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  1. Bugs creep in even when you have had a particular feature working correctly before... so my update is Bug squashing at the moment
  2. RedBull2k


    just for some more information, who is your isp, what has your latency been like for the last year, or has it just recently started. if its recently just started then ask yourself whats changed in your home, or outside, do you have new equipment like new cables new filter,fridge,microwave,lights has there been any roadworks, the list can go on and on DLM is in control of your line characteristics and that has detected issues
  3. RedBull2k


    fast path= if you receive an error'd packet you will drop it. interleave = if you receive an error'd packet it attempts to fix it. how each scenario would play out in a game would be interesting.
  4. I suspect you have only recently started using both wired and wireless. If so then this is why your seeing the change in upnp i take it is wifi and is wired. if this is right then your wified connection from ps4 was first to connect to game and has kept the port open,, resulting in other connection to use another external port. As for 9307-9308. at times this happens especially if the lowest port was previously used by another device
  5. RedBull2k

    Create your own cod

    Season pass needs to be adjusted, 1 extra map per dlc and only 3 dlc. = more time on new dlc. for the last couple of years now the 4th dlc hasn't really be utilized because of the time they give you before the new game comes out
  6. RedBull2k

    ww2 new servers

    I mentioned that "iomart" are new servers and i also said they needed to be added to the dedicated server list. jack said that it wasnt the case, and now we are back here and dan is saying they need to be added as they are showign as peers. Do you know what we are on about now jack?
  7. RedBull2k

    ww2 new servers

    it could be because duma os has not been updated with the ips for the new server's
  8. RedBull2k

    ww2 new servers

    well i seen them the other night, i made a small program, it extracts a list of ips my ps4 is in communication with and then applying some logic to strip out the server ip.
  9. RedBull2k

    ww2 new servers

    just noticed that ww2 are now also using this company 'iomart Cloud Services Limited' as dedicated servers
  10. RedBull2k

    Upnp problem

    New firmware sometimes introduces changes that are not compatible with the old configuration. Reset the device to factory settings and reboot it a few times.
  11. RedBull2k

    Upnp problem

    Have you tried NAT filtering open http://www.routerlogin.net/desktop/index.html?cache=0#com.netdumasoftware.ngportal to give this a fair chance i would enable it and reboot xr500
  12. RedBull2k

    Upnp problem

    do you have 2 consoles by any chance? or have you also connected via wifi and lan?
  13. RedBull2k

    Upnp problem

    What settings are you using on hg612? there is a upnp option on hg612
  14. Just to confirm having been with plusnet, you can use any 3rd party hardware but they wont offer any support, Plusnet use PPPoE, so you would have to fill in your username etc ("[email protected]") the xr500 offers PPPoE so does your R1.