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  1. Bt requires a few days for the line to settle. Sorry to drag up an old thread but it should be ok now am i right? Edit: skipped to the end without reading replies
  2. anthony87

    Anyone know how to interpret HG612 stats?

    A couple of things that helped me were physical things. i plugged my console directly into the wall socket, i plugged my controller into the console. And i also disable the geofilter when i got a lobby i liked (show hosts and enable unticked)
  3. anthony87

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I personally dont mind the delay, after all its free. I know its annoying but they are a great team and I'm sure they are working hard to fix it.
  4. anthony87

    New Moderators!

    Congratulations guys!
  5. anthony87

    DumaOS - Development Update

    don't know whether I'm excited or not because the Netduma works for me already
  6. anthony87

    R1 resetting everyday

    Are you accessing it from the same device? Are you taking the power out of the Netduma instead of resetting from the miscellaneous section? do you have cloud settings ticked and leaving it on long enough to update?