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  1. SmallCaps

    PS4 slow via Netduma?

    Thanks for the answers. Will try to: . delete Hyper-Traffic . see what speed I'll get with the cable connected directly from the modem to PS4 Cheers
  2. SmallCaps

    PS4 slow via Netduma?

    Greeting Techno gurus, I have an excellent connection when connecting the ethernet cable directly from the cable modem to my Mac. 960 Mbit down 147 Mbit up 1 ms to backbone When I check the connection speeds on the PS4, connected with the same ethernet cable as above via the Netduma router, it only gets 60 Mbit down and 0.86 Mb up. The 60 Mbit down is fine, but it is the up speed that concerns me. All other devices are consuming about 300-400 Kbit total at the time of testing. The router is set to Hyper-Traffic with the PS4 and PSN. Turbo mode and Super Turbo mode active. Is this a known problem with PS4/PSN? Any thoughts?