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  1. purpleandgold33

    Setup netduma.

    Put your duma first and bridge your linksys off of duma. So Plug your duma into modem and then have your linksys behind netduma. It should work fine! Then that way duma can do it's job for you when your gaming.
  2. purpleandgold33

    Grey padlock icon

    Its a dedicated sever
  3. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    I'll definitely be in on that if that is the case. I really really want this thing but that is the main reason me holding back on buying it. So is there any way to find out when or is on netgear? Cause I will pull the trigger then. Thanks! Btw you guys are doing an awesome job with everything ya'll do and the product you put out. Without duma gaming was not as fun! I'm a firm believer in you guys despite all of the negativity thats on another said thread! People are so mean these days!
  4. purpleandgold33

    Same issues as 7gtv

    Move your home location to a different server
  5. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    Hey thanks for chiming in, appreciate it! The one main thing that really has me hesitant in purchasing the XR is it doesn't have the temp ban feature. This was brought up in a thread literally right after it came out and it still doesn't have it...? As Dan said I really don't have the patience in waiting for the meatheads mofo's at netgear to have a thousand meetings and decide if they want the feature on their router before we can get it. I literally use it everyday on cod. It's the only game I play so I have to have it. I'm not downloading the OS on my duma either until ya'll implement it. My duma runs great but I wouldn't mind the extra horsepower the XR router provides.
  6. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    Here are 2 gameplays from last night and my first V2 from the other day! All on the missouri server
  7. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    Yeah my oldest son always tells me to make vids for youtube. But the market is so oversaturated with that so I don't. There are a lot of ppl that are way better than me too. Cod is basically based on if you have a good crisp connection and if you have good aim your going to wreck. If you don't then your screwed. I'll see if I can get some vids up. I'll have to ask my kid how to do that cause I have no idea, lol
  8. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    I don't play on the pos chicago server. You know that I sent you a message and told you to play on the missouri server casue it plays way better. Also, I get 50-70 kills a game in dom on most nights. I just want the better router for smoother gameplay. Ever since I got the tplink modem gameplay has been way smoother. But I'm always looking to make things better where they can get better.
  9. purpleandgold33

    Anyone with the XR500 opinions and thoughts

    Fkn can't understand the craze in that stupid ass game. Cheap generic cartoon characters and all of the expensive skins my kids buy. Just play the damn game why do you need a $20 skin for?
  10. Anyone with the XR500 will you please give me your opinions and thoughts on your gaming experience with the XR500. Is it much better than the duma? Is it worth the $300 you spent. I'm considering buying one. I've owned the R1 since it first came out. It still does its job but I just want to upgrade if the XR500 is definitely an upgrade and after thinking about it and pondering the delay. I'm wondering if the R1 can even handle this new upgrade. Hence why they are trying to make it backwards compatible. I just don't think it will be that good on duma. So fire away with your opinions. I live in MN and only play cod and my kids play stupid ass fortnite. Thanks!
  11. purpleandgold33

    Went from using the Netgear CM700 to the TP Link TC7610 and WOW!!!

    Yep I have that modem! Thanks to modboxs advise.
  12. purpleandgold33

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Everything has bugs kinks that need to be worked out.
  13. purpleandgold33

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    So since everyone is venting and pissed off thought I would add my 2 cents. As a community (duma, all of us). I would like to say I have enjoyed all of the very intelligent folks that help me with my issues. I've learned a lot. As far as Netduma goes. They are a small company that I feel is really honest and to be honest they are gamers too. Thats why they invented this software. To make gaming better. For me it has changed the game. I was one of the first ppl to get one. Thanks to SimJC. I really understand that everyone is super pissed because to be honest I was super stoked for this update. To be delayed because of legal bs is super lame. But in todays world I guess you have to really watch your back more than your front. So I guess good things come to those who wait. So that's what I will do! Netduma has giving me no reason to bash them. It will all be okay fellas!!! Peace and hair grease! That is all
  14. purpleandgold33

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    You might be right in this. Cause some ppl say the R1 was better for them. So adding this feature I guess is necessary. Idk. I like the duma but want the better software, but don't want my gameplay to suffer because of it.
  15. purpleandgold33

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Totally shitty. Is this the April fools joke you forgot to use on us?