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  1. Be aware that others have mentioned that with the PACE modem, it doesn't have IP Pass-through and only DMZ and they say that DMZ doesn't work right on it: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi/Orbi-w-AT-amp-T-Fiber/td-p/1612383/jump-to/first-unread-message I know not same router system, however they mentioned that modem here...something to try while the tech is there.
  2. Let us know how it goes. 😏
  3. You might run speed test with both wired with the modem and see. I think if your getting 900 on the Up, you should be seeing 900 on the down just find with the PC your using. Mine an old AMD dual core 3Ghz I think, maybe slower. Been a while since I looked. I know that the PC and a older Mac Book Pro 2008 Dual core can't see much over 200Mb on the down. When I connected my quad core mac mini, it sees 900Mb all day. I believe PC CPUs will play a role in speed testing as ISP speeds 1Gb become the norm over time. Users need to be aware that there PCs will effect speed tests. 😏
  4. Ya never know what speedof.me is really doing. It's supposed to be a speed test site for use with out all the messy java and flash plug-ins. Get a hold of your ISP and let them know that your seeing differences between the modem test and speedtest.net testing sites. Not sure how the modem is actually testing, could be only testing the speed between itself and the connecting box near your home. We just don't know. Your PC and speedtest.net sites are telling though.
  5. Couple of other sites to test with: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest Any of them reporting similar results on the down, I would presume this is a ISP service or modem issue. Also what is the PC CPU your using? I know my dual core PC from 10 years ago can't do speed test correctly. My quad cord mac mini can. The PCs CPU can be a factor as well.
  6. Could be inaccurate. Your seeing differences between the modems UI and wired PC connected to speedtest.net. Run a speedtest with speedof.me site Does your ISP have there own speedtest site on there web some place? Mine does. I use both ISP and speedtest.net site to check speeds.
  7. You need to contact your ISP and have them check your speeds and service line. Let them know that your seeing degraded speeds at the modem with a wired PC using a browser connected to speedtest.net. Might see if your ISP has there own speedtest site as well. I presume once you get the modem speeds to spec, the XR will show the same afterwards.
  8. Probabably. Can you change to another test server on the speed test site and see while connected to the modem.
  9. And that's a PC directly connected to the modem?
  10. What do you see speeds at with a PC and a web browser at speedtest.net. Not from with in the modems UI.
  11. We presume your getting to spec speeds at the modem with out the XR router in the middle? I'll run a quick test with my XR, howoever I'm on Cable and have a NG CM-1000 stand alone modem only. 1Gb/50Mb service. For you, there maybe a gateway modem issue between the modem and the router. Know anyone, family friend or neighbor with similar high speeds you can take the XR router too and test?
  12. Was the XR working ok while on Comcast? What modem did you have with CC?
  13. I would do a factory reset on the XR router, this time don't use any custom DNS, just use what the XR finds from ISP service. Just set up wifi SSID and use the rest as defaults and test. Don't use PPPoE, use Dynamic DCHP with the modem....your Modem is handling PPPoE. Seen problems with PPPoE and performances on other ISPs that use this...
  14. What FW is currently loaded? There are some speed issues on v.32 currently that others are seeing. Try loading v.22 prior and test.
  15. Be sure your testing wired ethernet speeds with a PC.