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  1. nfxcr3w

    Just wanted to say

    Congrats Sim
  2. nfxcr3w

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Yeah that is nice love that feature reminds me of a YouTube notification.
  3. nfxcr3w

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    I think it was 😂 i do like the new notification on your desktop when someone replies to a post. Must needed feature for sure.
  4. nfxcr3w

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    😂 Think we need it in Big Bold Red Writing to notify people that this is a Shout box not a Support Box.
  5. nfxcr3w

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Looking really sleek loving the new version plenty of new Emjoi's to play around with. 😍 it needed a new look. missing the shout box but that may come back.
  6. nfxcr3w

    MW2 Now Back Compatible

    That's going to be fun then love a good newbie lobby
  7. nfxcr3w

    MW2 Now Back Compatible

    Nice cheers for the tip Zen Don't have any DLC's so should be good.
  8. nfxcr3w

    MW2 Now Back Compatible

    That's another game i need to get BO2
  9. nfxcr3w

    MW2 Now Back Compatible

    We don't need one now since the remastered wasn't going to have Multiplayer
  10. nfxcr3w

    MW2 Now Back Compatible

    So…this is happening: Xbox has announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One, making it the final Call of Duty game to now be backwards compatible on the Xbox One platform. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 originally released in 2009, developed by Infinity Ward. Modern Warfare 2 features campaign, MP, and Spec Ops co-op mode. For those that already own either a disc version or digital version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360, you can now play Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One. If you own the disc, insert the disc in the Xbox One tray. If you owned it digitally, visit the Xbox One Store now on Xbox One to download the title. If you don’t own it, it’s currently on sale on the Xbox store. With backwards compatibility, all Modern Warfare 2 DLCs are also available to play on Xbox One. Modern Warfare 2 featured two DLC Map Packs (the Stimulus Pack and Resurgence Pack), both of which can be played. You must own the content in order to play it. In addition, since the servers are the same Xbox 360 servers, your stats will be exactly as before. If you were banned on Modern Warfare 2, you will not be able to play it now. SOURCE: Charlieintel https://charlieintel.com/2018/08/28/mw2-xbox-one-bc/
  11. Great Game play bro as always
  12. nfxcr3w


    And i look forward to everything you guys bring out Thank You.
  13. nfxcr3w


    Been a Early Adopter of the R1 that was great. Since the XR500 came out and got mine today what an Amazing job the guys at netduma did. And with netgear's hardware it's even better had an enjoyable experience today gaming. I look forward what the guys at netduma have to offer in the future. worth the purchase in my opinion. Well done guys Happy Bunny
  14. nfxcr3w

    Black Ops 3 Hungry for Kills

    Using the Pharo that gun is a beast. my go to gun now.
  15. nfxcr3w

    XR500 and DumaOS Setup and Walkthrough

    Awesome video Sim will definitely be using this guide on setting it up