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  1. jeremyg237

    R7000 and Netduma

    The question I am asking more than anything is what are the best settings for the setup I have.
  2. jeremyg237

    R7000 and Netduma

    https://www.extremetech.com/computing/168394-xbox-one-will-be-best-experienced-with-ipv6-how-do-you-get-ipv6-at-home-though I read this article about IPv6. Also do not want to switch around routers.
  3. My current config is: ISP>Cable Modem>R7000(Nighthawk)>Netduma>XBOX. I also want to keep it this way, mostly because of the parental controls etc on the Nighthawk. My question is why am I getting IPv6 on Nighthawk and IPv4 on XBOX(Netduma). What settings should I use to get IPv6. Also Netduma is in the DMZ and IPv6 is on in Netduma settings. Any help with this would be appreciated.