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  1. progprogprog

    Possible or no??

    Maybe Xbox doing a system background update?
  2. Only thing I have change was turning ipv6 on for wan and lan? Don't normally use ipv6 but was just experimenting
  3. I've just managed to make a call using wifi😀
  4. progprogprog

    Getting really pissed and annoyed!!

    The main problem for me is team balancing 8kd on enemy team 0.3 on our team
  5. progprogprog

    Getting really pissed and annoyed!!

    It is possible that your base ping has increased somehow so even though you have force Spain the game maybe pushing you on to Germany?
  6. progprogprog

    Getting really pissed and annoyed!!

    Ok let me know what happens
  7. progprogprog

    Getting really pissed and annoyed!!

    Try this Delete console from Geo Filter Then re add it does that help?
  8. progprogprog

    Getting really pissed and annoyed!!

    Looks like ping assist is still taking effect. Restart the R1 leaving home over spain making sure ping assist is on 0
  9. progprogprog

    Dumo OS failure?

    I know it's a pain to have to reflash but have you tried unticking traffic prioritization in DumaOS? I had very different results doing that! Its putting gaming packets first and shows on dslreports results. Also dslreports is a great guide for buffer bloat results but having ping plotter running in the background will give you a true reading. I can only dream of the bandwidth your running and have to result to loadbalancing with openwrt
  10. progprogprog

    Dumo OS failure?

    That's very odd Let's hope it says that way. Let me know how it (geo's) lol
  11. progprogprog

    Dumo OS failure?

    Morning I have been using a Linux based app on openwrt as an experiment called netem https://netbeez.net/blog/how-to-use-the-linux-traffic-control/ DumaOS on the R1 is doing a perfect job of keeping jitter to a minimum but it's blackops4 netcode which is at fault and feels like it's written with family usage streaming e.t.c in mind. My line is perfectly flat but by adding a very small amount of jitter the Hit detection feels like it should
  12. progprogprog

    OPEN NAT issues Xbox X

    Just to let you guys know I have been using the Geo Filter all day today and have not once had moderate nat in game Cloud update? Sorry it back again
  13. As Fraser said Delete the Geo Filter for all consoles Restart the R1 this should give you open nat in all games. Only time I get moderate nat now is when I re-enable the Geo Filter,I've tested this with upnp and port forwarding and have come to the same conclusion. Also just for good measure make sure to turn consoles on one by one
  14. progprogprog

    NetDuma r1 return

    One of the reason you are getting a worse dslreports test is that traffic prioritization is doing it job of prioritising packets if you untick your device under antibufferbloat you will find that bufferbloat tests will improve drastically(leave it ticked while gaming) I also agree with Fraser that pingplotter is as good as it gets in checking for jitter.
  15. progprogprog

    OPEN NAT issues Xbox X

    Been testing this out this afternoon And can confirm that as soon as I remove the console and reboot the R1 I am back to open nat in every game no just BO4