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  1. The_Fro

    1 on 1 with Netduma Fraser

    Im so sorry Fraser I guess i guess i used the wrong time converter is BST british summer time? I live in the eastern United states please excuse my ignorance I have to check my work schedule for another date Im really sorry this must look most childish sorry for wasting your time. Ill get back with another date as soon as possible.
  2. The_Fro

    1 on 1 with Netduma Fraser

    yeah so like 4 pm BST works for me but can we do it on monday?
  3. The_Fro

    1 on 1 with Netduma Fraser

    im in EST I could probaly do that monday night ?
  4. The_Fro

    1 on 1 with Netduma Fraser

    hey Im off school on monday so any time then is great I may work next week end but every weekday I don't get out of school till 2:10 Thank you so much for helping me
  5. Im wondering if i should upgrade? on R1 debug version 1.03.3 running on rb-951g-2hnd didnt want to bork my router
  6. Ive had an R1 for a long time now and the Nat Type hasnt bothered me too much until lately when we was stopping me from playing with friends on Rainbow six and ive tried everything to open my Nat I did the DMZ thing on my NetGear i turned of Geo filtering on my xbox one my upnp forwarding is also disabled and when i did the bumber trick on my xbox it tells me my network is behind a port symmetric nat
  7. I'm running 1.03.3 and I was hoping I could upgrade because FIFA 17 is giving me a hard time