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  1. Clicking X after selecting 15 Or also clicking on the map after changes nothing for me. Google Chrome.
  2. I can choose any zoom option, then click x to close the dropdown and there is no change in the size of the map. i am always zoomed all the way out.
  3. Zoom on the Geo-Filter map Doesn't work for me.
  4. I'm #200 on the list and got my invite just now. I wish I wasn't at work right now!!
  5. Man, this would have been crazy good timing. I just spent my long weekend commando crawling through itchy ass insulation, running Cat wire throughout my house to get the whole place wired up. No WiFi gaming for me. (Ignore the mess of wires in the Duma shot, still have to pretty it up with proper cable trays and shrink labels). New router OS would have been the icing. Alas, the wait continues....
  6. I could have swore I was as quick as possible from that email! Must have missed first wave.
  7. Well, yes, obviously, but Netduma has always maintained that wasn't the case and they were hard at work on the R1. Anywho, I hope it's not months, otherwise you can expect this thread to deteriorate just like all the others. It's also much easier to defend them when you're a beta tester. You've known what's been going on for years, instead of being left in the dark like the rest of us peasants.
  8. Since you guys are here an actually 'talking' to us about this (the silence about what happened has been deafening over the years). What's the chance of hearing the full story as to why it got delayed the two other times over the course of years not months? Your statement imply's the most recent delay as being the only reason some of us are upset. I'm actually more upset about the years thing, not the last few months. Also, I could have waited years patiently, if, Netduma staff had openly posted about why it went from months to years in the first place. I'm happy to hear it's still coming someday.
  9. Mr Crowley

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    There's 37 pages here with no response. This is calculated at this point, they know if we all complain here only, it does no damage to thier reputation. It's an echo chamber that no other potential customers see and likely might not ever. They posted another Twitter Ad a few days ago an I made a "not on my R1" comment. Jack replied that we should use the forms for problems. He knows that people that see him reply to me and try and direct me to "the proper channels" makes me look like a whiny internet goon who skipped the right way of dealing with my problem. It's not about actually helping me. They are mitigating damages. Posting in here is a waste of time. Go to Twitter and FB, use all the hashtags they are using to promote the new OS. They will block and delete but the damage is done. I've been very civil, polite and patient for years. At this point I'm not even sure I care about the update. It's the principal.
  10. Mr Crowley

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    500 or so disgruntled replies in. I get one removed for suggesting that Netduma should address this group of CUSTOMERS by posting something here. I did not swear, I wasn't rude to another member, I barely even got sarcastic. At some point Colonic, aren't you getting frustrated that as an volunteer you're left to try and keep this civil? With no help from Netduma, when all it takes is a 2min message that could be written from a cell phone while sitting on a potty? (Like this message was)
  11. Mr Crowley

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I didn't even bother looking it up, not that it matters much. What's a couple of days after year or more? When was the original DumaOS announcement anyways? I can't even remember anymore, I know last year I had the distinct impression I'd see it before Christmas. Maybe this Christmas after all?, better late than never. I almost considered the XR500, but at this point it's a matter of principal. NM- I found it, July 19th 2016. Original Announcement Also, Check out the hashtag #RouterRevolution Boy was I wrong, I though they said Fall 2017, it was Fall 2016.
  12. Mr Crowley

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    ^Right?^ The absurdity of the whole situation is unreal. It's absurd that I'm still following this, but my interest is peaked by the level of egregious effort it takes to blow it so bad. It's been such a long time at this point. You could string people along for way longer with much less backlash if they (Netduma Staff) just posted here to say almost anything at this point. The reality is, I don't think they made any bad decisions besides how they've failed to communicate to customers what's going on. Things change and deals happen, and for fun, here's how I imagine it all going down.... 'Look at us developing DumaOS for the R1, this is gonna be sick boys!, Wait, whats this?.... Holy crap!... NETGEAR just made us an offer on our software boys!, heck yeah!, we've finally MADE IT boys!...Wait,....whats this in the fine print,... they want us to sign a ND agreement and we have to switch to developing only for their hardware, hm.....well whatever, we can finish the R1 version right after we are done with the Netgear version! Shouldn't take very long, we banged out the last one in a couple of weeks...' Months later 'Man these Netgear guys are sticky about bugs and testing. This is taking forever....' Months later 'Hey guys, it's strange but the guys who bought the R1 are starting to get aggressive in the forums, what should we do?... Tell em it's coming...' Months later 'Finally we got Duma OS on a real powerful router! It works great boys!, look at all the exposure we have now! We've made it! We deserve champagne, lets toast!...' A week later 'Hey boys, we really gotta get working on DumaOS for the R1, for some reason those boys are chapped.....Ok, ok, lets look at this,.. what do we have here,... WOW, this version is really incomplete, look at all the stuff we have to do to make it as polished as the version we made for Netgear,..bugs,bugs,bugs,.. Ok tell em it will take a month, tell em April 14th. April 13th 'Oh man, bugs, bugs, bugs, "Software development is hard" (actual quote from Twitter), what should we say to them?...nothing, I don't know how long this is gonna take us to sort out and Netgear just called and they want more features working by next week....' end... In reality I have no clue if it's true or not because Netduma hasn't told me any different, I'm just left here to attempt to make sense of it on my own. I get why they did what they did, I'd have made the exact same business decisions, if I were in their shoes. If they would have just kept early adopters in the loop then I'd be that early adopter who is happy to support a small company trying to make it big and I'd even be willing to wait patiently on the sidelines while the boy make it big, but they can't even show me the respect of telling me the truth. Ok, now cue Alex to Netduma's defense, because Netdumas not.