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  1. From what I have read in other post, this issue was going on in the xbox community due to activision server issues. I have a ps4 and I was having the same issue. I have been able to play all weekend with no issues and no change to my settings.
  2. So LEDE is like dd-wrt? Also thanks again to you all for helping.
  3. Sorry Fraser, I do not own a Elgato. Also, I played for a hour or so today. No issues.
  4. Sim, Thanks for your responce. But if you read all the other post I added. It still didnt work with the geofilter disabled. Also prior to my post it worked perfectly fine with it enabled. I play 3 games yesterday with my normal settings( geo on) I didnt get kicked at all. games lag some , but no kick. I also played for a hour today, still have not been kicked.
  5. I Cant seem to figure out how to get the entire screen at once. I have a 3 monitor pc system.There is nothing whitelisted in the deny & alIow area.
  6. Did you have issues with yours?
  7. Forgot to mention. The ps4 has always been on a static ip. Since the issue of being kicked, I let it manually pull a ip then used the Dhcp lease on the duma to lock that ip address. Been trying all sorts of crazy stuff. This morning I just put all the settings back to how I have been using it for almost a year now. Tried it again and was able to play a couple of full games. But games seem to lag alot.
  8. Thanks for a response. Basically everything you mentioned I tried. The only thing that really worked was actually disconnecting the r1. And running modem straight to ps4. Also ps4 is ran by Ethernet (cat6) But another weird thing is it kicks on all cod games. Bo3,iw,ww2,mw,and advance. Not sure if it's a issue with cod or what.
  9. Stro3579

    Extremly slow speed

    Disable ipv6 in settings on wan and lan. Enable turbo mode Sliders at 100% Put in bandwith you pay for (or run speed test). Disable super turbo mode. oh yeah..... make sure to have Reactive ticked in congestion control. That will slow your internet down if its on Preemptive Give the above a try after reboot or reset.
  10. Stro3579

    Extremly slow speed

    is turbo mode enabled in Misc Settings? also are your sliders at 100 % in congestion control?
  11. i dont play anything but cod.
  12. forgot to mention my firmware is 1.03.6g
  13. Any help would be appreciated.