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  1. I can only access the interface when Duma is isolated and directly connected to my pc. Wireless/wired internet is still not there when connected to my "Hub".
  2. Err i would ignore the above post as i hadnt connected cables properly when attempting to access the interface xD As it happens i repeated the first step of advice above and was able to access the interface again. I checked over the Lan settings and they were identical as in the example, i powered down and connected the Netduma to my Hub and repowered up as advised but to no success.
  3. I can see the wifi and access the wifi. I cant access internet or the netduma interface. I know you stated to email if those steps didnt work but it seems that on firefox i encountered something different today when trying to access http://R1 which might be relevant. It came up with a warning page saying connection untrusted. I added it as an exception which then let me move onto the page shown in the image below. Chrome cant access the interface either.
  4. Thanks for your response. I looked around alittle first but there seems to be a few support posts related to this problem with dead wiki links in them. I have come to try the method in the guide today but seem to no longer be able to access the Ui page anymore. Is there another step i can take?
  5. Wifi/wired has no internet and get no response from Netduma the http://r1 but if i connect directly to the netduma via ethernet i can access the Duma Ui page but with no internet. Nothing changed in the setup only a powercut.
  6. Evangelisuk

    COD WW2 Tips | You're Using The Paratroopers Wrong!!

    There is no way to use Paratroopers wrong they are op!
  7. Evangelisuk

    Dont delete this negative post thanks

    Ever the professional. I do apologise for not having much greater experiences to share in the shoutbox like some people getting excited about pulling host and ruining a match for the entire lobby. I believe i wasnt the only one who was being a "bit of a downer" as the previous lines before me was also people sharing bad experiences. Not that you can even remember or anything.
  8. Evangelisuk

    Dont delete this negative post thanks

    Yeah i guess im not slating the Duma as such,just my experience with it. I just feel that " Dominating Lag" could be misleading to alot of people. You really cant currently dominate lag in this recent Call of duty. Improving my ping is not helping at all. My Dl is 20 and Ul 5 14-20 ms to majority games and apparently "Ping is King" but that cant be true? Play at my friends house down the road on 60/20 the quality of games are much much higher? A few examples of some matches - https://imgur.com/a/Bxzmo I cant believe people are getting worked up over if ww2 has sbmm when the obvious thing deciding matches is lag comp and hosts.
  9. Evangelisuk

    Dont delete this negative post thanks

    So after extensive use i can say Netduma only make my matches worse not better. I keep a low low ping of 14ms with the Netduma and geofilter set tightly around the Uk. When in matches with French/Dutch/German/Spanish the entire match becomes laggy - not just one person recieving a host/lag comp advantage. When i run the game with the Duma controls off i actually get more games that are playable and fun ( alot more and playable/fun doesnt mean me dominating the match, it just means no one who kills in 1 bullet or can move like neo from the matrix ) - not even heavily one sided games or games where some invincible person goes 50-3. Reducing ping and "Lag" does not currently help me at all in Cod ww2. Also thanks for moderating the shout box. P.s Didnt mean to post this in support
  10. Evangelisuk

    Peer Ping and Geo Filter Question

    Other players ping to a dedicated server are important, stop saying they are not. We want to see who the guy lag compin-stompin the lobby is. Its 100% of the time some guy from outside of your radius. Once we can put names to a ping and see a full ping history of all players from a match - you can start putting pieces together to see what they problem is online and why there is a such a huge advantage and imbalance at the moment.
  11. Lol i would love to block everyone from Spain if i could tbh - everygame with one in becomes unplayable for me xD Literally every single time without fail.
  12. Evangelisuk


    Jumping the gun alittle? Possibly not the best video to link? lol!
  13. Nvm forget it. Cod is just a joke of a mess.
  14. Evangelisuk

    Matchmaking what the hell?

    This is my lobby which was completely unplayable - im the 14ms connection. Nobody dropped from a 3 green bar entire match. MS went as high as 120 for some players. Do you plan to implement ms ping history recorder/saver so we can view full match ping ect? Yes apparently there was a Uk host for this match but look at the locations of the players in the match wtf? Never did ask - how do i know if im picked as host? ( highly unlikely ) Getting my ass whupped by lag comp in matches like this - if i step outside of FFA or TDM the matches get ridiculous like this one.
  15. Evangelisuk

    Host page on boot up

    They flash only for a moment on startup of the geo page - not while im searching for games ect. I dont see the padlocks any other time.