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  1. Can you all explain to me why when my Netduma R1 is connected directly to my cable modem, it bottle necks my speeds? I have 2 routers, the Netduma R1 and a Nighthawk AC1900 (R6900v2). The Netduma has been completely reset to factory default settings and it still bottle necks my speeds. However when my Nighthawk is connected everything works as intended with no issues. I've adjusted numerous settings and disabled numerous settings as I've seen in the Netduma forums. Nothing helps. This thing just simply won't allow my full speeds to go through. Can you please tell me why this is happening?
  2. Thanks a lot man; I am good to go. I'm not sure how to use the new "PROFILES" menu, but I'll play around with it though.
  3. Does anyone check this thing anymore? Hey guys, I think most people here are pretty tech savy hence the reason why we own a Netduma in the first place; If you could post some instructions on how to do the upgrade from a firmware version less than 1.03.5 I'm sure we could follow it. I'm an IT Manager/Network Engineer. Can't be that hard.
  4. My router has never been upgraded before and is currently running version 1.03.3. I need to update to the latest version. Please help