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  1. tyfeonas

    Network question

    no. i have the local ips 192.168.88.... when i connect to the modem wifi i am at 192.168.1.....range. is there any way i can see the 192.168.88 range from therE?
  2. i get Error loading misc page. Please post issue at forum.netduma.com and cannot see the option to tick or un-tick the cloud options. Edit: ok i just fix it.
  3. tyfeonas

    Network question

    yes i understand that but the wifi of the rb is not ok to some rooms of my house.but i want to be able to see and the local ip.
  4. hello to all. i have my wirelles modem -> netduma-> gigabit switch. i want to use my wirelles modems wifi but from there i cannot see the local ip's. is there any way to work it around?
  5. i have disable this options on the tplink that was enable by default. and it seems that is working ok. i will try it some days and report back.
  6. i will take screenshots from both the routers setting and send you a email.
  7. Well yesterday i swap my tplink modem router with a old oxygen modem router. And the problem was gone. So the problem is not from the browser or something on my pc but bettwen the moted and the router. I dont know of the team needs more info in order to help you find the problem. If you want to check for any other detail i can check it.
  8. chrome and also using it from inside steam witht he steam browser. i have disable upnp and hyper lane. when i upgrade to windows 10 it was fine. no i have reinstall the windows 10 and have the problem again. i have i idea to check with my old modem and see if it does it again. Fraser no need to trouble you i will check it again and inform. i am please with the overal support and the router. thanks again.
  9. nothing yet. still with the dead slow interface. i cant use my router like this...
  10. thank you man, i will check it out.
  11. Hello to all. when i enable host filtering the router is very slow. it maybe takes a minute to refresh a page. when i disable it everything ok is there anything i must check?