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  1. toby jugs

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    GTFIT guys so happy it's finally available!
  2. toby jugs


    yes please
  3. toby jugs

    cant access geo filter at all

    thanks guys i'll have another look at it
  4. toby jugs

    cant access geo filter at all

    As title, my r1 is now so slow it will not go onto host filtering at all...............even if i wait 1/2 an hour(and i have). i disabled all the ports that were forwarded...that used to help speed things up but not now. i'm also having trouble putting a device(ps4) into hyperlane, it shows as a nameless device now when previously it didn't, being as i have about a dozen nameless devices there must be an easier way of locating it than turning every other device off...i am not pepared to do that, ( the i.p address showing next to all the nameless devices on the hyperlane drop down would be ideal, but sadly they don't) what i'm trying to do is get my boys ps4 sorted out so that he can party up with friends again, it was working fine a few weeks ago but now he has a permanent message on the menu screen of his fortnite app saying that party functionality is limited and he always shows as offline( i can't even part up with him, my ps4 pro has no issues like his though. not sure if it's a nat issue or not but a connection test shows type 2 nat as does mine. will duma os sort this mess out when it arrives?
  5. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    Top man Fraser , will do. i'll do it in a couple of days time when i'm not working late though
  6. you can get a wifi extenders that will let you get 2.4 and 5ghz , i have one by netgear
  7. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    so... i've had a chance to test it on wifi now after adding a new service for my ps4 pro(wifi). i've had one session that didn't spike and two that gave exactly the same results and spikes to exactly the same level as running psuedo wired through powerlines. still getting wifi drop outs too that only seem to affect one of my tv's and my sons wii-u at the moment.
  8. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    o.k that link explains very well why i can't get anything to show when using wifi, next time i'm gaming i'll add a new device for (ps4 wifi) that also explains why i didn't think hyperlane was working or the CC.also i can then establish if the weird spikes are powerline related or not. Last thing i want to do is waste your time Fraser. i'll report back when i've had a chance to check what's what.
  9. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    o.k so no matter what i do the geo filter will not show any hosts whatsoever on a wifi connection so i can't get a ping reading, rebooting, refreshing the page and applying cloud makes no difference. psuedo wired via powerlines(auto ping off) it will only show hosts after a refresh or 2 (could be the incredibly slow interface though), the ping varies from a flatline just below 1000ms on a lot of hosts to spiking up to 1000ms every few seconds on others, this is clearly bullshit because the gameplay is relatively smooth even with the spikes lol. with the new connection problem icons on IW i'm sure i'd being seeing some if these if were true readings. i'm convinced that the antiflood isn't even working on my unit and neither is hyperlane, games play fine if nobody is streaming video but there can be issues if they are... even on 70/70 cc with hyperlane enabled. i'd really like someone to take a look at it remotely to see if they can sort it out please before i start pulling what little hair i have left out lol.
  10. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    i tried connecting via wifi. the games are unbelievable smooth but i can't get anything to appear in the geo filter even if i f5 or apply cloud
  11. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    the ethernet cable i have won't reach 2 floors but i'll try it on wifi later on to see what happens ok i'll try with auto ping off, cheers mate
  12. toby jugs

    colossal spikes

    Hi guys, i have my duma connected again now via ppoe to an ONT on a ftth connection. it's psuedo hardwired at the moment via a trailing cable to the closest power socket that i can get a powerline adaptor to work with on my ps4, this is only a temporary measure until i get someone to hardwire my 2nd floor room where i game from. i get a flatline ping of about 8 ms with no noticable jitter but am suffering from huge spikes every 10 seconds or so which usually go up to 1000ms. considering the size of the spikes it's strange that the game(IW) doesn't seem to be compromised that much but i'm wondering if all the settings i've played around could be optimised to sort this out or not. i had the ps4 previously set up with a static ip and had all the relevant ports open to get an open nat. it's connected via ppoe now and i have dns and secondary dns input in the ps4 network settings(dunno if dns is even relevant tbh) what i'd really like is for somebody to take the wheel at a convenient time and check i have everything set up right for piece of mind sake. Any input appreciated as always!
  13. looks great. does the 6th icon down link to a merchandise page or something? or Duma points?