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  1. 3zo000oz

    Error loading misc page

    i tried chrome same problem and i changed the theme still nothing changed and yes i have Internet and it's working i tried chrome nothing changed same error and yes i have Internet as i use it now to reply to you i have Internet access i'm using it right now to reply to you
  2. hello, i'v recently got this error whenever i enter the misc page i tired to restart the router but still the same problem all other pages loads fine and the cloud setting in the misc page keep loading won't show up any help appreciated my r1 version is: 1.03.6i thanks
  3. 3zo000oz

    Destiny 2 Error: Beaver. Again...

    Disable geo filter it doesn't work with destiny 2 yet
  4. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    ok that worked very easy solution and i only unplug it for 3 mins thanks man
  5. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    i have tried another router and i got my full speed the problem with my duma but idk what it is
  6. hi i have my speed dropped idk why, i have 300 down and 150 up now i can't get more than 70 down and up everything is set correctly i had this problem before and a reboot fixed it but now even factory reset didn't work
  7. hey, try to put your home closest as possible to where u live, that might help cuz that happened to me before i got very laggy games when i move it to somewhere else than where i live
  8. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    i'm sorry but i'm on middle east we don't have summer and winter time change so i thought it will be now
  9. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    omg so i'm late
  10. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    okay i will check the forum at 4
  11. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    sure then i will be ready
  12. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    sure no problem but i will have to leave at 5 pm for work if thats ok
  13. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    Firmware version: R1 debug version 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd The issue you are having (include as many details as possible and a link to the original thread about your issue): my speed drops randomly and factory reset fix it only http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20916-speed-problem/ Times/dates available: on Tuesday as mentioned in the thread at 14:30 pm GMT
  14. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    i have the problem now but i have to reset the router cuz my brother needs to play online i will post on the 1 on 1 forum but i can't grantee the problem will happen when we will be on the 1 on 1
  15. 3zo000oz

    speed problem

    it is random and yes i checked the settings before i reset to factory defaults yesterday i got the same problem but a normal reboot fixed the speed issue but sometimes normal reboot dose not fix the issue, and if i reboot manually by switching duma off and on it resets all the settings to defaults