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    Agree with you 100%. Please don't get rid of consoles either. I like gaming on my consoles not a phone or whatever. This seems to space age for me.
  2. I cannot log into bo4. I've tried resetting modem router, etc. I get the A.b.cdefg error cod negative 345 silver wolf. I don't understand. All my friends that live near me are playing. Help
  3. Thats why I'm scared to go and buy one of these netgear routers. Not to mention we get the updates way before the netgear suits sit around a fkn table and finally decides to finally implement them in. I'll sit back in the weeds and wait until everything is ironed out.
  4. Cool, cool! Exciting shit Duma! Now for our 1.4 update. Dude I can't wait that long. JK I can but I'm acting like a little kid in the candy store!
  5. Soooooooo slowwww. Already cleared cache on computer. Can we please finally address this issue netduma. This has been an issue since this software came out. Its either really slow or I can't get the damn thing to work.
  6. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Good shit Jack! I feel ya! I definitely will! Cheers
  7. who do I speak to for a possible sponsor or partnership with netduma?

  8. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Lets get it done already Jack!!!!! I want some more features on OS!!!!
  9. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Its usually slow. But I finally got in. Just kind of annoying sometimes thats all. It reminds me of dail up internet, lol.
  10. purpleandgold33

    Another one!!

  11. purpleandgold33

    New video!

  12. purpleandgold33

    New video!

    If you like what you see please like and sub and check out my other vids here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy8LuzKVR3Iw-gBhkbeHBGw much appreciated! Also, I use netduma R1 with duma OS! Peace!
  13. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    You just have to ecperiment crossfit. Thats wonderful thing about the router. What works for you may not for someone else. But we both have pretty much the same setup
  14. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    If you click on your console in the bandwidth allocation section. A side section will pop up where you csn adjust and save it. It will also say how much bandwidth your allocating with your said QOS enabled. Then switch it and do it again download/upload.
  15. purpleandgold33

    thinking about upgrading to netgear cm1000

    Hey so I currently own this modem tp link 7610. It works great and I have a stable ping. So I've been watching some vids and this netgear modem cm1000 is supposed to be the next greatest thing in technology. Docsis 3.1 can handle speeds up to 1gig up/down. I have 200 down 10 up. Thinking about upgrading my package to 400 down 20 up due to 5 ppl in my household I feel we could use more bandwidth. So my old modem won't be able to handle those speeds. Anyways, this thing is supposed have qos built into it and be lightning fast with gaming packets, etc. Does anyone own one of these yet and do they like it? It is $180! A lot of money for a modem.
  16. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    I did. I have mine at 18mg down and 3.5 up for console. Whatever works for you though.
  17. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    yep sorry!
  18. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    Also open ports 9307 and 9308 UDP for your playstation cause your going to want to turn off upnp.
  19. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    Go here https://portforward.com/
  20. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    Port forward is a GUARANTEE that it is working. Upnp is suspect in my opinion. I have all ports open with upnp turned off. If you want to call it placebo than whatever. The game definitely plays better. I've posted gameplays in the gamer section for proof. Also, I have ipv6 turned off in wan and lan.
  21. purpleandgold33

    Cod bo4 lag

    Just to reiterate what fraser is saying. I was kinda of complaining about the dame stuff ya'll are. Just the consistentcy from lobby to lobby. I did do what he said and went to ping plotter and adjusted QOS sliders by 10s until I got the lowest jitter. Its all about the jitter. If you have ping spikes it'll just mess up your gaming. It's not 100% perfect but you can eliminate everything on your as a cause. Also, I turn off ipv6 in both wan and lan (R1) cause xbox and ps4 doesn't support this anyways. So it's pointless. I also have upnp turned off cause I just don't trust it and have all ports to bo4 open. Make sure your flower petal has been adjusted as well for console. I'm giving mine 18mg down and about 3.5 up. Hope this helps some folks for a better experience on bo4, Cheers!
  22. purpleandgold33

    My first Bo4 nuked out!

  23. I have my settings/sliders at 43 down 70 up. I fiddled around on pingplotter for about an hour and found that my connection or line was most stable with the least amount of jitter at those levels. Ipv6 is not supported on the xbox or ps4. So there is no need to have it on. Yes, port forwarding is a gaurantee that the ports are open. Upnp is not reliable. Also you can and should only do one or the other. So if you port forward then most definitely turn off upnp. If you have upnp on then do not port forward. It will be conflicting in the router.