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  1. So, todays the big say for all us who are late for the update X,D
  2. I think we all just needto take a breath and calm down. I dont know about you all but i had a tough time researching and finding answers to figure out common optimal settings for the R1, and in doing so with time i had answers from some very nice, intelligent, patient, and friendly people here on the Forums. It may have taken a few weeks but i know more now than i did in the beginning. Just saying, you get what you give. What goes around come around, and theres no reason to be rude... at least for me the R1 is the reason i can happily enjoy my gaming while at the same time my family can just as well browse youtube or netflix and enjoy it just as much. A BIG THANK YOU TO NETDUMA FROM ME, your friendly fanboy, ChickenJoe. X,D Love the product and i know when i have any issues this is the place to go. I appreciate all of the help and suppor! Dont burn bridges peoples.
  3. I AM ON VERSION 1.03.3 AND NEED TO UPGRADE! REMOTE SUPPORT IS TICKED. MY R1 is now bridged and so you should be good to go to change settings remotely now! thanks again!
  4. Maybe i needto put my router in DMZ mode but i do not know howto do that from my ISP,s website
  5. My version is 1.03.3 and i have the support options ticked. I believe thats all i haveto do on my end if im not mistaken. Also been haveing issues with my NAT Type in Black ops 3; i occasionally haveto hard restart my ISP's modem, the NETDUMA and my xbox one, hopeing this issue is bc i have not upgraded yet. Thanks for the awesome product and for the support! #DUMAarmy
  6. DEAR @NETDUMA , Netduma fraser stated in the first post if our router version is older than 1.03.5 then we are to respond here. my router version says it version 1.03.3 and I figured its time for the upgrade. All my settings are according to what your post has stated for me to do so whenever I can start the upgrade would be great to know ASAP. Hope to hear back from you soon, have been a NETDUMA user for awhile now and have not had any issues except my Xbox One occasionally sets me on a strict or moderate NAT type and I don't know what else to do other than just hard restart everything, which does Open the NAT type temporarily. My household does actively use the wireless internet which might be a part of why my NAT type on the Xbox One, specifically BO3, will become strict. also I have recently been receiving a warning message that my NETDUMA is connected to a modem and that I need to change my ISP's modem settings to DZN or something along those lines, which I am not sure what that means. Love the product and hope we can work the issues out soon. Much Love and Support!!!