yet
  5. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Only game I can play at minute as other stuff downloads is blackout and I thought id hate it, but its kinda growing on me, a bit like VD but it has been enjoyable as I wait for the MP to download. Died 3 times got one kill. After years of HC gaming the ttk is taking a bit of getting used too but its fun
  6. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    OK, So after about 20 months away from COD im gonna throw this disk in and take a look, update done ready to rumble. (translation.... ready to get it handed to me!!! lol) Ah, maybe not just yet. Apparently another 50 gig to download when I start game.
  7. bagsta69

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Been reading many mixed reviews on blops4, thought id pop in to see what people here are saying. I wasn't impressed with the beta or WW2 which was a shame as I love fps games but have been struggling to find one that suits. I know the beta was just that so do not want to judge on that basis but would like to find another fps to play as not had one for over a year now. Does the game have bots so you can get a bit of practice in before getting your backside handed to you and whats the ttk like? Any review would be most helpful, cheers all.
  8. bagsta69

    Duma Army @ Le Mans

    Nice paint jobs
  9. bagsta69


    Not sure if this is what you are after but I connect on BT using pppOe and with all my devices bar my laptop idle the CPU usage is sitting at 8.6% with around 15 devices connected but nothing bar the laptop doing anything.
  10. bagsta69

    Hello fellow gamers (PS4, here)

    Grand Turismo Sport yes, it's great game with free DLC. Just released another 10 cars and Monza circuit. It runs on 4K but I run mine through my legato capture so it defaults to the best that will give me which is 1080 but even that looks gorgeous. this is a replay of a race.
  11. bagsta69

    Hello fellow gamers (PS4, here)

    Welcome aboard, I got Grand Cherokee, Love the thing, 3.0L CRD merc engine. Haven't played cod ww2 so cannot comment on connection issues on that game but I do know a fair few people have been having problems with it. Ive been playing a lot of GT Sport since it came out and loving it.
  12. try a different channel.
  13. Honestly Scooby, I don't think that it was a case of develop for the NG first. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for Duma OS and so have some insight to how it has developed over the months. That said everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I am sure you will love the OS when it does drop and it will indeed be worth the wait. On the upside as well, development for new features will be much faster for the R1 than the NG so whilst the NG may get the OS release a couple of months earlier any future updates and features will be released for the R1 before the NG gets them. (in my opinion)
  14. Im not trying to tell you that as I know that it didn't. The Mikrotik hardware is inferior to the NG modem. Nobody is trying to tell you otherwise. I really don't get what you want to hear. Iain has explained why there is a delay. I could make something up if you like!!!
  15. No, if you read what Iain says it explains it, here ill quote that bit again, R1 is delayed due to hardware challenges we're solving at the moment namely automatic turbo mode(fastpath) which is required by DumaOS (user doesn't have to fiddle with UI to get max speeds) and finally how configurations are partitioned (hopefully making DumaOS unbrickable)."