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  1. wils1337

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Technically I was referencing this dealy post as opposed to the original delay. Can't we both have lollies? Mind blown, they are both the same delay....
  2. wils1337

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Today marks the 100th day of the 'Brief Delay'
  3. wils1337

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    How long is a brief delay? Can I have a 'small' sum of money? (kappa)
  4. Hi Team When I set a DNS in WAN or LAN then run DNS Bench or checking in ipconfig /all. IP of the DUMA is all that is shown ( Is this correct with it using the set DNS in the back ground or am I missing something? In your opinion are there any real gains to be made messing with the DNS, out side of leaving it on auto?
  5. wils1337

    WAN Connection: DHCP

    Removed - Solved it my self
  6. Oddly enough I left PC as Destiny was only on console lol. Upon my return, dropped a GTX 1080 into my old rig and over clocked the CPU it 1.0 Ghz and its running like a dream! Should I remove my old console port forwards just in case any PC info comes in on them?
  7. Hi team. So the Duma has served me faithfully for Destiny and Destiny 2. With the state of D2 on console, I have moved to playing PUBG on PC. As I have no experience with the Duma and PC questions as follows: 1> Will port forwarding / hyper traffic help on PC? 1a> If these ports are the same, can you only have one rule per port to IP? 2> Are there any specific console settings that can be turned off. EG - cloud server settings? 3> Are there any specific PC settings to turn on, or would looking up say a CS:GO config be applicable for performance? I understand GEO filter will not work as we select the region of servers we wish to connect to and then game traffic is routed through Amazon servers in that location TL/DR Changed from console to PC Any optimal settings?
  8. Hi Guys... My network looks like this: Wall -> Duma (Currently running on PPPoE) A trial ISP I signed up for has sent me: Technology: Fibre Port: 2 Speed: 250/100 WAN Connection: DHCP IP Address: x.x.x.x Can I configure the DUMA to connect to them? As I am unfamiliar with a WAN DHCP.
  9. wils1337

    Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

    Do we need: Enable auto cloud: on Bleeding edge cloud: on ?
  10. So my Duma is always showing a connection on the east cost of America every time I play Destiny 2 (I am based in Australia). Could it be possible the cloud servers hosting the physics engine is based there? I am grasping at straws trying to explain the terrible PvP connections that are happening. Hit registration is almost non existant. My Duma is currently running a configuration, setup by Chive972 for Destiny 1 Are there any updates on what cloud settings to be using on D2?
  11. wils1337

    LAN cable disconnected

    I also recently started to have this happen after 12 months of perfect operation.... Assuming its my PS4 LAN port due to the fact if I kick my desk it happens lol
  12. Hey guys This one comes up as blocked on log in: 78cd5d286a17ccd1 Cant log into the game with th GEO filter on, no big deal just annoying turning it off and on. Any updates on Duma OS?
  13. wils1337

    Marionberry errors in Destiny

    Same issue for me. Had to turn the Geo Filter off to get past the sign in screen. My guess is they have changed the authentication server again and its being blocked. My UI is so slow tho it wont actually show any thing being blocked. Cloud Settings: 30 28 28
  14. Fingers crossed for dedicated servers for Destiny 2!