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  1. 1. All I was doing was turning my geo-filter on from spectate to filter. 2. No 3. Chrome 4. XBOX COD profile (I'm on PC) A reboot did take care of it FYI just wanted to make it known.
  2. hyperj123

    Super turbo mode?

    Not really tbh. But it's fine.
  3. This was going from Spectator mode to Filter mode in the GeoFilter.
  4. hyperj123

    Super turbo mode?

    This gave me an extra 150-200mbps but still not back to around 600-700.
  5. Having some issues getting the speeds I used to get on the old OS I have gigabit and when using the Duma as my gateway on the old os I would get about 600-700mbps. I know this is due to the router being a little older. But now I'm only getting 200-350mbps when running DumaOS.
  6. hyperj123

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    Just curious but how hard would it be to do a mysqli dump and then do a lookup like select * from `signup` where username = email. Then echo the id which would be their place in line?
  7. hyperj123

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    I signed up originally with my old email I just resubmitted with my new email. Hope you guys don't think I'm spamming the signup. Look for 2 of the same address or one email that ends in [email protected] vs [email protected]
  8. So it's like partially working for PC by selecting xbox even though I'm on PC. Secondly even if I ban the server it doesn't disconnect me. For example, if I'm playing on Black Ops 3 and I ban the server mid game I will get a connection timed out but in here I stay connected. Lastly and most importantly there is a huge discrepancy in ping (see attached photo). On the geo-filter it shows around 4-10 ms but in game it shows 44 and I get spikes nearly in the 150 ms range which is a lot for my connection. I always have a smooth game in black ops 3. The server I connect to is in New Jersey area. This seems to be more around Washington DC area which is fine but I don't see how the pings can be vastly different. When the duma shows me 30-35 ms, ingame on PUBG that's when I hit around 120-150ms. I did a tracert and maybe the duma is doing a straight ping to the server while the game is routing me through multiple that are outside my geo-filter but even still if I ban it shouldn't it disconnect me?
  9. hyperj123

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Wow a couple weeks has turned into 2.5 months now. Can we get an update please from somebody from the netduma team?
  10. hyperj123

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    For PC PUBG players do we select xbox live for the geofilter?
  11. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Thank you for checking into this.
  12. I understand that CC is turned off with super turbo speeds. What about hyper traffic? I have 940mbps/880mbps.
  13. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Awesome thank you!
  14. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Hey Fraser sorry for the super late reply. Been really busy but if you look at the screenshot you will see you can only select North America. Which means Canada, USA and Mexico. There aren't any settings for region like East or West. Additionally It would be nice to have a "how to" on congestion control for PUBG.