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    Don't have any grandchildren see to that, no to be honest its my grandchildren.

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  1. Burger100

    NAT issues

    Am getting a strange one on the duma os not showing any ports opened up within the UPNP
  2. Burger100

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I am getting the same issue Relentless console showing nat type 2 but in game moderate no matter what i try.
  3. Would there be any chance of letting me know we're I am on the list please i appreciate you are all very busy and my apologies.
  4. Burger100

    New Moderators!

    Nice one well in folks congrats.
  5. Burger100

    hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

    The funny look the wife has just given me when I sounded like homer simpson while muttering the words biscuit porn mmmmmmm.
  6. Burger100

    hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

    Biscuit related banter is there anything better. Shortcake for me but the can i dunk a jaffa cake for more than 10 seconds challenge without it ending up in the tea is also a firm favorite.
  7. Burger100

    A7legit shout out!

    People who complain about the wait for duma os should read this post, then realise and let it dawn on them its just a software update. The duma army lost a friend who many on here held in very high esteem so please take time out and realise just how lucky most of us are. God bless A7 legit.
  8. Burger100

    I Feel Inspired

    Inspiration to us all folks sorry to hear about your eye condition big dog be strong sir.
  9. Congrats to the duma team not to long to wait for duma OS no problem what so ever in waiting a little longer just like to say thanks for the product i have now .
  10. All the best to you and yours make sure you all stay safe in 2018, happy to see real life show back buddy. Some people have no morals or thought for others sir. That today is a big problem. Would he have done it if it was a member of his family ?
  11. Burger100

    Happy New Year #DumaArmy

    All the best folks be safe.
  12. Burger100

    Merry Christmas.

    Just like to wish all the duma army all the best and may you and yours all be safe and well.
  13. Same here folks UK on sky fibre, all test run are spot on ping is fine just the game servers are all over the place. I am having to run primed on my classes to help aid with the overpowered flinch when shot in the game.
  14. Burger100

    Krack WiFi Vulnerability Upgrade (1.03.6i)

    Thanks to all the duma team.
  15. Burger100

    Hello Everybody

    How do mucka good bunch on here always willing to help.