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  1. i double checked the email i used and it was correct but i have been refreshing my email and checking my spam and i have not yet received anything from netduma? i found my way to this forum and now we are here well terribly sorry but it finally came through lul now the fun begins
  2. bernhard

    help host filtering for fortnite

    hello i am sort of new here and i am trying to figure out how to setup the host filtering for my pc for the game fortnite i am not new to using the netduma r1 router but i just cant seem to figure out what port number to input for the host filter... if anyone could help i would be grateful i am extremely sorry if this is in the wrong forum section too by the way i just didn't know where to put it so i figured gaming would be a start.... thank you everyone in advance for your time
  3. i am on version 1.03.4 and would like to know if i am supposed to upgrade or not because they way it written is a tad confusing for me anyway....? my router hasnt updated for a very long time id say about 2 years ... i am still on 1.03.4 and i am hoping a tech can help please...?
  4. i have 1.03.4 what do i do to update my firmware...? plz help