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  1. So it's like partially working for PC by selecting xbox even though I'm on PC. Secondly even if I ban the server it doesn't disconnect me. For example, if I'm playing on Black Ops 3 and I ban the server mid game I will get a connection timed out but in here I stay connected. Lastly and most importantly there is a huge discrepancy in ping (see attached photo). On the geo-filter it shows around 4-10 ms but in game it shows 44 and I get spikes nearly in the 150 ms range which is a lot for my connection. I always have a smooth game in black ops 3. The server I connect to is in New Jersey area. This seems to be more around Washington DC area which is fine but I don't see how the pings can be vastly different. When the duma shows me 30-35 ms, ingame on PUBG that's when I hit around 120-150ms. I did a tracert and maybe the duma is doing a straight ping to the server while the game is routing me through multiple that are outside my geo-filter but even still if I ban it shouldn't it disconnect me?
  2. hyperj123

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Wow a couple weeks has turned into 2.5 months now. Can we get an update please from somebody from the netduma team?
  3. hyperj123

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    For PC PUBG players do we select xbox live for the geofilter?
  4. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Thank you for checking into this.
  5. I understand that CC is turned off with super turbo speeds. What about hyper traffic? I have 940mbps/880mbps.
  6. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Awesome thank you!
  7. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Hey Fraser sorry for the super late reply. Been really busy but if you look at the screenshot you will see you can only select North America. Which means Canada, USA and Mexico. There aren't any settings for region like East or West. Additionally It would be nice to have a "how to" on congestion control for PUBG.
  8. hyperj123

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    I get where you're coming from but as an example. In COD I always connect to a New Jersey server and I'm in Philadelphia. With PUGB I might connect to a server in California which is all the way on the west coast and I'm on the east coast. The netduma doesn't prevent other users from choosing what server they play on with you. It only prevents you from connecting to servers outside of a specific radius. Additionally if I wanted to play on west coast servers in COD I would just move my home location on the geofilter to the west coast even though I'm on the east coast.
  9. hyperj123

    Two console issue

    This might sound like a dumb question but if both consoles are in hyper traffic which one gets put in line first? Additionally there is no dmz mode on the Duma. Lastly I messed around with CC and got an A+ bufferbloat. Should I go back to 70/70? Right now it's around 50/35 which gives me that rating.
  10. My network is setup where the duma is my modem and router. when I play by myself my hit detection is on point but when I play with my wife (second ps4) my hit detection goes out the window it seems. Should I be running the geofilter on both consoles? Ping is always under 35ms btw.
  11. hyperj123

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Awesome. Thank you for the update. I will gladly beta test if you want when there is a US east coast roll out. I have a lot of knowledge in the IT industry (12+ years). Let me know
  12. hyperj123

    Started looking into Bufferbloat

    So I have been curious on what bufferbloat even is and started reading here and other places. It's safe to say I went from a B to an A+ after tweaking my netduma CC sliders. Before: After: This is so crazy. I have yet to try out Black ops 3 because I'm currently at work but when I get home I will test and I'm hoping this will help. Before my tweaks I would see spikes up into the 120ms range. Now they don't even break +5 which is phenomenal. Best advice I can say to other duma users is keep running dsl reports speed test and start at 100% and go down by 5-10% until you have a good bufferbloat rating.
  13. So if I keep my geofilter on and max my ping assist this should allow me to join? Okay that's what I figured but I never know if my profile is loaded up which is why I try and load it. I will check in the geofilter and see if my settings are loaded prior to doing this. Thanks
  14. I understand that but the problem lies where the geofilter doesn't update even though I increase the range. I have to wait a really long time even thought I'm told it should be instant or within a short period (1 minute).
  15. I'm going to copy basically what I was sending in messenger to the netduma page: Sometimes have issues joining a player's party while using the Duma. I do see that it shows a distinction between servers and players however when I go to party up with someone on call of duty it doesn't let me join because they are out of my filter range. So I'll adjust my filter but it still won't let me join unless I wait like 10-15 minutes. (I was told it should be instant).I just tried it last night and I had to wait or restart my ps4 just so I could join them. It seems that the geofilter doesn't update instantly and doesn't allow me to join players even after I adjust the range. It's like I have to wait for a while for it to even correct itself. once I join I set them to 100% allow so it doesn't happen with them in the future but if I want to party up with a random player I have to go through this process. I have an open NAT. You can check out some of the attachments. Additionally there is an error that pops up when loading a profile. After I try it a few times it loads though. I have done factory reset's in the past but it's getting really frustrating. Here is how my LAN is setup. Internet -> Netduma WAN - PS4. I don't have any other routers hooked up. Thanks for your help all!