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  1. If I factory reset, do I need to upgrade my firmware again?
  2. Yes. Addresses match. I should have clarified. The red portion of the graph is my PC, but as you can see, there isn't 19 Mbps of downloads showing. It's the same issue as I was having with Netflix not showing up, but on my PC now.
  3. I'm having a similar problem with my own PC now. I have the download cap to 70%, but my PC is downloading a windows update at 19 Mbps and the network monitor shows nothing again. I got rid of the static IP for my PC, and it didn't change anything. Same for restarting router. http://puu.sh/u0vnM/8d19113831.png
  4. It takes a few minutes of viewing the monitor for it to get that high. Not downloading or anything. The task manager shows chrome as the only program using the internet, and it eventually gets above 1 megabit.
  5. Is it normal to have a high network usage when looking at the network monitor? Sometimes it's above 1 megabit download according to my performance monitor.
  6. I'm not sure on the exact location, but somewhere under the network adapter properties. My PC has a static IP, but I've never had this issue with the network monitor. They're just random. Sometimes within a few seconds of opening the page, and sometimes several minutes.
  7. After trying to figure out why the laptop had an IP outside of the DHCP range, I found that there were two different spots where I found the laptop's IP. One said it was getting the IP automatically. The other said it had a static IP. After setting the second one to dynamic as well, the network usage appears in the network monitor. Congestion control now works and there is no lag. A few questions still though. Why was it not appearing in the network monitor, even thought it was using the Netduma's wifi? And my second was my above question about the impossible download spikes.
  8. Correct. Only between 1-7 kbit of download and upload from it. Rebooted. Nothing changed. Same thing. Watching a show and looking at the network monitor on two different computers and only 1-7 kbit of usage appears. Used chrome for both. No change. I dropped the download cap to 10% again, and there was absolutely no change in the stream. I noticed that the laptop is not within the DHCP range of 100-199, and instead has an IP of, even though it doesn't have a static IP set on the laptop. Could this have anything to do with it? Another question related to the network monitor. I have noticed impossible random spikes of 40 gigabit downloads from my PC when not doing anything. Even the performance monitor on my PC shows nothing. What causes this, and is it related to the issue I'm having with Netflix?
  9. 100%. It's using the Netduma's wifi. The modem doesn't have wifi anyway, unless you meant something else.
  10. For some reason, Netflix usage does not show up under the network monitor and is not affected by congestion control, even though the laptop is using the Netduma wifi. Other usage, such as watching Youtube videos or just browsing the web does show up. Since congestion control isn't affecting the Netflix usage, playing online games is impossible because I constantly have 150-800 ping with packet loss. I've tried using the device prioritization, for both upload and download, with and without share excess ticked. I've tried changing the download cap down to 10%, and Netflix is still unaffected. What's even weirder is that Netflix usage has once before shown on the network monitor and I was able to use the device prioritization and had no problems, but it's only happened once. I have 17 megabit down, and 3 megabit up. Are there any suggestions as to what could cause this and what I can do to fix this problem?
  11. I have remote support enabled and I am ready to upgrade.