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  1. D3mon1c

    Access point?

    Am I able to access the interface even though my laptop is on a different modem cause I believe before the update there was an option to make it that way just wondering if im able to do the same on the OS beta
  2. You know that wouldn't be a bad idea to add onto the r1 HINT HINT haha but yeah in all honesty I do hope I don't have to buy another router just to have the same feature just to have open nat but I will consider it as a last resort.
  3. I believe I tried this already I mean I port forwarded only on netduma & left the other on upnp but yeah stupid part about that is even though I have the option to make my port use a different one in xbox one settings instead of upnp I did that forwarded that port along with upnp but then it gave me mod anyway & said 3074 has to be forwarded as well Ill make an attempt at it again I suppose but I guess try to forward both consoles this time around on seperate networks
  4. The main thing that gets me is when I get on the game it says "The game tried to use UDP port 3075 to open the required port for an open NAT in-game." but when I look on netduma it says it already has that port forwarded which I find retarded
  5. Yes but b4 an acquaintance of mine was able to join my lobby his nat was moderate but now mine is moderate as well & were no longer able to join each other
  6. I just realized on both its moderate & I want em both open & don't know how to go about doing that
  7. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    Apparently Chrome started acting funny all I did was switch browser to firefox & it started working then & I was able to re upgrade to the OS
  8. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    404 not found the requested url was not found
  9. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    Wired & I did that
  10. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    Btw I downgraded & now I can't even access the interface at all & I checked out cmd, ipconfig & my gateway is still the same but I still cant access the interface
  11. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    It was working temporary but then after awhile started experiencing it again
  12. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    Alright doing it now
  13. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    Also I wanna state this w/o going thru the trouble of making another post but every time I click network settings it gives me an error saying "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "name" of undefined" & instead of showing the settings on the left box it just stays blank but on the right box where it says wan it allows me to mess with settings there instead is there a way to go about fixing this?
  14. D3mon1c

    Bandwidth issues

    & how do I go about downgrading to re-upgrade all over again I believe I have the duma download still but how do I go about re downloading the previous firmware