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  1. Thanks Fraser. It seems disabling UPnP has done the trick to get the Duma up to decent speeds while under the DMZ. The current setup is a decent workaround then until someone can look at what causes the DumaOS to block certain VPNs.
  2. Thanks Fraser, that would be greatly appreciated. Happy to help troubleshoot if needed. In the meantime I've gone with my suggested workaround, with the R1 within the Superhub DMZ. For some reason in this configuration the speed I get is only around 130Mbps; using modem mode instead on the superhub gives me around 260Mbps (a 350Mbps connection but I figure the R1 is strained above 200Mbps). It's not wifi interference as disabling wifi on the superhub doesn't improve anything, only changing back to modem mode increases the bandwidth back to normal. Have you come across this before? Are there settings in the superhub that should be disabled when R1 is in its DMZ or something? I can't see anything about QoS or similar to disable in the superhub menu, I had thought something like that might be the cause.
  3. Hi - thanks for the response. I can confirm that the settings already have IPv6 disabled on both LAN and WAN, and UPnP is enabled also. I think a similar recommendation was made a couple of years back when I made a post about reactive mode causing the same problem (post appears to have disappeared though) - IPv6 didn't fix the problem in the old firmware either though. Is there anything else I can try? It's definitely something in the Duma, as I get no issues connecting directly via the VM Superhub. And if not is there a usable workaround? I was thinking worst case scenario I could have the VM Superhub in router mode but the Duma in a DMZ? Then connect my work PC via the Superhub wifi and everything else through the Duma/Nighthawk. Far from ideal given the added wifi congestion but I can't picture any other option. Thanks in advance. Edit - I've attached the logfile after disabling QoS again, then re-enabling for a while - just in case it's of any use. log-1541025451494.txt
  4. Hello, DumaOS is causing the VPN installed on my work laptop (that I require to be able to access work systems) to disconnect. It will connect for a brief period of time, up to around 30 seconds, however it will then interrupt the connection and cause the VPN to disconnect and spend a while trying to reconnect again, and the cycle will repeat. Under the previous version of NetDuma, I had more or less the same problem - but the workaround I had in place was changing the QoS congestion control settings to "Pre-emptive" rather than "Reactive". "Reactive" mode caused similar problems for me, but "Pre-emptive" allowed the VPN to stay connected just fine (albeit with much lower maximum bandwidth speeds). However I can't see any way to configure things in a similar way on the new DumaOS. I have tried disabling QoS altogether on DumaOS, however this doesn't appear to fix the problem. Is there a way to replicate "Pre-emptive" QoS settings (or something similar) on DumaOS? Or any other solution to the problem (e.g. put my laptop on a DMZ, but I can't see the option to do that). For reference, setup is VM Superhub 3.0 in Modem mode --> R1 DumaOS --> Netgear Nighthawk (wifi AP) --> work laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As it stands, DumaOS is not viable for me at all as I work at home. Thanks, NeeWii
  5. Thanks all for the prompt responses!
  6. Hi, Is there any way to reset the device list in Device Manager, and the devices displayed around the circle in the Congestion Control screen? The Duma has recorded every single device that's ever connected to my network and the list is now huge - so much so that the circle in congestion control actually covers up most letters in the names of the devices, so it's hard to manage prioritisation. Attached an example of the circle. Cheers, NeeWii
  7. That's fantastic news Fraser, looking forward to the open beta! I'll give the settings a go, 60mbps isn't bad at all if I can get that.
  8. Hi Jack, Thanks for the quick response. Not sure I fully understood your reply, think you've maybe interpreted my post slightly differently (but apologies if I'm just being slow). The VPNs I'm talking about (both my work GlobalProtect VPN, and my L2TP VPN) are configured on software clients on PCs - I don't actually make use of the NetDuma's built-in VPN feature at all (nor would I be able to for the purposes of e.g. work, as I don't have access to my employer's VPN configuration to set up myself). So what I'm saying is that on Reactive mode, the Netduma causes certain VPN clients on PCs to stop being able to connect to the remote networks they're configured for. As soon as I switch to preemptive, they work straight away. Good to hear that a bypass might be possible at some point though! And if it's ever going to be possible to get these VPNs working with Reactive mode in the future, even better! The settings you provided - would they provide any benefit to my situation if I'm not using the NetDuma VPN option? Thanks, NeeWii
  9. Hi, Is there any software option to allow a specified device to bypass the congestion control of the Duma (or even something like allowing a device to be part of a DMZ under the Duma?). If not, is this something that could be implemented into the Duma interface? NetDuma's "Reactive" congestion control setting stops the VPN that I have to use on my work's laptop from connecting. Setting it to "Preemptive" allows it to connect just fine, however I can only achieve top speed of 25Mbs on a wired connection this way (of a 200Mbps service that normally I achieve consistently) which is too slow given the volume of data I need to transfer for work. I don't know what protocols the VPN uses (but the software is "GlobalProtect" by Palo Alto Networks). I get similar issues when trying to use my own L2TP VPN I have set up - Reactive blocks it whereas Preemptive allows it (I raised this in a previous post a while back but it seems to have disappeared now). Currently the hierarchy I have is VM Superhub (modem mode) --> Duma (router) --> Nighthawk (wifi only). I'm reluctant to change the hierarchy of my hardware devices in order to achieve this though - one of the key reasons I bought the Duma is for its congestion control/QoS (which has worked very well for me so far), and changing the order would result in all Wifi devices bypassing Duma's congestion control by connecting to the Nighthawk above it; or alternatively I could limit that to specific devices but would have to rely on the NetDuma wifi for others, but this is notably not as well-performing as the Nighthawk's is. Would appreciate thoughts. Thanks, NeeWii